Worst Smash Bros. Ship Pairings

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1 Peach X Ike

They ship Ike with Peach? If the shipping wars between Mario vs. Bowser over Peach or Soren vs. Ranulf vs. Elincia over Ike wasn't bad enough.

Ike is canonically homosexual

Soren belongs to him

Mia belongs to him

2 Mario x Rosalina
3 Link x Peach

Just cause they looked at each other in the trailer does not mean you should ship them together.

This ship is trash and should die

Utterly trash

4 Marth x Peach

Not to hate on people's ships (I used to ship this until a a couple years ago) but Marth is canonically married, thus making any ships with him impossible. While divorce is a thing, the problem is that Marth and his wife Caeda (his wife) have to stay together or Chrom and Lucina (his decendents) won't exist. This isn't a direct assult on this pairing, it just happens that this as well as Marth x Roy and Marth x Ike are the most notable. There are also lots of other pretty guys to ship peach with if that's what people want, let's not just ignore Marth's lore and backstory for a crack ship

Their are much better ships in Smash with Fire Emblem characters. Lucina and Dark Pit for example.

Marth doesn't deserve Peach

Chrome, let alone Lucina, isn't descended from Peach

5 Ike x Peach

Not going to happen since they're from different franchises.

6 Roy x Peach

I hate it with a passion

Peach deserves no one

Ew Roy is mine

7 Cloud x Samus
8 Samus x Ridley

Lol this horrid

This ain’t it chief

9 Marth x Rosalina

Marth is married

10 Daisy x Ike
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11 Luigi x Peach

Luigi can stay single and awesome

Luigi doesn't need this bimbo

This ship is awesome.

12 Cloud x Peach

Cloud needs Tifa. not a loser kidnapped princess but a strong female fighter. Aerith also is a good match but not Peach. That is Mario's girlfriend.

Cloud and Aerith are better anyways

13 Ganondorf x Bowser
14 Rosalina x Peach

The loser and her clone being shipped lol

Rosalina doesn't deserve this bimbo slut

15 Cloud x Lyn

Horrible ship since both characters already have a love interest in their home series. Shipping Lyn with Sora is much worse, though. Let's pray that Sora will never be in Smash.

Crossover ships suck and this is easily one of the worst!

This ship is not acceptable.

Why is this even a thing?

16 Cloud x Rosalina

Nah. I prefer shipping Cloud with Tifa or Aerith.

They remind me of brother and sister not lovers

Cloud and Aerith are better

This isn't so bad. I wish there were fanart of this

17 Ness x Lucas

Why does this exist?

18 Marth x Ike

I’d this still a thing?

19 Luigi x Mario
20 Cloud x Tifa

He's shipped with her because she has boobs

This ship should die

This ship sucks

I need bleach

21 Rosalina x Miles "Tails" Prower

Who ships them? I don't. Crossover ships suck and I prefer same-series ships. Tails is too young for romance thus he is better off as his usual role of Sonic's sidekick. Dunno about Rosalina, I guess we can find a Mario series male for her.

I say this should be number one

Why does this exist

Tails isn’t even in smash bros... enough said

22 Inkling x Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr is the type of person who would KIDNAP Inkling

23 Fox x Peach

Fox doesn't need this bimbo

24 Tails x Cream

Worst same-series Sonic ship next to Knuckles x Rouge.

25 Pit x Peach
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