Worst Songs of 2005 - 2011


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1 Baby - Justin Bieber

This song is pure awfulness. There is no song on this planet that is worse than this one. This shouldn't even be considered a song. That's like saying that rotting, disgusting food is still edible. Justin Bieber shouldn't even be considered an song artist, he should be considered a piece of garbage. If you want to hear REAL music than listen to Eminem.

Hate This So Much... Its like Listening a Baby Crying because Somebody Stole His Lolipop

2 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

What the hell... Baby at number 1... All you guys who voted for baby, are my backhole - aashishthapa

3 Pumpin' Up the Party - Hannah Montana

I remember when this song first came out, all of my friends were talking about it. They even tried to get me her CD. And worse... THEY BOTH TRIED TO DRAG ME ALONG WITH THEM TO GO ON HER BEST OF BOTH WORLD TOUR WITH THEM.

4 U Smile - Justin Bieber

When I first herd this guy I thought it was a little girl.

5 Best of Both Worlds - Hannah Montana

How is this under Lady GaGa. The only reason you should watch Hannah Montana is if you want to get something out of your throat.

6 Crank That - Soulja Boy

This song is just a plain embarrassment to the music industry. The lyrics are repeative over a crappy beat, soulja boy sounds like he got his lyrics out of a crying 3 year old.

7 Poker Face - Lady Gaga
8 One Time - Justin Bieber

Sounds like a crying 3 year old because his mom would not buy him a toy.

9 Diva - Beyonce

I have no idea what to think about Beyonce. Sometimes she releases pretty good songs like "Crazy in Love" or "Halo". But when she makes a bad song, they have the potential to be some of the worst songs ever recorded. Like this one. The most annoying beat in the world, Beyonce at her worst in terms of "singing", and the completely terrible lyrics put this song at the absolute bottom, along with Eminem's "Fack", Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe", and 2 Chainz's "Dope Peddler".

I only like Bangladesh beat in this song. Her singing sucks dog crap. - SelfDestruct

When I saw the video I though she was crazy psycho. Her convulsions were so ridiculously funny. I can't call it "dancing" - Magnolia

10 Umbrella - Rihanna

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11 Run the World (Girls) - Beyonce


12 I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry
13 Touch My Body - Mariah Carey
14 Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner

Everything in the world is cooler than Mike Posner.

15 Heartless - Kanye West

I can see him singing this song. This guy is heartless himself, he has no soul.

16 Grenade - Bruno Mars

Eh, what can I say? Lazy Song and Just The Way You Are were better.

By the way, Why aren't Soulja Boy and Hannah Montana higher? They make Bieber sound like John Lennon!

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17 SOS - Rihanna

I like this song, I don't think it should be here.

18 Ego - Beyonce
19 California King Bed - Rihanna

Who names a song " California King Bed".

This song is beautiful,why is it here?

20 My Humps - The Black Eyed Peas
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