Top Ten Worst Skyclan Warriors Names

Hey, Skyclan has some pretty weird names... here they are!

The Top Ten

1 Billystorm

It's impossible came here doesn't thinking that it would have been top one... Great jog Leafstar. - cassiabez

Great... I just think of goats in a storm. Awful name. - Warriorstruth

Oh no! Billy's in the storm!

I knew this was going to be first. laugh out loud. - Wolftail

2 Macgyver

You can't even pronounce the name! - Minecraftcrazy530

There's just no part of this name that should EVER be in Warriors. Billystorm has a bad prefix but a legit sufix. Macgyver... just no.

WHAT? Now this, is awful. Billystorm and Macgvyer tie for first place. - Warriorstruth

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3 Harveymoon

What? Now. Leafstar. Is. Lazy. Repeat it with me! Leafstar. Is. Lazy. Leafstar. Is. Lazy. - Warriorstruth

Now as much lazy as crazy. Leafstar's nuts...

4 Snookpaw

What is a snook? - Warriorstruth

A large edible game fish of the Caribbean that is sometimes found in brackish water. - Kaitlyntunn

5 Frecklepaw

Cats don't have freckles! What the heck! - Warriorstruth

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6 Bouncefire

My fire is bouncing! Bouncy bouncy! Bad name. - Warriorstruth

This is just hilarious. The hell,Leafstar?

7 Fallowfern

Fallow is an herb I believe but what does that have to do with ferns?! - TheJinxedJay

What is fallow? Does it live on ferns? If my mom gave me the name Fallowkit I would scream, run away, and become a kittypet. - Kaitlyntunn

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8 Petalnose

What ever name that ends with nose is awful. I would hate having a petal nose. - Warriorstruth

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9 Ebonyclaw

What?! Ebony is a black-brown color, and since Ebonyclaw is a black she-cat, it makes sense! Also, I love the suffix -claw. Ebonyclaw is a great name, and the character is awesome. Whoever put this on the list is crazy.

Hmm. I don't know. it just sounds ukky. - Warriorstruth

10 Harrykit

Reminds me of Harry Potter. Harrykit, won't you go to Hogwarts? - Warriors7leafstorm

Poor Harrykit, you're Name is a terrible Name giver.

Harrykit, you're a warrior!

The Contenders

11 Waspwhisker
12 Brook
13 Bellapaw
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