Worst SJW/Liberal Moments 2019


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1 Nick Sandmann under fire for flaunting "white privilege" by smirking

Even though viewing the full length video, it becomes obvious that the kids were the ones being verbaly attacked, and the native american walked up to Nick and started beating the drum right in his face. Nick knew many cameras were on him, and he just tried to stand still. YOU try doing that with a totally blank face. Now that the truth is known, Nick is sueing CNN etc, They have all printed some kind of apology or retraction, but he is probably going to win a huge amount of money.

Average conservative list - KalloFox34

Can't wait to see the demolition of CNN's Atlanta HQ for money, I live 2 hours north of Atlanta and would chant "Make America Great Again" during the razing and leveling. - Maddox121

2 The Gillette Ad About Toxic Masculinity
3 2019 Women's March Cancelled for Being "Too White"

This is one of the things I hate most about SJWs. They whine over the smallest things, but when people actually do what they protest in a good way, the whine for another small reason. They act like spoiled kids. - RoseWeasley

Yep... - Maddox121

4 Jack Morrissey says that Covington Catholic kids should be thrown in a woodchipper
5 Coca Cola and Delta Airlines Apologize Over 'Offensive' Airline Napkins
6 Kate Hudson says she's going to raise her daughter genderless
7 A Doctor and Nurse picture called "Sexist"
8 Kathy Griffin calls basketball's 3 point handsign as new Nazi symbol


9 They are trying to remove John Wayne's statue and name from the Orange County, CA airport

Agree, it's sad that liberals look through the secret inventory just to get him pulled... I thought judging by the nickname "Duke" where I read the story, I thought it was due to the confederate flag, but nope, it was Wayne all right. - Maddox121

John Wayne is a badass.

10 Desmond is Amazing Drag Queen Incident

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11 College Admissions Cheating Scandal
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1. Nick Sandmann under fire for flaunting "white privilege" by smirking
2. The Gillette Ad About Toxic Masculinity
3. 2019 Women's March Cancelled for Being "Too White"


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