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61 MGP
62 Foundation

I love my foundation has really good pop is a bit thick but good. I've waterlogged mine a bit by accident but it still works really well

These boards are thick but light and pop really really high, prone to sharp razor tails

63 Seven Skates

I heard about this brand is originally from Australia. The same company manufacture Penny Skateboard.

I got this for my birthday and it's a PRETTY GOOD skate board but not the best

64 Vault
65 Bad Boy Skateboards

I have only had 6 skateboards but my bad boi custom is the best hood pop long lasting I am going to get another

Bad Boy Skateboards have the best grip tape you can find and lasts long and the most awesome trucks and nice wheels.

Bad boy skateboards are in the top 2 best skateboards in the world bad boy skateboards is number 1 best in the world

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66 Hectic
67 Monster

This thing is crap doesn't turn design made of paper this should be number one on the list

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68 Last Exit

Complete POS, bearings jiggle, wheels are plastic, mine randomly veers to the right, board is rather sturdy though and the trucks are rather good

Does anyone know anything about this board?

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69 Goodwood

Goodwood Decks feel lighter than other brands. The design is good but Goodwood is very weak. I took one off a wide 5 stair, landed bolts, and it still snapped. Don't Buy.

I like mine. Its light and I could see the problem with it cracking but I haven't had any issues with that or chipping. they're a good quality board for a great price. Id definitely would get another one.

Its the best board except it chips real easy

70 Krown Krown

Horrible Pop, Constant Chip, Easy snap, had one as my beginner board the trucks, and bearings were shot after a week! If you heard it was a good beginner board, think again.

I had a friend who had a krown, the board lasted him a month or 2 though, but he got his moneys worth

Krown is the beast skateboard ever it's the best ever it's lasted me 3 years and still going

Krown is by far the #1 best skateboard ever

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71 Santa Cruz V 2 Comments
72 Powell Peralta

Powell Golden Dragons and Powell Peraltas are superior. I have a Golden Dragon which has amazing pop, fresh graphics, fun ride, and of course, power.

73 Urban Sk8er

Extreme pop. Good for a beginner. Their graphics are ok too. I have had one when I was still a little kid and now it is still around. If you just skate for fun, not like getting sponsored or something, then get an Urban sk8er

Snapped it and I'm only causal skater within 6moths of light skateboarding it snapped

74 DGK

Their graphics are pretty sick, but they do lose pop quickly and the concave is decent. The weight of their boards isn't too bad, but over all, they're kind of mediocre.

Great graphics plus all time great board

This brand should've never been made the creator must have been drunk when they came up with this crap.

This deck is most definitely the best deck out there but this is all off of opinion right and don't be mad at the fact that the man who made this company in making money unlike you. He gets to skate for his job, every skaters dream right there. You hating on him or anyone only makes him laugh and think about how far he has gone with his life. "Make Something out of Nothing"- Dirty Ghetto Kids

I'm that kid in school I have all the F.T.P.D. gear so you can take your "stupid idiot bitchiness out of here".

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75 Ocean Pacific

Pop is just terrible ugh the nose is chipping paint job sucks

Plastic Trucks, Sandpaper, 3 inch deck and plastic whells plus slow bearings = Ocean Pacific

76 BD Skateboards
77 Op

My op board lasted longer than 6 years with daily use before it was stollen and my older brother who is over 250 pounds would ride it daily the op board I had was great

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78 Nash

In the 80s this was the brand board that got you beat up by the real skaters. If you owned one of these you forfeited all street cred. "Alex just showed up on a loser". The base-plates on the trucks would always crack on hard landings...always. The wheels did not even have bearings, they shipped with bronze bushings. This was the K-mart special skateboard, and in the 80s shopping at K-mart was anything but cool. Seriously, Nash was a toy best left to the little kiddies, like under 8 years old.

They are good sturdy boards I love my Nash board

Nash is a good board and wont break easily

It's a really good brand! This should not even be on top 10 worse sk8boards

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79 Heroin

Heroin rocks! I got a video nasty deck and it was sick. laugh out loud I said heroin rocks, well respect to dis and deer man of dark woods!

80 Creature

Creature boards use awesome graphics and strong wood

This one was razor tailed in a week and broke in a month...

Best all around deck lasted me 3 months and a normal deck lasts 2 weeks
Amazing boards

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