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1 Amber (Sofia the First) Amber (Sofia the First)

I hate amber she is annoying the show was already bad and she ruined it even more

Judo8alex what's wrong with what age the owner is they can create what ever lists they want

I'm so sick of her

Attualy judo8alex I have 10 more you have 15 I have 25 - Belle9090

First of all, that comment as made before you had 25 followers and second, that's still not that big a difference, and third, I really don't care if you have more followers than me. - judo8alex

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2 Hildegard (Sofia the First) Hildegard (Sofia the First)

Should be one all she does is I can do that you can't blahblaH

She is dumb

3 Sofia (Sofia the First) Sofia (Sofia the First)

She thinks she's perfect

4 Clover (Sofia the First)

He is bad

5 Sofia the Worst (Sofia the First) Sofia the Worst (Sofia the First)

She's even better than Sofia the normal

Kid there is no Sofia the normal

6 Ruby (Sofia the First) Ruby (Sofia the First)
7 Jade (Sofia the First) Jade (Sofia the First)

She's worst than ruby

8 Crackle (Sofia the First)

Crackle is the worst she lies a lot
She thinks she. A good friend but no she just sucks as much as Nina needs to go to hell

9 Vivian (Sofia the First)

I hate her

She's ugly

10 James (Sofia the First)

Well whoever said but I like him is mental

But I like him

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11 Cinderella (Sofia the First)
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