Top Ten Worst Skyclan Warriors Names

Hey, Skyclan has some pretty weird names... here they are!

The Top Ten

1 Billystorm

It's impossible came here doesn't thinking that it would have been top one... Great jog Leafstar. - cassiabez

Great... I just think of goats in a storm. Awful name. - Warriorstruth

Oh no! Billy's in the storm!

I knew this was going to be first. laugh out loud. - Wolftail

2 Macgyver

You can't even pronounce the name! - Minecraftcrazy530

There's just no part of this name that should EVER be in Warriors. Billystorm has a bad prefix but a legit sufix. Macgyver... just no.

WHAT? Now this, is awful. Billystorm and Macgvyer tie for first place. - Warriorstruth

The names pronounced Mac-guy-ver,and I think it’s okay since it’s a tribute to a Richard Dean Anderson show Macgyver. He originally was a kittypet so his owners must have been fans of the show.

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3 Harveymoon

What? Now. Leafstar. Is. Lazy. Repeat it with me! Leafstar. Is. Lazy. Leafstar. Is. Lazy. - Warriorstruth

Now as much lazy as crazy. Leafstar's nuts...

4 Snookpaw

What is a snook? - Warriorstruth

A large edible game fish of the Caribbean that is sometimes found in brackish water. - Kaitlyntunn

5 Frecklepaw

Cats don't have freckles! What the heck! - Warriorstruth

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6 Bouncefire

My fire is bouncing! Bouncy bouncy! Bad name. - Warriorstruth

This is just hilarious. The hell,Leafstar?

7 Fallowfern

Fallow is an herb I believe but what does that have to do with ferns?! - TheJinxedJay

What is fallow? Does it live on ferns? If my mom gave me the name Fallowkit I would scream, run away, and become a kittypet. - Kaitlyntunn

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8 Petalnose

What ever name that ends with nose is awful. I would hate having a petal nose. - Warriorstruth

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9 Ebonyclaw

What?! Ebony is a black-brown color, and since Ebonyclaw is a black she-cat, it makes sense! Also, I love the suffix -claw. Ebonyclaw is a great name, and the character is awesome. Whoever put this on the list is crazy.

Hmm. I don't know. it just sounds ukky. - Warriorstruth

10 Harrykit

Reminds me of Harry Potter. Harrykit, won't you go to Hogwarts? - Warriors7leafstorm

I understand the reason Leafstar gave the name now, but at first I was like "what got into you Leafstar?!?! "

Poor Harrykit, you're Name is a terrible Name giver.

Warriors7leafstorm Although I have to get serious when you realize who exactly he is named after Sol that evil made shadowclan out of starclan beliefs and almost corrupted hollyleaf, lionblaze and jayfeather while they were trying to figure their father out gee wonder who it was

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11 Waspwhisker

Wasps don't have whiskers. geez. - Warriorstruth

Wasp...whisker!? Come on, it’s like “AHH there’s a wasp on my whisker! ”

Waspkit!? Wasppaw- two “p’s? ” this is too crazy what is wrong with Skyclan

12 Brook
13 Bellapaw
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