Worst SMG4 Characters

While I like SMG4, some characters are really bad. Here is my list!

The Top Ten

1 Shroomy

This character has no development, is very annoying, and only appears for filler. He isn't even funny. - Drawbox

Not as bad as Meggy. He has some funny moments while meggy has like 2 or 1

Oh golly fellas why am I on this list (imitation)

Kill him off.

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2 Fishy Boopkins Fishy Boopkins

I hate Boopkins. He used to be really funny in the old episodes, but now he is useless. He has no character development, and is replacing the status of old characters like Yoshi, Steve, Teletubbies, and even SMG4 himself. In fact, he even has a WHOLE episode about him and while it was pretty funny, it was predictable. And why bother giving him a SM64 model? He looks better with Gmod because he unlike the others, he talks, while the others use subtitles. Boopkins is getting annoying. - Drawbox


huh. - Not_A_Weeaboo

3 Toad

Toad was good in the old days, but now he is just a selfish dick. But at least he doesn't feel like filler. - Drawbox

Tell him to get mario 10 tons of spaghetti or he's a dead Shrooman. - Mattblue66

DO YoU WaNt mE To mAkE YoUr mAcArOnI

4 Peach

I think Peach is overhated in the real game(but Mario Odyssey made me lose a lot of respect for her) but in SMG4, she is just unlikable. Mario has to waste all of his time to save Peach(even when it's the last thing he wants to do) but Peach is always treating him like crap, and gets mad whenever he doesn't do what she wants. I hope Bowser and Mario just lock Peach up in a tower since she's a pest. - Drawbox

5 Sakio

I really hope this character isn't a regular. The last thing we need is another useless character like the rest of the club. SMG4 is not meant to be romantic, it's meant to be funny. - Drawbox

6 Bob

Bob is funny. I just think he can be annoying at times, and isn't what he used to be. In the old videos he was a guy begging to be in SMG4's video's. Now he acts like a know it all and while still makes me laugh, I wish he'd be back to normal. - Drawbox

7 Meggy

She is not useful and funny at all! She is a show off and what is worse is that she is smarter than the other SMG4 character.

Why do we need her? She's making the agents seem useless, also there is no difference with a regular inkling.

Just a overrated character

She is actually a good character. She is a total badass. She also helped to promote the splatoon series on his channel. - Mattblue66

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8 Old Man

he sucks

9 Mario

Mario is a funny character, it's just sometimes he can be a really annoying butthole. He doesn't get punished for his actions which can be annoying. But that doesn't mean he's a BAD character. I just mean he is bad in terms of evilness. - Drawbox

The main character…

10 Tari

She's not a new version of meggy, in fact, she is quite the opposite attitude, likes video games (Meggy isn't interested) & definitely likes anime at "The Mario Convention"

Tari is just a worse mary sue than meggy. Seriously? I thought meggy was kinda. Meh Nice sometimes.

What made Meggy unique was that she was ungoofy and Tari ruins that. Also she seems to be the new overpowered character. At least Meggy got nerfed in the Waluigi arc. - USGC

I wouldn't call her a bad character, just wasted potential. She's just another character that's Gmod character that isn't developed. She's better than most of the others(looking at you Shroomy). I would like her more if she wasn't a Gmod character, and simply a Mario reskin, similar to SMG4 and Luigi. - Drawbox

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The Contenders

11 Koopalings

Even in SMG4, the Koopalings are as useless as ever. - Drawbox

12 Jeeves

So we got a lamer replacement for Toadsworth.

Yippee. - Drawbox

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