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61 Rocket

Really good board, great pop, lasted me 3+ months now and can hold up constantly smashing into things. I would say these are great for beginners, saying that I've had some crappy boards in the past.

Nice turning, Good for tricks

Good board I think


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62 Welcome

The deck shapes are tough to use well. The graphics should be shown to the owners therapist so that he can get whatever he's got going on worked out.

Really sexy with the graphics and comes in so many shapes

Best all around decks lasted me 9 months no cracks or razor tail

It is so good

63 1031

M friend barely even put his foot on it and it just snapped... Don't understand why because he is not fat and it was new.

The board was barely stepped on and it cracked and broke... Pretty sad...

64 Verb

Verb is South African that is what you want best board in my eyes

Sick has an amazing pop and the shape just works lots of space

Best graphics in the world with so many designs never snaps

Just got one like a month ago. Pretty awesome!

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65 Hook

Although most of the youth of mi country love this board it is known to have several misfunctions... IT IS A TOTAL RIP OFF... What a total waste of money to buy something that costs more than 80$ that breaks and falls of when people buy them... This is a total violation to all consumer rights

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66 Tony Hawk

Really good decks strong trucks nice and wheels... But I advise buying bones red bearings, because tony hawk only have abec 5

Friend had one at 3 10 and still has it

He still exists? Its not 2005.

Eh lasted awhile but honestly if your looking for tricks don't wven

67 Goodwood

Goodwood Decks feel lighter than other brands. The design is good but Goodwood is very weak. I took one off a wide 5 stair, landed bolts, and it still snapped. Don't Buy.

Weakest board ever, broke the first one and the nose was very weak on my second one

I like mine. Its light and I could see the problem with it cracking but I haven't had any issues with that or chipping. they're a good quality board for a great price. Id definitely would get another one.

Its the best board except it chips real easy

68 Surge

Surge skateboards are the best boards I've skated l, it can last as long as element but what I like about it is that it has a great pop and if you like skateboard with curves it's the one for you

69 Krown Krown

Horrible Pop, Constant Chip, Easy snap, had one as my beginner board the trucks, and bearings were shot after a week! If you heard it was a good beginner board, think again.

My opinion of Krown is buy them from a local shop and not Amazon. Original blank 100% Canadian Maple Krown blanks bought in shops are best if you need a a strong light deck on the go, but don't have the money to get something pricier. Great for beginners. Solid pop. About average lifespan. Id give it about a 6/10!

I had a friend who had a krown, the board lasted him a month or 2 though, but he got his moneys worth

Love krown

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70 Powell Peralta

Powell Golden Dragons and Powell Peraltas are superior. I have a Golden Dragon which has amazing pop, fresh graphics, fun ride, and of course, power.

These boards rock

71 Avigo

It's the worst skateboard brand ever


72 Vault
73 DGK

Their graphics are pretty sick, but they do lose pop quickly and the concave is decent. The weight of their boards isn't too bad, but over all, they're kind of mediocre.

Great graphics plus all time great board

This brand should've never been made the creator must have been drunk when they came up with this crap.

This deck is most definitely the best deck out there but this is all off of opinion right and don't be mad at the fact that the man who made this company in making money unlike you. He gets to skate for his job, every skaters dream right there. You hating on him or anyone only makes him laugh and think about how far he has gone with his life. "Make Something out of Nothing"- Dirty Ghetto Kids

I'm that kid in school I have all the F.T.P.D. gear so you can take your "stupid idiot bitchiness out of here".

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74 Anti-Hero

Me. I like them. They do get razor tail a little quick though but they are actually pretty good if you like skate parks. I had it for two months

I had a friend who had an anti-hero back when he lived in reno, the board was warped but he eventually cracked it near the back bolts and the warp went away

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75 BD Skateboards
76 Bullet

It sucks it snapped on a olie I'll recommend a darkstar they're strong cool and great pop

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77 Bad Boy Skateboards

I have only had 6 skateboards but my bad boi custom is the best hood pop long lasting I am going to get another

Bad Boy Skateboards have the best grip tape you can find and lasts long and the most awesome trucks and nice wheels.

Bad boy skateboards are in the top 2 best skateboards in the world bad boy skateboards is number 1 best in the world

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78 Op

My op board lasted longer than 6 years with daily use before it was stollen and my older brother who is over 250 pounds would ride it daily the op board I had was great

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79 Hectic
80 Monster

This thing is crap doesn't turn design made of paper this should be number one on the list

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