Top Ten Worst Smartphones

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1 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

OH YES! This one really sucks

It's a bomb, not a phone. - ---ChargedZircon---


2 Samsung Galaxy Fit
3 Samsung Galaxy Ace
4 HTC Wildfire
5 Sony Xperia Play

Hey this phone is best

6 LG Optimus L3
7 Lg Optimus Vu
8 Panasonic Eluga
9 Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It's not a phone. It's a molotov cocktail. - MChkflaguard_Yt

The phone, that EXPLODES - BorisRule

10 Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 7 Product Image

I hate it, only normies like iphone.

Number 1 easily. Removing the headphone jack was by far the stupidest thing apple has ever done to their products. - KeyboardHero

iPhone Sucks! - ChuckECheese

Hands down the worst, no headphone jack? Home isn't a physical button? Security holes? Was this phone designed for apes with massive hands? iOS, the worst mobile OS?

iPhones = AIDS - CrazyAwesome

The Contenders
11 HTC ChaCha
12 iPhone X iPhone X Product Image

Not Android!

13 Huawei ascend y550
14 Nokia N8
15 Lenovo s850
16 LG Sunrise
17 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
18 LG G3 S
19 Samsung Galaxy J7
20 Vivo Y15
21 Apple iPhone 5

The worst, power button on the top, super small, bad display, iOS, etc. - CrazyAwesome

22 Lenovo s60

Has no OTG support and the starage fills up quickly

23 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Another trash right here!

24 Samsung Galaxy S7
25 Lenovo K3 Note
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