Top Ten Worst Sonamy Fans

Ah yes. This list contains stupid sonamy fans & I bet meltingman234 is not happy about them. Oh yea & I don't hate Amy nor sonamy.

The Top Ten

1 TrueLoveHeart94

This guy should be kicked off the internet.

He Deserves to be number 1 on this list more then the other Sonamy Fanbrats and other people who had been unfairly place on this list for selfish reason.

Since some of them bullied others and lied about all their victims because their self centered nasty Sonamy fanbrat bias.

Trying to warm his way to Ian Flynn!

Will never stop over his sick Sonamy obsession proving to everyone how toxic he is and as for those who act like TrueLoveHeart or Yoshiwii1 or Marcel Buchaca or Camylesega or any other Sonic Fanbrat with a Japanese only obsession I hope you all end up on E.D. and get banned from all media sites for the rest of your lives all because you all want to see Sonic do Amy Rose.

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2 Nintrendodude

Strange? This guy should be number 1 in this fake ass list filled with many innocent people on here. Nintrendodude's one of the worst Sonic fans ever.

Horrible individual who constantly harasses people such as Ian Flynn and tries to make Ian Flynn look bad.

A nasty, harassing, jerk who should be avoided along with his toxic friends who also happen to be fellow jerks.

Likes pedophilia artwork avoid him!

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3 Camylesega

Consistently bullies others who disagree with them. Starts drama, then, when they screenshot responses, omit their own involvement in causing drama so they can play the victim. Started an anti "Save Archie Sonic" petition purely out of SPITE when they found out about the "Save Archie Sonic" petition.

Deliberately and unapologetically disparages the disabled, and tries to use their disabilities to discredit their arguments.

Regularly talks trash about people they think blocked them, and then clams up tighter than a vice when confronted on the matter.

Consistently plays the victim, and is surrounded by ignorant Internet White Knights who don't bother looking deeper into her degenerate social activities, and takes her strictly for her word without doing any research.

There's a reason she's on this list and at the top. Learn your lesson, yet, child? - THEShamefulNewb

This guy one of the most obnoxious people ever.
He constantly accuses other people of starting arguments and comment wars the he clearly starts himself.
He also is a compulsive liar, namely with his petty petition that says that the SATAM characters could replace the game characters, when that never really happened in the comics in the first place.
And of course he constantly deletes comments to make sure that people don't debunk his nonsensical claims and theories. The evidence against the stuff this guy claims is so easy to point out, that even a toddler can debunk his claims.

Keeps using Old Yuji Naka Garbage to make his claims but has forgotten that Yuji Naka left Sega and Sega had got rid of what Yuji Naka said so the claims are invalid and outdated.

Good that he's banned from DA he deserved to get kicked out for all the drama he'd caused.

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4 Yoshiwii1

This Guy told lies about Sally Acorn because Yoshiwii1 was a weeaboo and weeaboos lie because of their obsession with Japanese Culture and sexy Pink cartoon female hedgehogs.

This guy is the reason more Sonic Fanbrats come into existence!

5 truerealsegasonicfan

When someone confronts him he plays the victim and tells lies with his long ass comments and is probably lying to people with Sonamy Talking Points proving to everyone that he's not a real sega sonic fan but a true Sega Sonic Lair to like to keep his false beliefs canon and will encourage others to lie and try to force others to be like him funny that he was Yoshiwii1's number 1 guy and then became Camylesega number 1 when he could of taken over for Yoshiwii1 but sadly he's a coward to follows other hater just like the rest of Sonamy Fanbrats I've seen.

His Groups are nothing but a bunch of bias hater cults.

Is still asking for more bad karma.

Still a total bias jerk as always who deserves to get his face on E.D. since he'd use to work for Yoshiwii1 and now working for another Sonamy brat by the name of Camylesega who planning to declare war on Satam & Sonic Archie fans.

Still a bias jerk as always he deserves to get an E.D. Page since he was one of Yoshiwii1's followers and is now working with Camylesega to declare war on the Satam & Sonic Archie Fandom they both deserve to be banned.

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6 AmyRoseLoverrr

Still Harassing people over Sonamy.

The Internet needs to start cracking down on Sonic Fanbrats like her and banned them from other media to teach them a lesion.

Creating more lies about Sonic Archie and needs to be called out.

AmyRoseLoverrr Deserves to be banned from the internet!

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7 gameboytj

This list is horrible. It would be better if didn't put 6t76t in this list. It wood better if I put ver2k0 in number 10. Not mention if I wasn't sonally fanbrat.

8 garugirosonicshadow

She should in the Rabid Archie Sonic Haters Archives. Because nobody didn't rant about her.

Everyone loves her but me.

Don't be fooled artwork

I ment don't be fooled by her artwork.

9 1pink2red

You know what's funny? The users who put these people here are Sally fans.

Though I still regret making this stupid list.

She runs that crappy Sally haters club now

Well your a sonamy fanbrat, so you Deserved it

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10 shadamyfan4evers

A sonamy gmodder a Horrible one. Go check out a good one like nictrain123.

The Contenders

11 Marcel Buchaca

Acting like a Sonamy Canon Nazi which Sonamy is not Canon and as for Marcel Buchaca he'll be on Encyclopedia Dramatica really soon if he doesn't leave others alone and hope the Trolls will eat him alive like they did to Chris Chan.

Tries to paint himself as the Victim when he's the one bullying everyone on youtube so he is no victim he's is a Sonamy fanbrat/ Troll and a lair who deserves to be banned from youtube for cyber bullying and playing the victim.

He deserves to be Punished can someone put him on Encyclopedia dramatica page he has a facebook page with his picture on it which will make him an easy target for the Trolls.

Calls anyone who doesn't ship Sonamy or warships Amy a nazi when he's the nazi.

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12 Sonny Young

A SonAmy Nazi who can’t let people dislike what he likes

He always cries when someone points out Amy’s flaws and attacks Belenaproductions and Peter Knetter for petty reasons.

A Trueloveheart94 white knight who can’t take a joke or criticism

13 Hogues931

Call anyone who like the American version Retarded.

This Kid keep making Ian Flynn Look Bad.

A Real Sonamy Brat!

He is no better then Nintendodude and is only causing Drama on DA and lying to Micktrap397 and Meltingman234 and making them look bad note to those two kick Hogues931 out of your group or face being on the worst Sonic fans list yourselves next.

14 Step729

Attacked another user and didn't care who she hurt warning to all users block she is dangerous to other and can not be trusted she even trying to have people attack others for her since she is nothing more then a lying coward behind a computer that needs to banned from DA for life.

Block and Report her at all cost don't fall for her lies!

Is friends with Capcomfighter87 who one of her stupid white knights.

Falsey accues innocent people of being fanbrats, make death threats at people for not agreeing with her and is posting lies about her victims when they have done nothing wrong to her.

Can some please mass report her before she hurt someone or better yet call the police because cyberbullying and death threats and slandering are illegal.

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15 Capcomfighter87

Like adding people to the worst Top Ten List because he hates them.

Baselessly accuses people of crazy conspiracies, calls people out without getting any kind of confirmation from the source, goads people who don't want to argue into arguments and then gets an attitude when they tell this person that they don't want any part of their drama, and then drags people's names through the mud, likely hoping someone will white-knight for them and cause trouble for the people she hates that she name-drops. - THEShamefulNewb

Block & Report this guy and have him banned for harassing and flaming users for not agree mass report him.

Capcomfighter87 thinks he has to white knight Sonamy and make himself look like a fool for it.

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16 ProjectFire978

He lies to people who question him on his actions note to anyone who aware of his behavior report his hate and his comments and don't question just mass report until he is banned for using kill art and harassing people and could be making death threats if it means blocking and repoting him at all cost.

I hope he and his Sally hating friends will get their full amount of Karma in a Bad way since their to egotistical to leave others be.

Is friends with that death warshipper Step729 who wish death on Sally Acorn and wish on Sally and Sonally Fans and both should be kicked out and banned and both need to be on the worst Sonic Fans list along with other hater Capcomfighter87 who make the Street Fighter Series look bad.

This Guy was Stalking and Harassing a Girl online and is one of Camy LeSega's white Knights who is trying to cause her mental please contact the police on this guy.

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17 jetpackjack100

He made a crappy journal called JetpackJack100's thoughts on Sonally. He should read Sonic the Hedgehog is a death trap

18 paulandamy

He was the true example of a weeboo being too caught up in his Sonic X fantasy and ingoring realty which got him into trouble with the law and I hope he'll be label as a sex offender after he gets out of prison.

Https:// (hope you can click at the link) Yoshiwii1 is an angel compared to Paul. Well I don't gonna say so much about Yoshi perhaps he has changed and he's old news. but what Paul did is not forgiving - Getovait

19 Ver2k0

Still acting like a gate keeper.

Maybe Ver2k0 it's about time you start looking at your own fanbase and stop being a bias idiot once and awhile and start realizing how much damage that your own fanbase causing before they could end up destroying it and the whole Sonic Fandom.

Thinks all Satam Fans are alike and says nasty things about them.

This list would be good. If my past self wasn't a sonally fanbrat.

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20 flip-a-pancake06

She's a stupid idiot surrounded by kiss asses

She's the sonamy Nazi

There should be a encyclopedia dramatica article about her.

21 GothNebula

She ignores criticism

Thank god I'm glad There's a article in the encyclopedia dramatica

Maybe I should do a top ten worst sonally fans. because they are bad as the sonamy one's

The fanbrats loved her stories but meltingman234 probably doesn't like her stories he thinks there garbage.

22 6t76t

Well she made the Sally-haters-club so deserve to be in this list. & she lucky because she doesn't hate Sally any more.

She doesn't deserve to be in this list. Because she redeemed herself thanks to meltingman234.

What have I done, I shouldn't put her in this list. Both Ver2k0 & gameboytj deserved it instead of her

23 Pink-Blossom20

Nothing but a rotten lair who defending her bully boyfriend and deserve to be banned for doxing people with false evidence and keep changes here location to avoid getting caught by the police.

Lies about people being fanbrats and banned from all medias.

Don't fall for her lies she has caused drama in the Pokémon Fandom and the Sonic Fandom and labels people who doesn't agree with her and alienates them as a bully with no real evidence when she was the one bullying people and lying about them please block and report her at all cost if she's causing you trouble.

Lies about being a good fan and should be banned from DA and Twitter just to troll Nintendodude into making his crazy beliefs go farer and she hates Sally and the Freedom and is believe to be on Twitter plus she from France believe as Vipère émeraude and might of been Camy Le Sega and is only doing this for her own sick little game.

24 IvoryAlmonds

She's a bitchy sonamy nazi.

25 Marissathehedgehog51

Another Sonamy Troll.

26 Umbe Nicky
27 Frostlich The DK
28 Vipere_emeraude

Inserts themselves into conversations, causes drama, has to have friends enter cause they can't win at trolling and then tries to side post about people like no one can see their post.

29 Logan Johnson

Falsely accuses people of being fanbrats and is harassing others on youtube which is more like an illegal witch hunt.

30 rhodesianbadger

Sally fanbrat

What is he doing here? He’s a Old Archie Sonic continuity Purist

31 ShanahaT

Likes adding people on Top Ten Lists as a hobby

Friend of melissmallsourgeship

32 tanekxavier (TheTriForceKid)

"The-Hellmime" is his alt account

An Archie Sally fan who goes under the name THEShamefulNewb on the Top Ten Lists

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