Worst Slayer Songs

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1 No Remorse (I Wanna Die)

Oh my I thought Disorder was bad but this makes Disorder look Great in comparison - christangrant

This is a really bad song such a shame that Slayer did this - MetalWorldOrder

I just listened to it. And it was BAD!

Crappy song. And that god-awful Spawn movie was terrible!

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2 Disorder

This Is Like We Did It Again By Metallica Which They Are Both Bad - christangrant

This Deserves To Be Number One It's A Bad Slayer Song With Rapping In It!
Edit This is no longer the worse Slayer song I have found something WORSE which is hard to Believe - christangrant

3 Desire

Hey genius that created this list... You put Disire twice. All of these slayer songs suck, so at least you know your slayer.

4 Unguarded Instinct
5 In the Name of God
6 Wicked

This is actually very good song...

List's creator logic: the onyl slayer bad album is diabolous in musica

7 Stain of Mind

The song's just really boring with the same riff about 80% of the time. Avoid this one while you're at it. - Mumbizz01

8 Overt Enemy
9 Perversions of Pain

This song isn't actually that bad. It's one of those songs from the album that are enjoyable. - Mumbizz01

10 Screaming From the Sky

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? Cast Down
? Richard Hung Himself

Shouldn't even be on this list! It's a cover song.

Anyway there really is no BAD Slayer song!

Anyway there really is no GOOD Slayer song

The Contenders

11 Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers
12 New Faith
13 Love to Hate
14 Divine Intervention
15 Dissident Aggressor
16 Gemini V 1 Comment
17 Disciple

This is the only one that does not deserve this list

Definitely shouldn't be here - MetalWorldOrder

18 Death's Head
19 Scrum
20 Point
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