Worst Skillet Songs

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1 My Beautiful Robe
2 You Should've When You Could've

What the Heck?!?!? Don't wake me is Not their worst song actually it's one of their Best songs in my opinion. And American Noise and Never Surrender are great songs too.

Okay this is all wrong. There should be 0 Awake songs on here. No Rise songs either but I see there isn't so I'm glad. Looking For Angels should be number one for the worst Skillet song. Skillet is so amazing itshard to think they have bad songs... I feel bad saying they have a bad song

This song is the worst for Skillet. But not quite terrible.

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3 Scarecrow
4 Pour
5 Say It Loud
6 Promise Blender
7 Splinter
8 Stronger
9 Never Surrender

This list is Garbage! There are no bad Skillet songs and even if there was it would not be Don't Wake me or Never Surrender.

Never surrender is one of SKILLET's Best Songs. - deandinosaur5

10 Don't Wake Me

Worst song ever in skillet

9 Songs on this list are some of Skillets Best Songs
Never Surrender
don't wake me
Sick Of It
American Noise
Looking For Angels
Would It Matter
One Day Too Late
Feel Invincible
Its Not Me Its You - deandinosaur5

The Contenders

11 You Take My Rights Away
12 Hey You, I Love Your Soul
13 Looking for Angels

Only the chorus is nice

14 American Noise

This is from the new skillet album rise

15 Rippin' Me Off
16 Saturn
17 Famous
18 One Day Too Late

This song has so much meaning! It makes you want to become a better person

Ug I hate voting for this list but this song is kinda not great! But all the rest of these songs are really good.

19 Would It Matter
20 It's Not Me It's You

Amazing song! Why is it on here? Most of the songs on here are fantastic! This list is complete rubbish! - Alpha101

This whole lists is a joke there are no horrible skillet songs the ones who do vote we call haters - jachan

Why? Why? Its My mo 6 skillet song...

21 Sick of It

Skillet is just getting plain repetitive nowadays - bigmike137

22 Lions
23 Watching for Comets
24 Saviors of the World Saviors of the World
25 Feel Invincible - Skillet
26 Stars
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