Worst Slang Terms Californians' Often Use

My first "worst" list and I'm going to make it about something I'm guilty of; "California lingo".
I've lived in three other states besides California. Everywhere I go people ask, "Your from California huh?" within a few minutes of talking to me. When I ask, "How did you know?" they would say the words and terms I use. They would also say I have a "California accent".(?)

These words and terms originated or are used alot by Californians'. Which one get on your nerves the most? Please try to keep it good spirited. Thanks everyone.

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Like, you know, when people, like, say like, like all the time.

Mostly females are guilty of this out here. - THC13

2 Dude
3 Gnarly
4 Stoked
5 Hella

More of a northern California thing. I don't really hear it down here in southern California. - THC13

6 No Way!
7 Totally
8 Right On
9 Awesome
10 You Guys

I realize a lot of people from all over the country say this. I'm adding it cause when I was living in Texas they all said I talked like a homosexual because I would say "you guys" instead of "y'all". I thought it was funny. - THC13

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