Worst Smash Bros. Ship Pairings


The Top Ten

1 Link x Peach

This ship is trash and should die

Utterly trash - hunnyqueen09

Ew no

2 Mario x Rosalina
3 Peach X Ike

Soren belongs to him

Mia belongs to him

Peach a hoe.


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4 Marth x Peach

Marth doesn't deserve Peach

Marth is mine anyway

This ship is trash

Higher please

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5 Roy x Peach

I hate it with a passion

Peach deserves no one

Ew Roy is mine

6 Ike x Peach
7 Marth x Rosalina
8 Cloud x Samus
9 Samus x Ridley
10 Ganondorf x Bowser

The Newcomers

? Rosalina x Tails
? Rosalina x Miles "Tails" Prower

Who ships them? I don't. Crossover ships suck and I prefer same-series ships. Tails is too young for romance thus he is better off as his usual role of Sonic's sidekick. Dunno about Rosalina, I guess we can find a Mario series male for her.

I say this should be number one - ParkerFang

The Contenders

11 Daisy x Ike

This ship is cute

12 Cloud x Peach

Cloud and Aerith are better anyways - ParkerFang


No just no - yunafreya648

13 Luigi x Peach

Luigi can stay single and awesome

Luigi doesn't need this bimbo

14 Rosalina x Peach

Wendy is a clone of Bowser

The loser and her clone being shipped lol

Rosalina doesn't deserve this bimbo slut

15 Cloud x Lyn

Crossover ships suck and this is easily one of the worst!

This ship is not acceptable.

Worse ship ever

Crossover ships are the best

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16 Cloud x Rosalina

Hey this ship is cute

Cloud and Aerith are better - ParkerFang

This isn't so bad. I wish there were fanart of this


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17 Cloud x Tifa

He's shipped with her because she has boobs

This ship should die

This ship sucks

I need bleach

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18 Fox McCloud x Cream

I know Cream isn't a playable character in the game but appears as one of the Sonic-related trophies, so she counts. Had to put this on the list because the idea of shipping Fox with Cream is among one of the worst crossover shipping ideas on the planet.

I know I didn't need to put two entries but it still needed to be said. As a Fox fan who prefers him with Krystal or Fara Phoenix, shipping him with Cream is a bad idea. Heck, I don't care if Fox is shipped with Miyu (from Star Fox 2), as long as he's not with Cream.

19 Fox x Cream
20 Samus x Peach

Samus doesn't need this bimbo

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