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1 Hey You, I Love Your Soul

Are you people crazy?! this is actually a good album with amazing songs. I understand that many of you don't want to vote for your favorites but don't take it out on the most underrated album. listen to locked in a cage suspended in you scarecrow and the saddest coming down. - jachan

Not there best album, oh and it's Awake, not Awake and Alive.

This album is bad but a few songs are good like scarecrow, locked in a cage

2 Skillet

The original and most raw album a very worth it album

3 Invincible
4 Awake

This, Comatose, and Rise are all great albums. This list is bull crap. - Alpha101

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5 Comatose
6 Comatose Comes Alive
7 Alien Youth

This album was their last album containing alieny music but its a good album and it's worth buying

Get Comatose to the bottom of this list. That's their best album.

8 Collide

Skillets heaviest album and one of the best

That was the best actually - Idiot244

9 Ardent Worship
10 Rise

Terrible album... Total sellout by a once great band.

This is honestly disappointing

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11 Unleashed

This album is actually pretty good! It's repetitive I can tell you that! The album is one of my favourites!

About 2 or 3 good songs, but that's it. 3/10.

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