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21 "I'm the ****, I'm farting, I don't know how to potty" - A Boogie with the Hoodie feat. Kodak Black, Drowning

Seriously, what the hell have we come to?. I like a good poop joke in a song but this is just off as a lyric. - crowdiegal

Okay, so this is a fart joke, right? - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

22 "If You Were a Dude, I Think I'd Die." - Jake Paul, Jerika

So die, she doesn't have to be a dude.

23 "It don't matter what my name is; I don't got one. I'm not famous, no." - AJR, I'm Not Famous
24 "She's so proper, a head-knocker what it do, after school" - Jacob Sartious, Bingo

So Jacob I guess is telling this girl to give him a head

25 "If Ed Sheeran writes my song, I'll finally top the charts" - AJR, Three-Thirty
26 "I get up late, I stub my toe, I've got a few missed calls / I lost my job, I didn't know, and that's not good at all" - Bibi H., How It Is (Wap Bap)

Generally, the hate for this song goes way too far right now in Germany, if it wasn't the music debut of a succesful YouTuber, people would simply dislike it, not hate it. But still, it's not a good song (2 out of 5 stars on my scale) and this lyric in particular is just stupid. You would know if you lost your job. I mean, Bibi instantly became a famous YouTuber while still studying, and probably doesn't know much about jobs, then again, I'm studying too and didn't work and know that. Also Bibi didn't write the song, it was a non-famous personal friend of her. Also this stupid "and that's not good at all". I know it's only there to have a rhyme, but still, that sounds as if the writer thought her fans were too stupid to know that losing your job is a bad thing. - Martin_Canine

27 "They say I did something bad (bad), then why's it feel so good?" - Taylor Swift, I Did Something Bad

Imagine a criminal telling that to the police after committing a crime. - NiktheWiz

28 "Wondering if I just dodged a bullet or lost the love of my life." - Zayn and Taylor Swift, I Don't Wanna Live Forever

This is actually a great lyric from an otherwise watered down and drab song - Ub8

29 "Got me spread like a buffet, Bon appétit, baby, Appetite for seduction, Fresh out the oven, Melt in your mouth kind of lovin', Bon appétit, baby." - Katy Perry, Bon Appétit

Nice methaphors, freak.

30 "Hate your loser lyrics, middle fingers in the air" - MISSIO, Middle Fingers

What a tryhard. - PandaDude98

31 "Girl I Love It When Your Body (Grinds on Me)." - Liam Payne, Strip that Down

This should be higher! To think that seven year olds are singing this!

32 "Quavo you should take your mask off" - Jake Paul, Jerika

At least with "England is my city", that song almost made sense, if he had been from the Arkansas city instead of the European country. This made no sense from the very beginning. Mask Off is a song made by Future and I don't recall Quavo being involved in any part of the song. - SelfDestruct

Mask Off is by Future. Jake Paul shouldn't even be famous. - AlphaQ

33 "Got me spread like a buffet, Bon appétit, baby" - Katy Perry, Bon Appetit

Just stop! Who can not tell what this really means?

34 "It's everyday bro with the Disney Channel flow" - Jake Paul, It's Everyday Bro

Sorry Jake Paul a lot of people don't know your disney show so a lot of people can't see your disney flow - RoseCandyMusic

35 "Rich people learn their lesson to never donate without the press there" - AJR, Three-Thirty

I feel like I could just put any lyric off their dumb-as-mud album here, but this one stands out. Think about it this way: what has AJR ever donated to without huge buzz?

Thought not, you privileged manchildren scum. - PandaDude98

36 "My new b--ch yellow, she bl-w that d--k like a cello" ~ Lil Yachty on Peek A Boo
37 "A tiger don't lose no sleep, don't need opinions from a shellfish or a sheep." - Katy Perry, Swish Swish

Katy Perry Cliché Generating Machine 2008.
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38 "I'm F***ed Up; I'm Faded; I'm So Complicated." - The Chainsmokers, Bloodstream

This band... is famous for atrocius lyrics

39 "These n***** is p****** than what all them d**** is up." - Nicki Minaj, No Frauds

No need to curse very 3 seconds Nicki. - AlphaQ

40 "She wants to break up every night then tries to f*** me back to life." - The Chainsmokers, Break Up Every Night
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