Top Ten Worst Sonamy Fans

Ah yes. This list contains stupid sonamy fans & I bet meltingman234 is not happy about them. Oh yea & I don't hate Amy nor sonamy.

The Top Ten

1 Yoshiwii1

This guy is the reason more Sonic Fanbrats come into existence!

2 gameboytj

This list is horrible. It would be better if didn't put 6t76t in this list. It wood better if I put ver2k0 in number 10. Not mention if I wasn't sonally fanbrat.

3 garugirosonicshadow

She should in the Rabid Archie Sonic Haters Archives. Because nobody didn't rant about her.

Everyone loves her but me.

Don't be fooled artwork

I ment don't be fooled by her artwork.

4 1pink2red

You know what's funny? The users who put these people here are Sally fans.

She runs that crappy Sally haters club now

Though I still regret making this stupid list.

Well your a sonamy fanbrat, so you Deserved it

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5 shadamyfan4evers

A sonamy gmodder a Horrible one. Go check out a good one like nictrain123.

6 truerealsegasonicfan

He is not the true sonic fan mm234 said in his Mariotehplumber. A true sonic fan supports the old & the new sonic game's

7 jetpackjack100

He made a crappy journal called JetpackJack100's thoughts on Sonally. He should read Sonic the Hedgehog is a death trap

8 GothNebula

She ignores criticism

Thank god I'm glad There's a article in the encyclopedia dramatica

The fanbrats loved her stories but meltingman234 probably doesn't like her stories he thinks there garbage.

Maybe I should do a top ten worst sonally fans. because they are bad as the sonamy one's

9 6t76t

Well she made the Sally-haters-club so deserve to be in this list. & she lucky because she doesn't hate Sally any more.

She doesn't deserve to be in this list. Because she redeemed herself thanks to meltingman234.

What have I done, I shouldn't put her in this list. Both Ver2k0 & gameboytj deserved it instead of her

10 flip-a-pancake06

She's the sonamy Nazi

There should be a encyclopedia dramatica article about her.

The Contenders

11 paulandamy

Https:// (hope you can click at the link) Yoshiwii1 is an angel compared to Paul. Well I don't gonna say so much about Yoshi perhaps he has changed and he's old news. but what Paul did is not forgiving - Getovait

12 Ver2k0

This list would be good. If my past self wasn't a sonally fanbrat.

He reminds me of sonicteam765 but as a sonamy fanbrat. he deserve to be in this list instead of 6t76t.

13 Marcel Buchaca

Pretend to be a good Sonamy fan when he really isn't he is a Monster & a Troll and he harass SonicMiku and tries to get Sonic93 involved I hope Sonic93 blocks him because Marcel Buchaca is not a good Sonamy he is a fanbrat/Troll all he care about is attacking people who don't ship Sonamy and he is a lair.

He's a rabid Sonamy Fanbrat who hate Sally & Sonally and attack and Spams people on Youtube.

14 IvoryAlmonds

She's a bitchy sonamy nazi.

15 TrueLoveHeart94

This guys is far worse then Yoshiwii 1!

This guy is far worse then Yoshwii 1.

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