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21 Miiverse

Haven't used Miiverse that much (plus, I had one bad experience there that convinced me that this site was not for me and I should never come here again), but after some stuff I did there when I was younger that I cringe at in the long run (I won't say what it is specifically) and hearing all of the flaws of the social network on this site, I honestly don't give a crap in the world about Nintendo finally shutting it down. Besides, I don't use social networks that much and I only use Twitter to a private extent right now. Otherwise, I'm not downloading anything I did on Miiverse into an archive. I'm just going to forget all about it and leave it in the past. All I need is my Nintendo 3DS and my good ol' Pokemon games. Not a crappy social network whose administration is honestly worse than the one here on TheTopTens and whose community is filled with immature pre-teens. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Accidentally voted for this one, meant to comment, but Miiverse is hilarious for the cringe. Who says you have to actively take part in the insanity? Just make an account, get some friends, and laugh.

I stopped using this site a while ago. The admins took down so many random posts that weren't bad at all. And with one update, you can't even post normal posts, it has to come from your "play journal" Dammit. - naFrovivuS

Miiverse? What Miiverse? Nintendo removed it so rip. - UnlawfulMatron

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22 Chatroulette

Where people can talk to strangers!

So many diiicksss - jamps

23 Vine

This site is literally useless. All you could do is post 6 second videos and apparently appeals to the juvenile Internet crowd. And even worse, the kids at my school won't shut up about the damn vines

So let's get this straight, all you do is on this website is watch a cluster of short awful 6 second videos most of which are pathetic atempts at comedy, and this garbage is popular, I'm sorry but there is nothing funny about people saying Dees nuts, what happened and a kid getting a math equation wrong is not funny, it's just sad that stuff like that is considered comedy on this website is really sad, warning to those who haven't seen vine before should also be cautious of twerk videos

6 seconds videos make for very limited content, and what's up with the Magcon obsession? They're just "attractive" teenage boys with no talent. - Elina

This is the dumbest site ever to exist. All you have to do is say "DEEZ NUTS" and you become a millionaire. To make matters worse, EVERYBODY IN MY SCHOOL REFUSES TO SHUT UP ABOUT THEM. - Garythesnail

24 Hi5

Dumb site thinking that we are dumb enough to pay who likes and wants to meet us

25 Sodahead
26 Kik

This is a horrible app. rated 17 and up. and yet my 13 year old cousin has it. kik is a website where you talk to random strangers. the strangers ask for stuff like nudes and cell phone numbers. little do some of kik victims know the oh so cute 17 year old boy is really a 60 year old man. don't START KIK

Just like Instagram, it's stupid.

Kik is horrible that 13 year old girl getting raped and murdered just proves that this is a bad app

27 Whisper

One word: Extremism - naFrovivuS

''my secret I spit in all the white people's food at the white castle I work at'' racists on this app.

Whisper is hell. Everyone that the general public hates is there; racists, extremist atheist, extremist religious people, extremist feminists, extremist... etc. This sight is hell, basically.

So this one time this guy was like "I'm gonna become a woman in a few days guys! " So I replied with "Go for it! Don't let asses bring you down just because they can't accept it. Be the thing you've wanted to be". So this ass responded to me like "Oh so they're a thing now are they? Ass"
Like WHAT THE HELL? It's CALLED BEING NICE YOU DUMBASS. No need to be such a dick!
And they all think JUST BECAUSE we can't see them and because it's a social media app, means that they can all bully and act like pricks? No way man. No moderators as well! You can swear and bully until you get to the damn featured page which is where the autistic whispers lie

28 gab.ai

By the way, please get this to #1. - PerfectImpulseX

Nothing but a cesspool of racists and Neo Nazis
I've heard almost nothing but bad things about this website. - PerfectImpulseX

29 Tagged

Poorly managed site. Site is infested with scammers, offer a pet game that has no rules and players are scammed and cheated... Tagged does nothing about it. Way too many fake profiles laugh out loud men pretending to be women. Pron pics, web cam girls, child exploitation... Poorly designed and the site crashes often... A scammers paradise

I do believe Tagged is owned by a street gang laugh out loud. Hey the site has free pron and you can make friends with scumbags looking to scam you. Hmm Tagged address is a Po Box?

I had a Tagged account, for many years True to fact there are many from over sea's liking to pretend and scam, Experienced it more than I like to say, For the years on Tagged, I've not met one individual Being of True... Your Absolutely correct it is full of wannabe Gang idiots / retards... I would sit all day on that site not receiving one reply, The post just Facebook user's makes me want to Barf, I have never in my living history acknowledged such Ignorance.

The members are mostly scammers, hookers, 3rd world countries also looking to scam. Along with low class thugs with no jobs or cars. However a great opportunity to make money by filing a lawsuit against tagged, it appears that tagged is scammers as well!

30 Tinder

This allows other people see your location. This will let your kids get raped and even killed

31 Habbo

They could have called it: site for anime hating drunkards and pedos!

32 MeetMe
33 YouTube YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

I really hate YouTube's community, once I realized somebody stole other's video and I tried to make it aware, but YouTube's community is way too full of ignorance as for take it serious...

Remove the ads off the YouTube. Use ad block on YouTube.

That means people who create content earn less. Sometimes to the point where they have to ditch their youtube career. That basically destroys youtube - Nayan2003

The Youtube hierarchy has become so corrupt you'd think it was modeled after the US government. - Mangocave

The community is not even better than Tumblr, Deviantart and such.. the site has a good side with the let's play of a few youtubers,
what I hate is the spoiled follower-type, sincerely, those who are exigeant about the content or presence of a youtuber,
i have already seen some "if you don't do more videos, I unsuscribe", sometimes with an insult.. not mentioning those who pass a said-youtuber for either their RP or "selling free-iphones", this is just sick..
i mean, a Youtuber is not a robot, the person can't be here 24hrs, not everyone are into popular games and should put them in their playlists by exigeance of their "fans".

i hope the community could understand and be more patient in the future.

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34 Flipagram
35 Pinterest

Definitely one of the most infuriating websites. You see a pic of something you like and it links to a Google search image. Or to someone else's Pintrest page. No way to purchase the items you see or look at their sources. It is literally a bunch of people creating image lists. No one cares what you like. - Anonperson

It's a little difficult to understand and get the hang of. It has a simplistic and organized kind of look to it, but it's kind of complicated at times.

Stupid and dumb confusing website. It shouldn't have existed in the first place. The website makes no sense at all and it's stupid.

Never really understood this website. I thought we have Imgur, and Flickr for this. - enderderp

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36 iFunny iFunny

I have the app, but I don't have an account. I rarely look in the comments, but all you see is people saying Kys or wow! Cringe!

It's like 4chan, except less porn and way more ignorant, arrogant, homophobic, and racist people

Just a bunch of unfunny idiots.

IunFunny is what this should be called - UnlawfulMatron

37 Popjam

Popjam! Please stop trying to make your community rip off the GoAnimate community! Do you remember how you once said that "being you is what makes you so special"? Now you're a corporate business with no heart and control your current users to be those hypocritical hypersensitive 7-year-old special snowflakes that you would have seen around GoAnimate, before Alvin Hung allegedly "ruined" everything. Also, opinions should be WELCOME on your site. You frame scribbles that your brainwashed community worships like the greatest God. They draw scribbles and are so hypersensitive about everything. You suspend great users for no reason. The tattletales, spoiled princesses and manchildren are the only ones left. People also hate on the best users for being brave. Please delete your network from all app stores or just set a rule against hypersensitive hypocritical tattletale spoiled manchild special snowflakes. Thank you in advance. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

This community is the worst. They disrespect opinions on art and make it look like the OPINION SHARERS are SATANIC. NOBODY S AN ANGEL.

I took one look at the Popjam runner ups. You're right. OPINIONS for the win GUYS! - thisisaveryrandomusername88

It looks like some sort of art website for kids. Never heard of it, but just judging from a quick google. - Lunala

38 Scratch
39 Verpri

Lots of cool features, I like it

40 Quotev

Admins took down my account for NO REASON (that happens to lots of people) but during my few months on the website I faced one problem: Edgy teens and the WEREWOLF MATING STORIES. 95% of the stories on Quotev go along the lines of "(Name) is a nerdy, shy omega. She goes the mating ceremony and hopes she isn't paired with Alpha (Name). The most feared alpha." Then in the book the Mary Sue protagonist goes to the mating ceremony then this happens: "Mate." He growled, huskily. GARBAGE! - Lunala

A crazy social website aimed at teenagers. Had experience there. Not too good. Especially for attention seekers.

I love this site for just reading stories.-Vestalis


that's all it really is. - UnlawfulMatron

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