Top 10 Worst Skateboards

The Top Ten

1 Kryptonics


Sold at wal*mart and target fake griptape plastic wheels not proper bearings plastic trucks no concave on their decks not even 7 ply wood fake wood pretty much just all mushed together

Trucks are a piece of crap the bearing avoid you to move and the decks is made out of canadian maple wood (jk but seems like it)

Not even a real company

2 World Industries

Bad don't like them

3 Element

They suck. the decks are so plain.!

This is okay

4 Blank
5 Creature

They suck badly

6 Goodwood

Had a good wood a while ago. No tail, no pop, razortailed pretty quick. Yeah it sucked.

7 Blind

Trucks squeak a lot after you use them for like a 3 months

8 Blackout

Horrible designs, really thing and wear out fast.

9 Penny


10 Plan B

decks are so plain its isn't even funny and most of them have ryan sheckler's name on them.

Plan b is so overrated I hate it

What how is this even on here

The Contenders

11 Airwalk

This should be number 2 is one of the worst

Airwalks suck they should be in the top they are that bad

12 Zoo York

they should just stay with their clothing decks succkk!

13 Bones

the wheels are plastic, and the grip tape wears out in a day!

14 Flip

Designs are just flip in those funny letters they are horrible and break really easy.

15 Zero

the designs can't get any more plain than zero in letters that look like blood and I rate them a zero

Broke it after 1 month

16 Baker

I bake baker boards cause they are horrible, the designs suck and the deck broke after a 360 flip over 20 stairs.

Well a whole lot of boards are gonna break after a 360 flip on a 20 stair but baker is not easy to break and lots of pop

17 Enjoi
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