Worst Slayer Songs

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1 No Remorse (I Wanna Die)

Oh my I thought Disorder was bad but this makes Disorder look Great in comparison - christangrant

This is a really bad song such a shame that Slayer did this - MetalWorldOrder

I just listened to it. And it was BAD!

Crappy song. And that god-awful Spawn movie was terrible!

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2 Disorder

This Is Like We Did It Again By Metallica Which They Are Both Bad - christangrant

This Deserves To Be Number One It's A Bad Slayer Song With Rapping In It!
Edit This is no longer the worse Slayer song I have found something WORSE which is hard to Believe - christangrant

3 Desire

Hey genius that created this list... You put Disire twice. All of these slayer songs suck, so at least you know your slayer.

4 Unguarded Instinct
5 In the Name of God
6 Wicked

This is actually very good song...

List's creator logic: the onyl slayer bad album is diabolous in musica

7 Stain of Mind

The song's just really boring with the same riff about 80% of the time. Avoid this one while you're at it. - Mumbizz01

8 Overt Enemy
9 Perversions of Pain

This song isn't actually that bad. It's one of those songs from the album that are enjoyable. - Mumbizz01

10 Screaming From the Sky

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? Born to Be Wild

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11 Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers
12 Richard Hung Himself

Shouldn't even be on this list! It's a cover song.

Anyway there really is no BAD Slayer song!

13 New Faith
14 Divine Intervention
15 Dissident Aggressor
16 Gemini V 1 Comment
17 Disciple

This is the only one that does not deserve this list

Definitely shouldn't be here - MetalWorldOrder

18 Death's Head
19 Love to Hate
20 Scrum
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