Worst Smilies On The TheTopTens Forum

Now, I like the Smilies on the Forum here, they're way better than regular emoticons, but some Smilies are completely pointless.

The Top Ten

1 Uber Geek

omg. your such an uber geek! see how much that failed?

I cannot find a single place where this could be used. - booklover1

2 Exclamation

It's just a glorified Exclamation point. - booklover1

3 Question

Same reason as Exclamation on why it's bad. - booklover1

4 Geek

It's just Neutral with glasses. - booklover1

5 Razz

Very Happy without the Teeth. - booklover1

6 Crying Or Very Sad

Just a small improvement over sad. If this was no longer available, not many people would care cause Sad is the same thing except it doesn't move. - booklover1

7 Idea

It's not that bad, but it's rarely used. - booklover1

8 Arrow

It's kinda cool, but, like Idea, you can't find very many places where you can use it. - booklover1

9 Cool

A better name for it would be "Sneaky". - booklover1

10 Rolling Eyes

I think it shouldn't move. If it didn't, it would be more like it's rolling it's eyes. - booklover1

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