The 10 Worst Skateboarding Brands


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1 Walmart

I mean like I understand if people get a WalMart board because they're a beginner, and want to try skating but even still, my starter board was an Element board, WalMart boards are poorly made, the wheels have absolutely no grip, the boards itself are so frail and easy to break, if you were going to get a board, just earn the $130 it would take to get a quality board (my board cost around $130 because it was a custom, plus an extra 10 for a skate tool), and start off with that. It'll be so much more worth it

Worst boards ever no pop and is 3 inches thick also snaps easy

These are the worst boards ever. If you look at the wheels, you see that they got lines in them and are plastic. If you hit a rock, I bet that they'll lock up and you will go flying off of it and face plant. Their trucks are plastic too and you can't even turn with them. All Walmart skateboards are are a few layers of VERY thin plywood, plastic cheap trucks, cheap hardware, cheap plastic wheels, their own versions of a top brand deck design, and a board that if you Ollie on it you will break it.

Walmart makes really bad quality boards, only an idiot would choose to buy a walmart board really, better to buy a Plan B, Zero or Girl boards

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2 World Industries

I have an original world industries board and its great. but I'm a fool and razortailed it.

The REAL World Industries boards are sick. The new ones aren't good, but you kids gotta realize there was a time when they made professional decks. I got mine in 2001 for above 100 bucks and its still nice. People still try to buy it off me for 150-200 bucks. The REAL world industries are old now, and now they only make fake world industries boards for Walmart and etc. If you are too young too remember real World Industries boards I'd suggest going on ebay and buying a board from like 1999-2001 or so. You wont think those boards suck at all.

No doubt about it. Here, I'll 'esplain; If you don't believe me, try one. And painful split landings and soggy pop, crappy flip, and all-around little kiddish, will become yours. Just go to your local academy, and you will see those weird graphics, little demons.

My friend has one and it sucks! He had 2 stop me after one ollie because I already cracked it!

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3 Kryptonics

This is the worst skate brand come up to a actual skate shop and ask for Kriptonics

These boards are not that bad I know they are from Walmart but the mini long board looks nice and has thick wheel plus they are very soft so great for cruising

Snapped after 3 kickflips

The deck is 3 inches thick has no pop and last its a walmart board. Do I have to say anything more than that. - MrSuperAwsome

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4 Element

Element is the best board that I have ever had. It lasted me for two and a half years of hard skating. I still skate element and it is the only boars that I will skate. I have been skating for nine years, trust me, element is an awesome brand and shouldn't be on this list.

Why is element even on here element is the best brand I've ever skated the decks look cool and they don't break easily unless you land like your holding bricks in your hand

Element is kinda overrated but does not deserve this, yes the brand is only popular because they sponser nyjah huston, but they are still good boards

Element are the best brand ever I have 2 they are so good

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5 Mongoose

I think that mongoose skate boards are good for people who just like to ride you know not do ticks. Once you get into doing tricks you will need a more advanced not so heavy skatboard.

I dare you to walk into a real skate shop and ask for a mongoose deck and have the person behind the counter answer you with a strait face, and not laugh their asses off.

Mongoose might get a lot of hate but I think they are good for beginners but once you get in to trick they aren't that good because they are heavy but still good boards.

Worst decks ever, they're known for their bikes and even those are bad

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6 Zoo York

That's not true zoo Yorks a great brand and the decks have a lot of pop and its thick the graphics are amazing and zoo York boards can last a while depending on how much you ride it.

Zoo yorks are awesome my deck lasted 2 yrs before it snapped.
Also its like the boards are waxed already and just the decks so smooth
pops great grinds like a beast I give zoo york 10/10 compared to walmart boards which are 0/infinity

I think that's one of the greatest brands out there. on my game I want one to use so bad. and I have a tech dech of one it is awesome. I had one for two years.

Why does Zoo york have to be on this list? Everyone all says that this board company is a really good one. In my opinion, I think it is too.

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7 Converse

Wait, they make boards?

They need to stick to making shoes cause the boards are bad. Like REALLY bad, for real man.

I hate converse skateboards they are the worst they really do need to sick with there other stuff not skateboards!

I never saw Converse skateboards before, but they must suck. I have seen Vans skateboards though.

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8 Blind

Blind is my favorite brand, they are very good decks for there prices, hold up well are on the heavier side, have good concave, pop lasts for about a three months of beginner skating 1 of pro skating. I ride a blind board myself

Pop didn't last very long on mine. Really nice shape to it though and it was seriously strong.

I have a blind board it is great has a lot of pop and is great for tricks and if you want cruising. But when I got mine it had really dirty bearings that's just the place that sold it though and it is still great just need a cleaning

The blind board has great designs and it's strong. Good on pops

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9 Airwalk

Had and airwalk board and the trucks snapped after a few pop shuvits

My mate got one for his first board and it wouldn't even turn and chips so easily, the trucks are really high and have "made in china" printed on the bottom of them and the design looks like a preschooler had drawn it so don't buy one

No pop on it and easy to break!

Used one as my first ever skateboard lasted me 6 months used as a cruiser with cruiser wheels, until I tried to learn tricks on it that lasted me 2 days.

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10 Plan B

What no plan b is awesome I can get the best pop on it and I've ridden it everyday for 4 years

Which fetal alcohol syndrome-stricken mongoloid working at "the-top-tens" devised this list. Plan b, alien, black label, Zoo York, element, and blind are all average-fantastic boards. Don't just post some half baked list because any idiot can vote.

BEST POP EVER! This should be the top ten list. I have a Plan B board and it is the best! My friend also has a blind board and it is great quality.


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11 Black Label

Black labels are durable and really good decks they are not the most famous but have great quality. All my boards have been black label and I have never looked back

I have a black label, there frikin dope boards, they have a lot of pop and they will last you it matters on how much you skate, they are mainly for bowls and quarte pipes, but as the years go by, in street skating wise, they are frikin awesome boards. I give this board a 10/10 rating.

Had a whole two kcaldlabels in my skating day, first and second boards... they aren’t terribly heavy, graphics are usually pretty cool, retro looking, green elephants will make your friends want a try, bomb shape with the narrow tail is a nice shape for a deck, easy to tell witch end is which when skating, lasted the longest of any deck (never broke) - ThunderBallz

How the hell is Black Label at number 8? They are seriously one of the last good board brands left. It shouldn't even be on this list.

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12 Toy Machine

What toy machine is one of the best board I have ever ride I had it for a wile and it didn't break.

For the people saying they have had their board for a full year now either are new to skateboarding or just don't skate hard or a lot, no board can last that long if you actually skate. Anyways, toy machines are alright, I've skated them a couple times but I feel they chip easily and lose pop fast, either way they are great boards just don't last long

Great board I don't even know why it is on this list the board us sturdy a does not break easy I have recently switched to Toy Machine and it is one of the best boards I have ever ridden.

They are so good

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13 Dukes

I have a dukes skateboard that I got from a friend and its ok. Don't take my opinion I'm a newbie. If you were to just let it slide it would tip to one side. good beginner board I guess $:

Yea I got a dukes skateboard from a yard sale an it was in good condition also it is a good beginner board...

My friend has a dukes board and it sucks man and he has only had it for about a year and its falling apart

Dukes terrible they suck

14 Birdhouse

Birdhouse just sucks

birdhouse is the worst skateboard its always breaking and chips off so quick! the first day I got it it snapped and there not recommended for pro skaters! there not good!

Shape is awful, snapped in the first day of using. the bearings too didn't last long... so now I'm just using the wheels and the trucks but as soon as I get some money I will change them...

I love birdhouse's that's what I started skating on when I was young

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15 Airspeed

This isn't even a skate it's a skate shoe. I don't even think there name brand they're super, heavy super stiff, not durable, and the physical appearance just looks flat out stupid. even though it's not a deck brand it deserves to be on this list

A cheap Walmart brand that Mike McGill somehow got suckered into endorsing when it first came out. The decks were ok for practice at novice levels but if you're going to skate hardcore, just save up the money and get a real board.

This board is okay for a beginner just search it up online

I know a guy who is sponsored by airspeed he can do switch tres and hard flip late flip

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16 Deca

I got a deca board and the wheels roll really good the trucks are stainless steel and the only negative thing about it is that is hard to ride because I'm a beginner so I think it's a great starter board 9/10 for me

Just got second hand one doesn't seem to bad apart from the deck its not very good. But it has pretty good wheels and bearings the trucks are all right

One day I rolled on one then broke my spine. 10/10 would ride again

Deca skateboards are so good

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17 BDS

Any boards Wes humpston puts his name on is legit.
Bull dog skates is from the good ol days of the dogtown scene.

18 Baker

Just a regular over-hyped skateboard brand if u ask me, broke mine on purpose because I was tired of it, so I guess you could say it was somewhat durable? - ThunderBallz

Baker is amazing the concave is great there is great pop I've had one for a longtime I love it I always skate baker it is amazing!

Baker is the most awesome board great pop good for tricks there sick!

I have had my Baker for a while now and it's the best board I've ever had. Pop is great and the concave is the best. Baker is the best brand in my opinion

Baker Is Awesome. Good Pop, Great Concave and really good designs

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19 Enjoi

Got the 8.25 weather deck for Christmas, skated it rain and shine, razor tailed it like an absolute retard, but it still pop's like it did on day one, which was very good

I've had my enjoi for about 2 years from just doing regular pop and flip tricks. No grinds but this board has lasted me so long. It's the white and black panda one if you're wondering. The only thing I've done to it is fix chips from a few days back. Enjoi is amazing

I ride an enjoi board and have rode alien workshop revive blind black river and it is by far one of the best

Why is this even on the list? I have one and it's great!

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20 Darkstar

Darkstar should be in the best category because they have good designs and never brake or get busted

Be aware: Dark State does make a cheap Wal-Mart version. They do produce great pro decks, but be Leary of the cheap versions, (the cheap versions come with darkstar trucks). also the darkstar tucks are 2nd rate. Just my 2-cents

It's a really good board had this board for 4 years and just have a couple scuffs. An Amazing durable board!

Darkstar is the best pro board Walmart has because the wheels aren't bad or slow and has good graphics (I got my dark star in green leapord print)

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21 Habitat

Habitat is the best board I have ever had.. I used to skate Flip and they're also fantastic

Habitat decks are great, decent pop fairly durable, and pretty sexy designs too.

Pretty much all I skate, that or chance they're both beautiful boards

Habitats are AMAZING. What ass-for-brains idiot put this on the list?

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22 Almost

Hell nah what your stupid I have a almost impact n that hoe has bearly chipped. Iv been skating for 2 1/2 years now n iv had my almost for 4 months... That's my longest lasting board which have a average life of 2 months. I REALLY REALLY recommend this for beginners because its a light board and it rides very smooth so sense you just started you will cruz a lot so a smooth ride will be best! Chicken bone nowison!

Cheaply made in China folks. I have an almost double impact Daewon Junk on my prick deck and its severely chipped after about one week. The boards take a while to break in and then go soggy not long after. The impact technology is nothing but hype, I snapped mine right down the middle on a 12 stair rail. They won't warranty your deck for chips or breaking unless it snaps directly under the trucks (which happens about never). Almost can pack sand, support USA made products and stop giving away your money.

Almost is good I've had mine for over 2 years and it hasn't snapped or been broken... Even when I do tricks. I give Almost a 10 out of 10

Actually almosts are very good skateboards. They have very good pop and never hardly chip

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23 Identity

Local shop! So I have to support

24 Premium

Premium are made from the highest wood in canada and are even though a smaller brand, one of the highest quality boards available. Theybuse the same wood worldwide whereas other brands just use whats available, thisnis why people have mixed opinions of other brands

25 Alien Workshop

I love aliens! I skate one for 3 months and the pop was the same way I got it! Just amazing. I also use my tail to stop but it has a few chips only. I Skate really hard and it hasn't snapped. Best board I have ridden out of 7 brands ( plan b, zoo York, ATM, krooked, chocolate, shortys, and speed demon)

No alien is lit

Alien is a gread brand fym

My sister had one, it was 8” wide and was like a diving board on venture trucks, and spitfires, and abec 3 bearings. Some cool dude she was dating got it, my friend had one till he fell skating down a hill, then he gave it to me, and I traded it for weed. Great resale value! Great first board if you don’t know if you even wanna skate anyway... - ThunderBallz

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26 DBX

I had this thing it was ok for a very beginner but now its just a sitter and is going to turn to walmart for sales + there wheels are trash

I had an old dbx from craiglist ad it broke after a month of just cruising around and trying to kickflip

27 Zero

Bull look at Jamie Thomas he does like 20 stair rails you must of like left it in the rain or did something wrong

I have now idea why maple leaf is higher quality then zero. Zero shouldn't even be on this list

Dude iv been riding my ZERO board for well over 3 years and its still looking perfect. That's riding damn near every day. Great boards. Very durable. Easy 9/10. Shouldn't be on this list.

Chipped mine after half a day of not even skating.

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28 City Skateboards


29 Renner

This board is probably the best board here, it shouldn't even be here, I had this board for 8 mouths and its almost the the same shape as it ever been and I kill it 24/7. Really its all about how you look after your board by landing on the bolts. Personaly I have broken loads of boards but the renner has Chinese maple the strongest maple you can get it is really strong and really light.

"I had This skateboard about 4 months ago, it has a Good pop, strong Chinese maple. I still use it everyday, it's in good shape. Still look's new the wheels are great. The concave is really really good, probely better than plan B and Baker put together.

Dudes this is probably like plan b's twin brother acctually possibly even better I mean if you see a renner just rolling towards you the pop and concave just wins you over.
Gloucester skater x

30 Speed Demons

I have got 2 skateboards 1 a speed demon and another a KRYPTONICS... which one is better?

I currently have a speed demons board and it is AMAZING I have been skating it for 2 years now and I have done a lot of crazy tricks with it and it hasn't even snnaped! But it has quite a lot of chips. I think speed demons are great. ;(. I am also getting a new board from Real! I'm 11 years old.

I had a speed demon. it was slow and both ends snapped after the first two week. I woundn't recomend unless you are just starting

I think speed demons are awesome they should be treated good just think about that but Walmart should be the worst

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31 Globe

I bought a cruiser nickel board and id say it's a pretty nice, for riding only though

There not that bad

Is it bad?

32 Shaun White Supply Co.

Love this bored its awesome

Shaun White is a Deuch


Totaly not true I've had mine for 3 yrs and still hasnt broken,pops like a pro,super durable,and cool graphics if I had to rate this board I'd say 9/10

33 Rip N Dip

Ripndip decks have great pop sick graphics and strong wood and made in USA lasted me 4 years.

Nice graphics

These decks are awesome! Lasts forever! But just a little too expensive ($60). For a non-pro model.


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34 Folklore

Who ever put folklore their must be retarded I skate folklore and the are amazing have the best pop I recommend to buy folklore for shore

Folklores are dope I don't know who voted this as the worst. Like they are amazing look at baskwith!

35 Cliche

My favorite decks so far, I have skated a girl before and I will give them another chance but for now cliche is where its at.

Not at all cliche is an uprising brand and they aren't overly popular like girls

Funk town

Cliche is better than Plan B better wood and better pop and Cliche lastes longer than Plan B and doesn't wear out easy like Plan B

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36 Oxelo

Oxelo boards are really good!

Oxelo is a good skateboard, I'd suggest oxelo complete board to someone who is starting new, it has good wheels, nice decks and they look cool too. Have metal trucks, good beatings, awesome grip. All qualities a good skateboard should have. Remove it from this list.

Oxelo is crap

Oxelo boards are excellent, especially for beginners. Low price and high quality!

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37 Enuff

Very nice boards and skateboards

Yes, these boards may no be as good as some other huge brands but they are definitely worth the price you pay for them. Great if you are on a budget

It's good skateboard

38 Revive

Revive is awesome and the people who run it are dedicated and know what they are doing. They have my favorite graphics and the boards are very high quality. All around awesome boards.

This is not a bad brand, get it off of this list...

Who cares if it's run by YouTubers, they are just people, what do you think other companies are run by and it's not even about the people it's about the board so you should think before even say it because it's a great board

This is a good board with good pop

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39 Maple Skateboards

I have a Maple deck for a couple years now. At first, it was really crap. I had to only kick turn it and learning tricks was a huge struggle with the trucks, so I got some Tensor trucks and some Santa Cruz wheels I had lying around. The deck still has held up trough multiple bowl rides, street skating sessions, and games of S.K.A.T.E. The deck is good, but only the deck.

I have a maple board when I first got it I was happy... then I found out it can't turn the trucks are trash it's a waste of money and u can barely do any tricks

When I got mine, It sucked, a few days later one of the plastic trucks broke, so I took it to the shop, and while I was there I said, "hey since I'm at the shop, why not deck out my board", so I got metal wheels and indie bushings, some good wheels and bearings etc... and now it works fine

Maple is HORRIBLE they are a cheap ass target brand and they have plastic trucks so turning isn't an option if a loved one gives you a maple board they don't love you

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40 Girl

Good pop and it it's a really good deck they have cool designs 10/10

I've owned at least 18 boards and my girl board is honestly amazing, its held up to gaps, rails, etc. If your looking to find a company to stay with stay with girl cause everything I buy off them is amazing. no complaints 10/10

Girl has got to be the best board

They are pretty good. My only problem is the durability. Mine chipped and raisertailed pretty easy. Kept pop though so that's always good. I would maybe buy another one but they aren't as good in my opinion as habitat. Habitats are also cheaper and skater owned which is a plus

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41 ATM

My atm is the best its got good pop kinda heavy but it is amazing also it was only 20 bucks. No chips yet those stupid industrial blanks chipped on the first day.

Great boards for the price for sure.

Piece o crap board

One of the heaviest deck I have owned, the pop was alright but nothing compare to a ubale skateboard deck.
ATMs are like big popsicle sticks too not much curvature to the deck.

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42 Seven Skates

My seven board has good pops and its definity solid

I got this for my birthday and it's a PRETTY GOOD skate board but not the best

I heard about this brand is originally from Australia. The same company manufacture Penny Skateboard.

I have a seven and think they’re a great board

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43 Chocolate

It is great for street, I don't know what are you talking about when you say the board breaks fast, even when I tried to break it (after is has already had its pop cracked after 8 months of riding) it took me an hour. And I jumped on the middle of the board from 2 meters high.

I agree Chocolate is complete ass, like my board broke when I stepped on it

Good for street same exact company as girl

Those boards sucked it broke in a month and a half

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44 Tricks

I'm learning with a tricks skateboard right now & it's going pretty well, I highly recommend them

I learned on this board, quite heavy but nice to skate

I am currently riding this board it's pretty good.

No one know anything about this board?

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45 Vision

you know that vision commercial u've all seen it VISION STREET WEAR LEGENDS NEVER DIE(avalible at sportcheck) lengends don't die but the boards do I threw my speed deamon on the road beacuse I was mad and he thew his vision and it chipped it wasn't even hard also he said pass me the board so I threw it lightly so it would land on its wheels and role to him it hit the nose and snaped =( there $20 better than walmart but they suck

I had the legends never die board and it lasted me 5 year and it fell in the pool twice and I've left it out in the rain and it still works fine but the edges are really chipped

I had a vision back in 1988, Schmitt Stix 2, John Lacero. It was the best board I ever had, it got ran over by a car and never cracked, I skated every day on it and ollied over bikes on it.

46 Landway

If you don't really have much of a budget to buy branded boards, I recommend you should start off with this kind of board and earn your title from the ground up. I bought one of these, and they seem okay. Blank trucks, soft wheels and a Canadian maple deck. But it stayed with me every step of the way. Here in the Philippines, at least in my hometown, they don't care if you got a board that isn't really known, as long as it has a good condition and if you got the skills to pay the bills. You know what I mean. Now, because of this board, I learned to do hardflips, tre flips, smith grinds, etc. We all can learn great tricks on skateboards, but that comes from our hardwork, not from our boards.

The best skateboard ever good in grinding, ollies, hard flips any tricks I've tried this and no things wrong with this board best among the rest like element zoo York cliche chocolate and ATM

Ya even I have a land way and its awesome

Landway is nice but the bearing sucks, the board it's just a ply wood -_-

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47 Superior

I'm on my third deck they pop goo I love the concave. the tail wears down but happpens with every brand

They are good and really strong! Overall great buy

I love superior. They remind me a LOT of habitat boards. They feel really good, nice concave, good pop and great price. I think habitats are a little more durable but not by much.

Just got one about to try it out. Usually skate plan b boards, but wanted to try something cheaper. Rode it for the first time today and I think it feels pretty nice so far.

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48 Hud

I have a hud but it's so big that it can't really do tricks that well

My first olly it snapped hate it

This is the worst deks ever

Hud arnt really made for tricks because its such a huge watch out for those ollies and rather chill on the road

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49 No Fear

A terrible Skateboard. This was my first ever skateboard, whilst I was learning to ride. Many videos told me not to buy the skateboard as well as many reviews, but I thought if I be careful it would not break. (BOY WAS I WRONG! )

I didn't land a single trick on this deck, I was just cruising around back and forth down a smooth road. Eventually the trucks became loose and extremely wobbly after 2 days of use. DO NOT BUY! Save your money for a better skateboard.

I'm amazed this isn't first on the list. Having had to use one before I can safely say they are awful. The wheels are cheap plastic, the board starts cracking easily from normal use and the designs all look rubbish.

I'm not a pro but I've used this board before and it doesn't even turn/tilt even with the loose trucks, it can't even skate in a straight line. Please do yourself a favour and don't buy.

Can get these for like $16 all in all... No concave the grip tape is literally black sandpaper laugh out loud

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50 Santa Cruz

This is a great choice for a board and long board may be expensive but worth it

Who put this on there

Santa Cruz is the best. Used my dads old Santa Cruz as a beginner then hung it on my wall. If I put trucks and wheels on it it would still skate great.

There boards are okay. But they are made in China. I will not buy another Santa China

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