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41 Maple Skateboards

When I got mine, It sucked, a few days later one of the plastic trucks broke, so I took it to the shop, and while I was there I said, "hey since I'm at the shop, why not deck out my board", so I got metal wheels and indie bushings, some good wheels and bearings etc... and now it works fine

Maple is HORRIBLE they are a cheap ass target brand and they have plastic trucks so turning isn't an option if a loved one gives you a maple board they don't love you

I have a Walmart brand maple, it's really bad, but it turns. They actually put the trucks in backwards

I've had mine for about 2 years and it is still holding up to pops ollies (a work in progress)
It does have plastic trucks but they are holding up

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42 Globe
43 Vision

you know that vision commercial u've all seen it VISION STREET WEAR LEGENDS NEVER DIE(avalible at sportcheck) lengends don't die but the boards do I threw my speed deamon on the road beacuse I was mad and he thew his vision and it chipped it wasn't even hard also he said pass me the board so I threw it lightly so it would land on its wheels and role to him it hit the nose and snaped =( there $20 better than walmart but they suck

I had the legends never die board and it lasted me 5 year and it fell in the pool twice and I've left it out in the rain and it still works fine but the edges are really chipped

I had a vision back in 1988, Schmitt Stix 2, John Lacero. It was the best board I ever had, it got ran over by a car and never cracked, I skated every day on it and ollied over bikes on it.

44 Primitive Skateboards

Mine razor tailed within a few sessions but no chips at all and still has Deck pop for a razor tailed deck

Isn't that child rapist (steven fernandez) sponsored by this company? Lol wut

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45 Rip N Dip

These decks are awesome! Lasts forever! But just a little too expensive ($60). For a non-pro model.


My friend has one. Worse piece of crap. Chiped and raisertailed to middle ply in first couple sessions. Worst board ever

46 Hud

My first olly it snapped hate it

Hud arnt really made for tricks because its such a huge watch out for those ollies and rather chill on the road

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47 No Fear

A terrible Skateboard. This was my first ever skateboard, whilst I was learning to ride. Many videos told me not to buy the skateboard as well as many reviews, but I thought if I be careful it would not break. (BOY WAS I WRONG! )

I didn't land a single trick on this deck, I was just cruising around back and forth down a smooth road. Eventually the trucks became loose and extremely wobbly after 2 days of use. DO NOT BUY! Save your money for a better skateboard.

I'm amazed this isn't first on the list. Having had to use one before I can safely say they are awful. The wheels are cheap plastic, the board starts cracking easily from normal use and the designs all look rubbish.

I'm not a pro but I've used this board before and it doesn't even turn/tilt even with the loose trucks, it can't even skate in a straight line. Please do yourself a favour and don't buy.

Can get these for like $16 all in all... No concave the grip tape is literally black sandpaper laugh out loud

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48 Enuff
49 Mystery

Mystery is great and have sick graphics and a wicked pop. love em

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50 Flip

Flip is awesome real good pro board

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51 Deathwish

Best of the best! I don't even have words to say about these decks they are so awesome that I'm willing to skate them for the rest of my life!

I like to buy deathwish

Good pop and quality board. But my fat ass snapped the nose.

52 Superior

They are good and really strong! Overall great buy

I love superior. They remind me a LOT of habitat boards. They feel really good, nice concave, good pop and great price. I think habitats are a little more durable but not by much.

Just got one about to try it out. Usually skate plan b boards, but wanted to try something cheaper. Rode it for the first time today and I think it feels pretty nice so far.

I had a superior skateboard and still do I've had it for a couple months and it's so thick and awesome pop matbe because I have thunder hollow lights, and everything on it works great except for my wheels they are mini logo:( thanks for reading

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53 Slave

Bought an 8.5 Slave deck on sale from a local shop. Literally only lasted an hour and a half of light skating before it cracked and lost all it's pop. I've been skating since 1998 and this is BY FAR the worst deck I've ever skated.

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54 Real

I have had a Real renewal edition for TWO YEARS and it is still great, very sturdy for reused material.

I have a real skateboard deck with ace trucks there pop doesn't last that long but it doesn't break or snap that easily and I like there graphics its kinda like graphita

My real was amazing pop rocked and it lasted me 6 months with skating it everyday last a long time and is easily one of the best skateboard decks out there

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55 Trukfit

Why is even qualify as a skate company, when Lil Wayne sucks at both music and skateboarding

The absolute best board out there Lil Wayne needs to keep making boards and stop music NOW,

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56 Big H
57 1031

M friend barely even put his foot on it and it just snapped... Don't understand why because he is not fat and it was new.

The board was barely stepped on and it cracked and broke... Pretty sad...

58 Verb

Verb is South African that is what you want best board in my eyes

Sick has an amazing pop and the shape just works lots of space

Best graphics in the world with so many designs never snaps

Just got one like a month ago. Pretty awesome!

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59 Hook

Although most of the youth of mi country love this board it is known to have several misfunctions... IT IS A TOTAL RIP OFF... What a total waste of money to buy something that costs more than 80$ that breaks and falls of when people buy them... This is a total violation to all consumer rights

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60 Surge

Surge skateboards are the best boards I've skated l, it can last as long as element but what I like about it is that it has a great pop and if you like skateboard with curves it's the one for you

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