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21 BDS
22 Darkstar

Darkstar should be in the best category because they have good designs and never brake or get busted

Be aware: Dark State does make a cheap Wal-Mart version. They do produce great pro decks, but be Leary of the cheap versions, (the cheap versions come with darkstar trucks). also the darkstar tucks are 2nd rate. Just my 2-cents

I've had my darkstar board for 2 years and I've just now got a little bit of chipping great board

Best all round

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23 Identity

Local shop! So I have to support

24 Alien Workshop

I love aliens! I skate one for 3 months and the pop was the same way I got it! Just amazing. I also use my tail to stop but it has a few chips only. I Skate really hard and it hasn't snapped. Best board I have ridden out of 7 brands ( plan b, zoo York, ATM, krooked, chocolate, shortys, and speed demon)


Bakers not on the list retard

They are ok, the pop ain't that much but if you cn skate you can dealwith it easily

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25 Premium

Premium are made from the highest wood in canada and are even though a smaller brand, one of the highest quality boards available. Theybuse the same wood worldwide whereas other brands just use whats available, thisnis why people have mixed opinions of other brands

26 DBX

I had an old dbx from craiglist ad it broke after a month of just cruising around and trying to kickflip

27 Zero

Bull look at Jamie Thomas he does like 20 stair rails you must of like left it in the rain or did something wrong

I have now idea why maple leaf is higher quality then zero. Zero shouldn't even be on this list

Dude iv been riding my ZERO board for well over 3 years and its still looking perfect. That's riding damn near every day. Great boards. Very durable. Easy 9/10. Shouldn't be on this list.

I have a zero board It not bad its dupe

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28 City Skateboards
29 Renner

This board is probably the best board here, it shouldn't even be here, I had this board for 8 mouths and its almost the the same shape as it ever been and I kill it 24/7. Really its all about how you look after your board by landing on the bolts. Personaly I have broken loads of boards but the renner has Chinese maple the strongest maple you can get it is really strong and really light.

"I had This skateboard about 4 months ago, it has a Good pop, strong Chinese maple. I still use it everyday, it's in good shape. Still look's new the wheels are great. The concave is really really good, probely better than plan B and Baker put together.

Dudes this is probably like plan b's twin brother acctually possibly even better I mean if you see a renner just rolling towards you the pop and concave just wins you over.
Gloucester skater x

30 Speed Demons

I think speed demons are awesome they should be treated good just think about that but Walmart should be the worst

Mine wore down in a week good starter deck though - skater989

The one I had given to me had no pop and sucked

Their not even. Fast.stop in the middle of riding. Have nooo pop! Have one. Loose trucks. And I keep tripping when I peddle. I'm 11 years old.

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31 Oxelo

Oxelo boards are excellent, especially for beginners. Low price and high quality!

Oxelo was my first board and I had it in very good shape for almost 2 years! I recommend oxelo, it's great

I'll be getting my first board in another 15 days!

Getting my new board from them!

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32 Shaun White Supply Co. V 4 Comments
33 Cliche

My favorite decks so far, I have skated a girl before and I will give them another chance but for now cliche is where its at.

Not at all cliche is an uprising brand and they aren't overly popular like girls

Funk town

Cliche is better than Plan B better wood and better pop and Cliche lastes longer than Plan B and doesn't wear out easy like Plan B

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34 Chocolate

It is great for street, I don't know what are you talking about when you say the board breaks fast, even when I tried to break it (after is has already had its pop cracked after 8 months of riding) it took me an hour. And I jumped on the middle of the board from 2 meters high.

I agree Chocolate is complete ass, like my board broke when I stepped on it

Good for street same exact company as girl

Those boards sucked it broke in a month and a half

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35 Folklore

Who ever put folklore their must be retarded I skate folklore and the are amazing have the best pop I recommend to buy folklore for shore

Folklores are dope I don't know who voted this as the worst. Like they are amazing look at baskwith!

36 Girl

Good pop and it it's a really good deck they have cool designs 10/10

I've owned at least 18 boards and my girl board is honestly amazing, its held up to gaps, rails, etc. If your looking to find a company to stay with stay with girl cause everything I buy off them is amazing. no complaints 10/10

Girl has got to be the best board

I accidentally ran it into a bench and it chipped and it wasn't even going fast

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37 Globe
38 ATM

My atm is the best its got good pop kinda heavy but it is amazing also it was only 20 bucks. No chips yet those stupid industrial blanks chipped on the first day.

Great boards for the price for sure.

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39 Revive

Revive is awesome and the people who run it are dedicated and know what they are doing. They have my favorite graphics and the boards are very high quality. All around awesome boards.

This is not a bad brand, get it off of this list...

Who cares if it's run by YouTubers, they are just people, what do you think other companies are run by and it's not even about the people it's about the board so you should think before even say it because it's a great board

I have nothingg to say

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40 Landway

If you don't really have much of a budget to buy branded boards, I recommend you should start off with this kind of board and earn your title from the ground up. I bought one of these, and they seem okay. Blank trucks, soft wheels and a Canadian maple deck. But it stayed with me every step of the way. Here in the Philippines, at least in my hometown, they don't care if you got a board that isn't really known, as long as it has a good condition and if you got the skills to pay the bills. You know what I mean. Now, because of this board, I learned to do hardflips, tre flips, smith grinds, etc. We all can learn great tricks on skateboards, but that comes from our hardwork, not from our boards.

The best skateboard ever good in grinding, ollies, hard flips any tricks I've tried this and no things wrong with this board best among the rest like element zoo York cliche chocolate and ATM

Ya even I have a land way and its awesome

My board is landway it's a nice skateboard and its great for beginers

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