Top 10 Worst Smash Bros Main Stereotypes


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1 Captain Falcon mains

Throwing out knees, D airs, and falcon punches, all of which will always miss most of the time. - TheMaelstromKing

2 Ness mains
3 Cloud mains

They main Cloud because "FFVII is their favourite game of all time"
They wouldn't be as bad if they stopped trying to act like it's not because he's one of the best characters. - TheMaelstromKing

4 Link mains

Another group who treat the b button like crack. Are most likely to taunt and teabag when they KO you. - TheMaelstromKing

5 Sonic mains

B button fetish. Enough said. - TheMaelstromKing

6 Bayonetta mains

ALWAYS trying to do the Side B > Up B > Side B > Side B combo. Mostly never works. - TheMaelstromKing

7 Fox mains

Or someone who's been watching lots of Melee and think he's still the best character. - TheMaelstromKing

8 Ganondorf mains

Likes To think they're disrespectful for maiming Ganon when they're really nothing special. Constantly trying to ganoncide you. - TheMaelstromKing

9 Diddy Kong mains

Either been a good dedicated Diddy main since day one. Or a tier whore who dropped him after Hoo Hah was nerfed. - TheMaelstromKing

10 Little Mac mains
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