Top 10 Worst SJW Moments of 2019

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1 Kate Hudson Says She's Going to Raise Her Daughter Genderless

I'm all for LGBTQ+ Rights, but raise your child how THEY want to be raised as. That includes both Hudson and every transphobe in existence.

Whoever invented the idea of raising kids genderless should be thrown in a woodchipper

But wait a second... if the child is gender less then why are you referring to the child as “daughter” and “her” those clearly are used to refer to a girl therefore if you are talking about someone who’s gender less you can't use these terms to refer to them. How would you refer to them? Explain That One To Me... I’ll Wait

2 Kathy Griffin Calls Basketball's 3 Point Handsign as New Nazi Symbol

Does she even know what a NAZI symbol looks like?

I remember when the OK sign was racist. Good (I mean bad) times had by all.

Someone needs to get their eyes checked.

Now that’s just ridiculous!

3 They are Trying to Remove John Wayne's Statue and Name from the Orange County, Ca Airport
4 "The Upside" Film Attacked for Disabled Representation
5 Jack Morrissey Says that Covington Catholic Kids Should Be Thrown in a Woodchipper
6 Nick Sandmann Under Fire for Flaunting "White Privilege" by Smirking

Oh my god. How stupid can people be?

Yeah, this is ridiculous.

Still dumb to this day

What the hell.

7 The Gillette Ad About Toxic Masculinity

Look up proctor and gamble products and don't buy them. If their sales don't collapse, there will be even ads that are even more woke.

Congratulations Gillette you followed Nike's lead and p*ssed off a significant number of customers for no reason! Enjoy your likely upcoming struggle to compete with newer up and coming businesses like Dollar Shave Club.

8 CNN Refuses to Say Over 300 "Christians" Were Killed by Islamic Terrorists, Instead Calls Them "Easter Worshipers".

People who worship Easter?

9 Students of Covington Catholic Accused of Harassing Native American Elder

Viewing the full-length video showed that the "elder" walked up to them and started beating his drum right in their faces.

10 2019 Women's March Cancelled for Being "Too White"

Honestly good. The last thing we needed was a mob of females pointlessly shoving their Extreme feminist propaganda down our throats instead of doing something productive with their lives

Wow. Just wow. that's racist.

SJWs: We want feminism!
Feminists: Okay.
SJWs: Wait not like that

That's racist

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11 SJWs are Outraged and Out for Blood After Jussie Smollett Reports Racist/Homophobic Attack that Later Turns Out to Be a Hoax

Smollett created the hoax to deliberately try to make conservatives look bad, and get some controversial legislation passed..

Several "revenge" crimes where white people were beaten or tortured occurred over this fake incident.

Gay people want attention.

Thanks for ruining Black History Month, Smollet

12 SJWs at San Francisco High School Demand Removal of Mural Showing George Washington

Claim that it traumatizes students of African American or Native American descent.

13 Kanye West Attacked for Claiming He Supports Trump for the Second Time

So many people just don't want to live with the fact that Trump is our president for at least two full years already. these people are growing down.

Is Trump that bad? Not the best president, I agree, but everyone has a right to choose who will be the president.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting Trump

He's black, ok?

14 Liberals Doxx Nick Sandmann for "Attacking" Native American Elder

Mistaken identity, they doxxed the complete wrong person, resulting in horrible consequences for somebody who was not even there.

15 Desmond is Amazing Drag Queen Incident

Recently it was revealed that there was this kid known as Desmond is Amazing who's a drag queen (even though he's eleven years old) and he goes to clubs and performs and people throw money at him like he's a child stripper or something. His parents are libtards who think they're "progressive" but in reality they're disgusting people who pimp their kids for money

Youtuber ScareTheater made a video on this, it was his worst video because he passed the issue off but he was interviewed a few times by a man who committed murder and makes art of Nazi symbols and drugs. With his slurred speech and weird actions, he is probably being drugged.

Ok why do they seriously have 11 year olds as drag queens?

This is sick.

16 Franchesca Ramsey of MTV Thinks Calling Women "Exotic" is Offensive

How is that offensive?

17 Coca Cola and Delta Airlines Apologize Over 'offensive' Airline Napkins

Well... it's not really that bad, it's just a napkin... I mean, I understand there was a reason behind it, but conservatives are as boring as liberals. If I want to go on a Delta, I can... I'm a centre right but there is a difference between banning MAGA hats and banning a certain type of napkin, they didn't ban all napkins, just one... Banning a napkin is not a boycottable offense for me, I will boycott them once they kick off a person for a dumb reason.

Why do these people find the slightest and most insignificant things to get offended over?

Yet texting "girlfriend" "boyfriend" is not homophobic or sexist in any way possible

Every Day We Stray Further From God.

18 11 Year Old Arrested for Not Saying the Pledge.

What if that 11 year old was a Christian (Or Muslim)?
And America? You do realize The pledge is Idol Worship!

I would brutally hurt the person who would arrest the 11 year old I never said the pledge at school ever & I'm don't get arrested you see this is what's wrong with society

19 Man Beaten Up for Nude Drawing Pictures of Muhammad
20 Carlos Maza Angry at Stephen Crowder

Stephan Crowder sucks anyways. Man thinks Hitler was a Liberal Socialist and is a climate change denier.

21 Ralph Northam Under Fire for Controversial College Yearbook Photo

He is a Democrat, so was let off with a stern warning, and is still in office.

Seems like everyone said it was ok

22 English Man Arrested for Reading the Bible in Public

Pure Christophobia.

23 Stand-Up Comedian Brutally Beaten Up by SJW Thugs

Why can't social justice warriors just learn to take a joke.

24 SJWs Demand and Get Removal of Statue of Kate Smith from New York Yankee Stadium

It was discovered that Kate Smith, who sang the most famous version of "God Bless America", sang a racially insensitive song when she was very young, nearly 100 years ago.

Why do we keep pandering to these SJW idiots, especially since a lot of them are growing increasingly violent and hostile?

25 Fast and Furious Film Protested by SJW Women for Being to "Manly"
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