Top Ten Worst Sonamy Fans

Ah yes. This list contains stupid sonamy fans & I bet meltingman234 is not happy about them. Oh yea & I don't hate Amy nor sonamy.

The Top Ten

1 TrueLoveHeart94

He sent death threats, insulted people with a disease that could kill them, has targeted someone, spammed Nintendo to get Amy into Smash Bros and harassed Sega to get Amy into Mania Plus. This guy needs to be kicked out

He deserves to lose his Twitter and everything else on the internet

I Reported Him On Twitter

He also can’t stop whining about Classic Sonic

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2 Yoshiwii1

This guy is the reason more Sonic Fanbrats come into existence!

3 gameboytj

This list is horrible. It would be better if didn't put 6t76t in this list. It wood better if I put ver2k0 in number 10. Not mention if I wasn't sonally fanbrat.

4 garugirosonicshadow

She should in the Rabid Archie Sonic Haters Archives. Because nobody didn't rant about her.

Everyone loves her but me.

Don't be fooled artwork

I ment don't be fooled by her artwork.

5 1pink2red

You know what's funny? The users who put these people here are Sally fans.

She runs that crappy Sally haters club now

Though I still regret making this stupid list.

Well your a sonamy fanbrat, so you Deserved it

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6 AmyRoseLoverrr

Calls people who don't ship sonamy not real fans and acting like a spoiled Nazi Brat!

AmyRoseLoverrr supports TLH94's death threats which is against Twitter's Guide Lines and I hope they both get arrested for harassing Bill who was minding his own business.

I fought her on twitter and I think it is a troll

AmyRoseLoverrr Deserves to be banned from the internet!

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7 shadamyfan4evers

A sonamy gmodder a Horrible one. Go check out a good one like nictrain123.

8 truerealsegasonicfan

He is not the true sonic fan mm234 said in his Mariotehplumber. A true sonic fan supports the old & the new sonic game's

9 Marcel Buchaca

Acting like a Sonamy Canon Nazi which Sonamy is not Canon and as for Marcel Buchaca he'll be on Encyclopedia Dramatica really soon if he doesn't leave others alone and hope the Trolls will eat him alive like they did to Chris Chan.

Calls anyone who doesn't ship Sonamy or warships Amy a nazi when he's the nazi.

Tries to paint himself as the Victim when he's the one bullying everyone on youtube so he is no victim he's is a Sonamy fanbrat/ Troll and a lair who deserves to be banned from youtube for cyber bullying and playing the victim.

He deserves to be Punished can someone put him on Encyclopedia dramatica page he has a facebook page with his picture on it which will make him an easy target for the Trolls.

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10 jetpackjack100

He made a crappy journal called JetpackJack100's thoughts on Sonally. He should read Sonic the Hedgehog is a death trap

The Contenders

11 Sonny Young

A SonAmy Nazi who can’t let people dislike what he likes

A Trueloveheart94 white knight who can’t take a joke or criticism

He always cries when someone points out Amy’s flaws and attacks Belenaproductions and Peter Knetter for petty reasons.

12 GothNebula

She ignores criticism

Thank god I'm glad There's a article in the encyclopedia dramatica

Maybe I should do a top ten worst sonally fans. because they are bad as the sonamy one's

The fanbrats loved her stories but meltingman234 probably doesn't like her stories he thinks there garbage.

13 6t76t

Well she made the Sally-haters-club so deserve to be in this list. & she lucky because she doesn't hate Sally any more.

She doesn't deserve to be in this list. Because she redeemed herself thanks to meltingman234.

What have I done, I shouldn't put her in this list. Both Ver2k0 & gameboytj deserved it instead of her

14 paulandamy

Https:// (hope you can click at the link) Yoshiwii1 is an angel compared to Paul. Well I don't gonna say so much about Yoshi perhaps he has changed and he's old news. but what Paul did is not forgiving - Getovait

15 flip-a-pancake06

She's the sonamy Nazi

There should be a encyclopedia dramatica article about her.

16 Ver2k0

Thinks all Satam Fans are alike and says nasty things about them.

This list would be good. If my past self wasn't a sonally fanbrat.

He reminds me of sonicteam765 but as a sonamy fanbrat. he deserve to be in this list instead of 6t76t.

17 Camylesega

Another Sonamy Fanbrat who hates freedom of speech and runs a Sega of Japan only club proving that he's a racist against Sega of America fans an hates on people and posts art that isn't and belongs to Sega and attacks anyone who doesn't agree and is just as worse then truerealsegasonicfan who also another racist.

He post art from Sega that doesn't belong to him and is breaking DA's copyright rules and is harassing a DA and is trying to force people to like Sonamy.

He hates on Satam, Archie & Fleetway and act like he owns Sega & Sonic the Hedgehog and bashes people for having an opinion and won't let them have their fun.

18 IvoryAlmonds

She's a bitchy sonamy nazi.

19 Marissathehedgehog51

Another Sonamy Troll.

20 Umbe Nicky
21 Frostlich The DK
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