Worst SJW Moments of the 2020s Decade

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1 The George Floyd riots

A man who got killed by racist police officers.

2 Evan Rachel Wood makes a Tweet calling Kobe Bryant a "Rapist" right after he dies

If only she knew that Kobe was black...

3 Netflix's Cuties is defended for "not actually being about pedophilia"
4 Splash Mountain being rethemed
5 SNL White Male Rage

Just by that name...

SNL has declined, man.

6 Journalists demand Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok ban men

More proof on how Socially Jaded W@nkers are so pathetically hypocritical and sexist, saying stuff like this is NOT going to end sexism, but make it worse.

And the dumbass mainstream media is still sitting bug-eyed and not even understanding why less and less people are taking them seriously and more and more people are leaving them in the dust. That's because people are actually waking up to the nonsense that the Cult of Woke is spewing out and starting to rebel against it.

7 Celebrities angered over Ricky Gervais's Golden Globes speech
8 Feminists outraged at men not seeing Birds of Prey
9 Twitch bans "Blind Playthrough" tag
10 People calling for Trump to be censored from Home Alone 2

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? Netflix workers want to put content warnings on Dave Chappelle's specials
? DC changes Superman's motto so he is no longer fighting for "The American Way"
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11 Dr. Seuss books being banned by a school district

UPDATE: Apparently, the books are NOT banned by the school district, they are just not celebrating Dr. Seuss day.

12 Disney introduces Reimagine Tomorrow

"Reimagine" seems to be a word that's often misused. Just like the words "cancer" and "autistic".

It was the same thing Coca Cola recently pulled, but even more racist and discriminatory, because besides pulling the "Be Less White" card Coca-Cola did, they actually were planning on segregating minority groups, calling Hispanic people "Hola", Asian people "Compass", black people "Wakanda", even claiming that babies "discriminate against other races" (babies' brains aren't developed enough for that, a scientific study that showed babies better recognize people's faces that are the same skin color as their parents, that's not racism); it is literally like those old disgusting Jim Crow segregation laws from the 1950s/1960s (putting people in groups/boxes because of their race is segregation and discriminatory), and Disney even is violating the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 14th and 15th Amendments which once again shows how Disney, claiming to be "anti-racist", diverse, and inclusive, is doing the exact opposite, because they ...more

13 Coca-Cola introduces training program that tells employees to fight racism by being "less white"
14 National Geographic calls 4th of July fireworks "racist" because "their smoke disproportionately targets communities of color"

And their claim to try to pretentiously get attention blew up in their faces as they got slammed. This is why nobody likes Stupid Jaded W@nkers, all they do is try to make EVERYTHING offensive, even life essence itself, because in real life, nobody talks to them due to their awful personalities and this is their sad, pathetic attempt to try and fail to garner attention.

15 Pepe Le Pew is announced to no longer feature in future Looney Tunes projects

He did nothing wrong.

16 John Leguizamo says the Mario 2022 movie cast is "too white".

John lost all credibility the minute he used that horrible "Latinx" term, which a lot of Latino people see as offensive, and rightfully so.

Yep, no one's going to listen to a guy who played the WORST version of Luigi, at least Marc Graue had the YouTube Poops.

17 Pizza Hut sponsors critical race theory in schools

Eeyup, they've gone the downward way too. I never really ate at them though, I prefer to give my business and money to proper pizza and Italian restaurants instead of chain ones.

I really hope Little Caesars don't follow that route...

18 Twitter slams a reproduction of "Go for the Gold" Barbie for being white

Yes... people are arguing over DOLLS. Stuff only girls and effeminate collectors like.

19 Kevin Smith wants "Less Giant White Blonde Dudes" in "Masters of the Universe: Revelation"
20 Minnesota real estate listings call for the term "Master Bedroom" to be removed

When "Master Bedroom" really is the term for where the master/owner of the house resides! What they're thinking isn't anything close! And they claim it's for this fake "Inclusivity", even though, a lot of the times when SJWs do this, it's all about trying to LOOK inclusive without actually doing so.

I swear, are these Socially Jading W@nkers, even human beings, or aliens from Area 51, or are they aging in reverse, getting younger and stupider considering how they're getting offended at stuff like this now?

Yeah, I've heard of the thing about "GetBurbed" removing the term, and of course renaming the "master" component to "main"... What's next, is "Masters of the Universe" going to be bad?

21 Bank of America introduces CRT indoctrination "training", telling employees to become "woke at work"

Same old crap Coca Cola, Disney, Hasbro, Lockheed and American Express tried to pull, and it's going to blow up in their faces too, pushing the same "white privilege" bullcrap that doesn't exist and especially claiming that white employees should "decolonize [their] mind[s]" and "cede power to people of color." That is blatant discrimination, racism and violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, especially since all people are equal and no race is superior than the other nor should have power over the other. Seriously, BOA, you call this nonsense you're puking "training"? Sloths could stomp you flat and come up with better training than you.

And every company that tried to go woke/politically correct to the nth degree all had whatever customers that used to support it leave in droves and abandon them in the dust.

If you get woke, you will become a joke, and then you will go broke.

22 Dragon Ball Super labelled "DANGEROUS" by Argentina's Ministry of Women

This was because they now, all of a sudden, found Master Roshi's pervertedness (which was played for comedy as scenes with that usually always ended with him getting a good smack or punch on the head for it) offensive.

23 Rosalyn Tulsan attacks Pippi Middlehurst, acting like white people "shouldn't enjoy noodles and dumplings"

Luckily the only result that happened was Rosalyn got her ass roasted and mocked to high heaven by virtually everyone, because apparently she hasn't heard of how there are European versions of noodles and dumplings... seriously, has this racist idiot ever read ANY cooking books with recipes for food from different cultures?

It seems that unlike regular, normal people, SJWs (mentally) are aging in reverse, getting younger and stupider.

By that logic, black people can't enjoy pizza.

24 Emily Gould accuses her 4 year old son of "mansplaining"

She's obviously going to be doing a piss poor job of raising him if she's trying to apply THIS to him...

25 Evil Hat Productions releases a game called "Thirsty Swords and Lesbians", saying they "don't want fascists or bigots buying their games"

Remember 10 years ago this title would only be suitable for a porno? Pepperidge Farm remember.

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