Worst SJW Moments of 2018

The worst moments from our "favorite" kind of people, social justice warriors.

The Top Ten Worst SJW Moments of 2018

1 Peter Fonda calls for Donald Trump's 12 year old son to be raped and put in a cage with pedophiles

SJWs are more racist than the so-called "racists" that they love to spread hatred towards. If you constantly try to be offended for a group of people that is not your own, you are acknowledging that you think that same group of people IS in fact lower on the societal latter and cannot fight for themselves. How about we treat every person like an actual human being and not try to put them into separate victim categories? This modern day categorization of people is the exact thing that real advocates for equality fought against in the previous century. - phillysports

On come on SJW! Don't bring trump's 12 year old son into this! I might not be a fan of trump, but SJWs leave his children out of this!

I'm no fan of Trump, but I'm pretty sure Peter Fonda shouldn't have said something like this in some absurd "eye for an eye" taunt of his. It may have been said just to make a point, but I can't deny social justice warriors make themselves no better by lashing out with these verbal assaults that contradict what they stand for. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The Fonda family is one of the greatest families in acting history, no doubt. Henry Fonda, a legendary actor, Jane Fonda, a great actress and beautiful woman even today at 80, Bridget Fonda, a younger, but still great actress. Now, I'm not saying Peter is a bad actor, in fact, he is legendary, but this moment proves he must be sick in the head. - 445956

2 White girl named Keziah Daum attacked for cultural appropriation after wearing culturally appreciative Chinese prom dress

By SJW logic, I (as an American) should be completely offended if I see someone from another country wear a baseball cap. Baseball is a sport that is entwined with American culture and has played an equally important part of American history. Many MLB players in the 1940s went into World War II to defend this great nation of ours. By the exact logic of the people who projected hate on this innocent, sweet teenage girl, I should be incensed if I were to see someone from Africa or China wearing a baseball hat. It is a piece of American "culture" after all. Obviously this is just hyperbole and just goes to prove the stupidity of this whole argument. If you try to condense the ENTIRE cultural history of China into one damn prom dress, I think you need to do some self-evaluation of your own. Maybe you're not as smart or "woke" as you claim to be and are as bad as the very people you accuse of racism. - phillysports

If Keziah is reading this, I want her to know she looked amazing in that dress. - RoseWeasley

The Asian/Chinese guy who complained wrote racist things about black people on Twitter too, about 2 months prior to accusing the girl.
The dress is also NOT Chinese. I don't remember the full story, but the style of dress was made by either Chinese or Americans to integrate the other culture's style to make new fashions - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Do SJWs know what racism is? Didn't the person who attacked her write anti-black stuff on Twitter? - RoseWeasley

3 In light of #MeToo, Netflix bans eye contact longer than 5 seconds

Eye contact? What has the world come to? - PackFan2005

Well, creepily staring at someone is weird, but fired for 5 seconds? - 445956

If I direct a Netflix show... I will do eye contact in exactly 5.99 seconds - Maddox121

This is from a satire article from a site called ClickHole, which is also satirical. This is why you don't believe everything you hear, guys! - Swellow

#MeToo is just annoying in my opinion. - PhoenixAura81

4 BuzzFeed uploads video of a black feminist whipping white people

Seriously, even if the guy asks for it, it still isn't okay to do that. I can't believe the video is still up. - 445956

Alright, I searched for the video everywhere but I can't find it. However, Hunter Avallone did a reaction video to it and it has footage of the original video in it. It's called "I found it...The Worst Buzzfeed Video" - TwilightKitsune

Still remember that BuzzFeed was once the home of 90s kids to moan about their childhood. - Swellow

BuzzFeed is drunk - ElSherlock

5 Singer Halsey claims that hotel shampoo is sexist

As a normal human being with the slightest bit of common sense, if you take good time to think and reminisce on Halsey's claim, you will see that it makes absolutely no sense. - Mcgillacuddy

Even though I really like Halsey's music, I agree with you on this. - allamassal

Don't most people bring their own shampoo anyway? - Entranced98

Who even uses the hotel shampoos anyway? Just bring your own - Randomator

Because the other client had more shampoo at the time? I really don't know how she came to this conclusion. - iliekpiez

6 Samantha Bee uses slur against Ivanka Trump for a cute photo of her and her baby

She literally used the Big C... she should get banned from Social media - Maddox121

Samantha Bee makes me ashamed to have the male equivalent to Samantha as a name! But in all seriousness, what is her problem? She needs to attack anything with the last name Trump on it it seems. - 445956

Who actually watches Samantha Bee, anyway?

Why was the innocent baby involved?

7 John Terauds calls for the removal of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" from modern society because it's supposedly against modern ideals of diversity

Rap Person calling White People "crackas" - OK
Classical Music - Not OK - Maddox121

Ode to Joy...I read the lyrics and I don't see anything suggesting it's against diversity. It just seems like a song about being happy.

Lost faith in humanity. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Are you serious? How exactly is it against diversity? - DarkBoi-X

8 Michael B. Jordan and Donald Glover attacked for dating non-black women

These stories didn't get too popular, but harassing someone for their personal life because of a relationship, isn't that sexual harassment? - 445956

I'm happy they're being humans dating other humans. In all seriousness, isn't this SJW uproar the exact opposite of what real equality advocates fought for in the Loving v. Virginia case? - phillysports

Dear SJWs,
This is pretty damn racist. Also, PoC can speak for themselves. - RoseWeasley

Is this really what our world has come to? Everyone can date anyone they want to, no matter what color their skin is. This is the one of the stupider things on this list. - epicdave01

9 Leftists demand a Disney princess who has an abortion

You realize the fetuses could've been asking for freakin' $500 elsa dolls - Maddox121

What, turning the existing Princesses into Hot Topic-clad Tumblrinas wasn't enough?

This is extremely not okay, they are basically demanding a Disney princess who kills someone that isn't even the villain! - 445956

I support abortion myself but I think that kids are too young to know that stuff

10 Kelly Marie Tran having to delete her Instagram over death threats and bullying from rabid Star Wars fans

This was a hoax. Kelly Marie Tran deleted everything from her Instagram account, but never gave a reason why. It was just assumed by idiots that harassment by sexist racist star wars fans made her do it.
In reality there is almost no reason to think this is true.

I hate The Last Jedi, but what's the point of harassing and giving out death threats to actors? Its incredibly immature and mean-spirited and It's going to get you nowhere.

Rose Tico was crap, I'll admit that, but Kelly Marie Tran isn't entirely to blame for. And yeah, I feel bad for her, considering this was her first big role from what I see in her film discography. - CrimsonShark

And I thought Steven Universe's fandom was bad

She wasn't even a bad actor

The Contenders

11 Canada wanting reverse segregation on buses as in a White person would have to give up there seat for a minority as a reverse of what happened with Rosa Parks

People of colour are a large portion of Canada's population. They will probably become a majority soon and it might be like a long time ago again but the races reversed. Segregation is not the answer to equality and inclusiveness.

Can I have a Justin Trudeau mannequin, so I can kick him in the nuts - Maddox121

Is it wrong that I feel like I'm losing my hope in humanity? - SailorSedna

Reverse racism is still racism. This solves nothing.

12 Removing Confederate monuments across the United States

So, SJW's want to end racism, but they attack two black men for dating non-black women. That was hands down racist, yet with the monuments, they claim they're racist and rally for them to be taken down. In reality, the monuments tell us about the past and how we should never go back to when times were like those. I feel they're trying to erase history, which you can't. People need to know the Confederates existed so they set an example on why we should never go back to what we did in the 1860's. - PackFan2005

This is like trying to get the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience shut down because it's "racist against Asians". We have these things because we need to remember the mistakes we mad towards PoC & to not repeat them again, not because we're "racist". And I'm speaking as a PoC myself, so you can't call me racist ( and even if I was white, I wouldn't be). - RoseWeasley

They should NOT! Today's kids are using KKK as a synonym for Idiot. What's worse, Patrick Star or a KKK member? - Maddox121

You can blame people like that Dylan Roof (that racist monster who shot up and killed black people in that church) for being a cause of this, I hope Roof gets the death penalty.

And we can't get rid of our past, we need to learn from our past actions and make sure not to repeat certain ones. - SailorSedna

13 Making the Boy Scouts let girls join BUT not letting boys join Girl Scouts

I had to fight my friend over this.. kinda went like:
I brought up that girl scouts could join boy scouts, but boys couldn't join boy scouts; I said that this was pretty stupid. He then called me sexist for that. I said in response that It would be fine if they let boys join girls' but as the title says... Even if that were the case, somebody till had to screw it all up! As usual, with everything, people just HAVE to go where they don't belong. WHY would a girl need to go to Boy Scouts, in what world does that make sense? I'd say I don't care but I'm typing this so I obvs do, but still, not a big deal to me. Now that this whole thing happened, I hear they're just making Kids Scouts now. Good job people, you screwed it up, it this what you wanted? This planet has some stupid people on it who need to stay where they literally (not sexist, obviously) belong. People need to think with their minds and not with whatever they are now, because it's certainly not a brain. - EliHbk

We could just combine Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, And make it just Kid Scouts. - ButterBoy

The feminists strike again. - PackFan2005

Its called BOY SCOUTS, girls can't be in it. That's not sexist, its basic logic - RustyNail

Yes, but Girl Scouts is very poorly received, so this is just for the better. - 445956

14 Stan Lee accused of sexual harassment despite the fact that he has dementia and it isn't unlikely for that to happen

I'm confused by this statement...are you saying your supporting Stan Lee or against him...the "isn't unlikely" part is what is confusing me - judo8alex

This claim was just outrageous. - PackFan2005

Only at the bottom because we shouldn't keep it going. - 445956

MeToo kills actors, now the loud house, pixar AND NOW marvel is going to hell and back - Maddox121

15 Nate and Julie Sharpe call their kids "theybies" until they choose their gender

Oh, great, telling them they'e not going to be cis before they can make up their mind! I'm all for trans rights, but this is just weird. - RoseWeasley

Oh dear...What has this world come to? Also, calling babies," Theybies " is just weird. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

*At the Hospital
Doctor: It's a bo-
Julie sharpe: Don't Say it! We are the one's choosing our child's gender. How dare you try dictating us you disgusting homophobe!
Doctor: But.. if you look pay attention to the child, you can see he has the genitalia of a
Julie Sharpe: Don't you dare talk back to me! We get to chose their gender. Genitalia dosen't matter! - SpectralOwl

This is obviously going to be incredibly confusing for the child as they start to grow, especially when applying for school.

16 Justin Trudeau making improper use of pronouns illegal

Is this true? If so, this is one of the stupidest laws I've ever heard, I mean, what, would you get arrested because you accidentally said a certain phrase wrong? - SailorSedna

17 Sky Pegasus Readings Defending Foalcon/MLP Child Pornography and Calling it "Free Speech."

What the hell? That's not free speech. That's illegal and disgusting.

And it's also known as obscenity. The only time obscenity laws also apply nowadays if it it involves porn and minors. - SaintSheepy

More like "hate speech"! - BorisRule

I am NOT kidding. He actually, besides knowing producing child pornography ("foalcon" is an MLP fandom term for pornography featuring child MLP characters) and giving the MLP fandom and all bronies/fanfiction writers/readers a bad name, tried to defend his illegal, sick obscene content as "free right and free speech", calling the opinions of people who were rightfully attacking him as "really silly", and claiming stupid crap like "if these groups of people wanna live in a world where everything is so strictly regulated and policed, I guarantee you they won't enjoy their time when they can't leave their house whenever they want or if the government tells them what cereal to eat or what to do".

Wow, what a dumbass retard you are Sky, your pathetic excuses have NOTHING to do with us rightfully calling you out for being a criminal scumbag and breaking the law by producing illegal stories that appeal to the prurient interest, depict or describes, in an offensive way, minor/children ...more

18 The UK Trump Protests

Wasn't this supposed to happen in USA instead? UK should focus on its own politics. - BorisRule

Whenever I saw these clowns protest, it reminds me on how Great Britain went from dominating 1/4 of the world to becoming the size of Michigan. - DoroExploro13

The UK should be focusing on their own politics instead.

I'm British and even I think this is stupid. But this has nothing to do with SJWs - TwilightKitsune

19 Arrest of Billy Charlton

He called them "animals" for their actions, not their nationality! - BorisRule

He called some rapist gang "animals" and now he's being arrested for hate speech because those rapists happened to be Pakistani. Political correctness is killing the UK. I'm a staunch UKIP supporter because of this - TwilightKitsune

Political correctness is nothing but a disease on the world and society. - SailorSedna

20 XxxTentacion makes a video lynching a white kid and YouTube lets it go viral

Actually, 3X did the video was intentional. Not to mention it was from 2017 and he's dead. - BorisRule

He said that the video was supporting All Lives Matter.

Nah, triple X did that last year. He’s probably doing it to shock the watchers because he does that type of thing.

1. The scene was intentionally made to shock the audience.
2. He’s dead, show some respect.
3. This wasn’t even 2018. - Not_A_Weeaboo

21 The UK banning memes

It wasn't the UK that banned this, it was the European Union that did. The UK fortunately did the right thing and left that union. - SaintSheepy

My country... banned memes?
*cries like some sorta 8 year old into a,pillow*

This item is false; The actual plan was the EU (which the UK will not be a part of soon) proposing a law that would enforce copyright filters on any image uploaded to the internet, which would have caused a negative effect to memes, but NOT ban them. - Swellow

I don't even like memes that much, but why ban them?

22 Ninja Gets accused of hating women

I'm not a huge ninja fan but he's not sexist just because he doesn't want to play with women streamers, It's because he already has a wife and these stupid channels who steal clips from streamers will say "OH MY GOSH THEY ARE FLIRTING WITH EACH OTHER" - B1ueNew

This was so stupid on so many levels - B1ueNew

It's not that he hates women. It's just that he doesn't want to play with female streamers because he is married then the clickbait youtubers rush on and put on clickbait titles and videos like "NINJA CHEATS ON WIFE FOR ANOTHER GIRL" or crap like that. Than everyone is going to start crap and that. It's called being "Respectful" he has a wife! So he doesn't want to play with other females becsuse of that! - B1ueNew

23 Alt-right Redditors sabotage online ratings of Black Panther

Those people were dumbasses. Black Panther was an awesome movie, one of the best of 2018. - SailorSedna

They couldn't bear to see a movie with black people in it - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Was an okay movie and I'm right-leaning, so I don't see why they would. Marvel or whoever did this needs to chill with the movies, on an unrelated note. - EliHbk

The alt-right is the new SJW.

24 Nike uses Colin Kaepernick as their 30th anniversary mascot

Why? - A_Dying_Parrot

25 A proposal in Scotland to make Drag Queens illegal because they "make fun of transgender women"

This is just mind-boggling to no end.

Are we going to ban Hideri from Blend S for the same reason? - RoseWeasley

26 Halsey complains about the lack of transgender models at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Shampoo girl returns - Maddox121

27 The 2018 Grammy awards (Fire and Fury, Logic, Camila Cabello)

Why is this an SJW moment? - AliciaMae

28 30 year old man throws drink at a Trump supporter and steals his MAGA hat at a Whataburger

And liberals call themselves "tolerant" - TwilightKitsune

You're assuming all liberals aren't tolerant because of one percent. - 0w0uwu

I hate Trump but that's straight up assault & robbery. - RoseWeasley

People can chose to support Trump if they want to.

Plain stupid - BorisRule

29 Someone on twitter saying that dogs are parasites and not man's best friend

This is not SJW but how can they say something like that? Dogs protect people and are fun to play with.I bet an animal abuser wrote that. - DarkBoi-X

Ahh, the wise words of a parasite. One that feeds on entitled SJW student's brains. - Entranced98

Great. Not only do we have racists now, but we also have speciests as well! This world needs to end.

Speciests, dogists! Dogs are cleary man's best friend. And this is coming from someone who's afraid of dogs. - BorisRule

30 George Lopez pretends to pee on Trump's Hollywood star

Bunch of rich moneybags - Maddox121

31 YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter Delete Infowars from Their Platforms Because They Can't Handle Different Opinions

They Did It Because They Felt Alex Went A Little Too Far In Some Of His Theories. - JPK

Honestly they were right to do this - 445956

32 Leftist wants to make Elsa from Frozen a lesbian

And Disney acted on it, but made Vanellope von Schweetz a lesbian instead

Why don't they just ask for an original movie with an LGBTQ+ main character though? - RoseWeasley

Too late, the Internet already did it. - A_Dying_Parrot

How is that a bad thing?

33 The "Crappy Games Wiki" and "Awful Movies Wiki" Getting Permanently Closed for "Spreading Negativity and Disparaging Other Fandoms or People"

They're back up now, but they have different web addresses. I even posted an entry there myself. - SaintSheepy

Not surprising in the least, once FANDOM took control of wikia they've been doing nothing but using their new found power to forcibly make their site as politically correct as possible. It's why I've always used Adblock when searching through their site, they don't deserve any kind of monetary gain for their absurd, parody-like nonsense. - nerffan8000

I am a big CGW member, it was sad when it happened... I was depressed for days until Miraheze came forth. - Maddox121

I think those websites were stupid anyway

34 BBC banning jokes about Muslims and Africans on mock the week as it's considered "hate speech"

yet Asians, Native Americans, Caucasians and even Aliens are allowed - Maddox121

35 College professor celebrates the death of Barbara Bush

You shouldn't let your political beliefs get in the way of someone's death. This was sick, she called Bush, "an amazing racist," and she ended up keeping her job at Fresno State. Know why the Obama's and Clinton's went to her funeral? It's because they did it out of respect, setting aside their political beliefs. This professor should've been fired. - PackFan2005

36 Battlefield V Includes Female Front-Liners in the Game

In the reveal trailer, Battlefield V displayed a woman running around in the battlefield with a light machine gun. Now you may think: what's so bad about that? Well, during the World War 2, there were barely any female soldiers fighting with weapons, and that small fraction served only as snipers of the Soviet Union. EA and Dice decided to butcher the history because they think it will spread equality and social justice, which led to many of the Battlefield fans absolutely disappointed. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Egotistical Aholes just want to rewrite history, which will never happen. - MrCoolC

Should be MUCH higher. - B1ueNew

37 Rainbow Six Siege Bans the Use of the Word "Nibba"

1. Six Siege is an M-rated game, so it's not really for kids.
2. "Nibba" was used only as a joke. Well, most of the times. - BorisRule

I understand ROBLOX, ToonTown and Minecraft, since these have lots of kids, but Six Siege is an M rated game! - Maddox121

Nibba is better than the other one used

So Ubisoft recently made a rule to ban any homophobic or racial slurs such as "gay", "f**", "N****", and many other words. Unfortunately one of the words was "Nibba". The problem here is that this word is rarely used as a racial slur, and is commonly used as a joke. Every time you type the word in the text chat, you will receive a thirty-minute ban from any multiplayer game modes. - Not_A_Weeaboo

38 Lebron James blames Trump for the division in sports, when it might actually be because of false narratives created by the left to start a race war

Mr. Space Jam has to say stuff - Maddox121

39 Sarah Sanders Kicked Out of Red Hen Restaurant

Last name: Sanders

uhh... huh... - Maddox121

40 Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk Kicked Out of a Restaurant and Were Screamed at by Liberal Lunatics

This is why Anti-Fa should be banned - Maddox121

41 Virginia's J.E.B. Stuart High School renamed Justice High School

Originally - a brave hero who fought for his country
Now - Buy Justice Shirts! Only 19.99! - Maddox121

42 Radio Station Pulling "Baby It's Cold Outside" Off the Air

SJWs need to stop! - BorisRule

Because according to these SJWs and the #MeToo thing, they stupidly think that the song "promotes rape" when in actuality it's just a song about a man not wanting a woman (probably his girlfriend) to go home because the weather is cold/dangerous and a trip home would be difficult. - SaintSheepy

43 Pressuring Miss America into removing the bikini modeling part

It's nautral for men to be attracted to hot women, it's called "Finding a mate" and it's natural for all to do. - Maddox121

Why do SJWs hate attractive people? - TwilightKitsune

I mean, this isn't a big issue. Beauty pageants are pretty much a thing of a bygone era. - Swellow

Why is that really all that bad? As long as the models want it then I think it's ok. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

44 Justin Trudeau changes Canada's National Anthem to be gender neutral

Yeah, it was supposed to represent the one and only Jesus Christ - Maddox121

Not terrible. - Swellow

45 Netflix series Insatiable, about a girl who gains popularity after losing weight gets 120,000 signatures on a petition to cancel it for "body Shaming"

This is so stupid - 445956

46 Someone smashes Trump's Hollywood star

The same thing happened to Bill Cosby's, though that was deserved. - SaintSheepy

This was abysmal! Please make the Conservative Walk of fame in Georgia - Maddox121

Honestly, I don't think Donald Trump wants a star in Hollywood anymore, especially since they are pro-pedophile - DoroExploro13

Trump could care less about it! - BorisRule

47 Serena Williams blames her loss to Naomi Osaka on sexism

That doesn't make any sense! A female blaming another female for sexism. Wow - BorisRule

Aren’t they both girls? How could Serena, a female, lose to another female because of sexism? - Oxymoron15

48 Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest calls Isle of Dogs racist

Or he just wants attention? - iliekpiez

49 Epic Games remove a boob physic with Calamity skin and Jubilation emote in Fortnite: Battle Royale

SJWs and feminists get mad over a female having some of her oranges jiggle a bit in a rated T game but they don't realize the game is about killing people. Epic games shoudn't of removed it. - B1ueNew

50 An Accapella Group Forced to Stop Performing "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid Because a Student Said It "Promoted Toxic Masculinity"

I don't know if this happened in 2018 or not, but I put this here as this situation is just completely stupid, the student didn't even pay attention to the fact Eric wasn't the one trying to kiss first, it was Ariel who wanted to do it (so she could get her voice back) plus there's the lyrics "Look at the boy too shy, he ain't gonna kiss the girl". People are so overly sensitive nowadays... - SailorSedna

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