World Industries


World industries suck and you can't even ollie its like riding wet paper or cardboard

You talking about the old ones or the new Walmart ones? I'm guessing most people commenting on here are little kids that have never seen a real World Industries board, and have only been skating since World went out of business and started making crappy Walmart boards

Get real with these top ten lists. I have been skateboarding for more than 45 years that's right I said 45 years. I started on a wooden deck with narrow steel wheels. I have tried every type, style and option imaginable. There are so many true variable's to making a board that works. From body weight, foot placement, to what and where you like to skate. So before bad mouthing a certain brand how about getting out there and having fun with what ever you skate on.

World Industries aren't even bad. I still have my deck from 2001. Now though World makes Walmart type crap. I guess those aren't too hot. But my deck was above 100 bucks when I got it and people still try to buy it off me for 150-200 dollars. SO to answer the question if world industries decks are bad, depends how new it is I guess. Mine board is nice and nothing like the newer Walmart ones.

This was my first deck it was a complete I learned to Ollie pretty sure quickly on but got a massive chip in two weeks it snapped after boards mixing a handrail I got a new revive deck with Indy trucks and bones wheels and I'm way better I can Ollie higher and no longer have troubles with kick lip world industries suck

World Industries SUCK. You can tell right away because it's the kind of skateboards that Walmart and Target sell. It should not be tied with element though because at least element makes legit boards, unlike world industries with their uber weak wood.

Suck but should be tied with element. And what is plan be enjoi almost especially doing on this list? Those are great awesome plain sick brands. O and termite needs to be here also along with mongoose

I had one for a day and the the tail chipped within the first few hours I had it... Super useless

Horrible. And some people think element is the worst brand. At least element boards aren't sold in supermarkets.

The ply pretty much just splits apart from the start. Most of the time, their graphics are really childish...

My friend has a world industries we had a pretty hard skate session the other day and he broke it after a tricks...

some skateboards are good. some are bad. some are average. but none of them are as bad as world industries - cheeseball

This board is bad, but none of the other boards are. I happen to have a PlanB. They are my favorite boards. - Batman5335

Just a super market, cheap, plastic trucks, rock wheeled, 30 ply boards with sandpaper as grip. Nothing to buy

Their new boards suck but the old ones are good though.


No its actually good I don't know what your friend did to his board but it's a good skateboard

The world industries board sucks so I wonder why it's number 23 on the top ten best list?

I thought world industries were wal-mart boards lol - dbox4

Not a patch on FLIP. Nothing compared to SANTA CRUZ (Santa Cruz ARE the best) - Dippy

M they've come along but still not great boards suck for trying to be real

I had one and it sucks I ollied and it broke when I landed

Just got rid of my world industries board laugh out loud

yup its the worst even their tech deck ar the worse - theDARKSTAR

My friend had one and I couldn't even ollie on it. - bakerman13

no better than those crappy target boards. - blindsk8ter

World industries suck you can't even ollie!