WonkeyDude98's Formal Rage: Friday vs Baby

Mini-description: Two former teen stars. Two overhated memes. Two improved artists.


So, you've all been waiting for this day. Friday is probably the most hated song of all time, right next to Justin Bieber's Baby. Which is the other song on hand. I'm going to review the both of them, talk about them as much as I can, and then say which one is better.

Vocals: Honestly this is hard. Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber both have potential in their voices as shown by their later work but...this was terrible for both of them. Friday has got to be one of the most jarring songs ever created. She sounds like a parrot with a head cold. Baby, while less grating than Friday, was definitely more embarrassing. Bieber sounds like how Rebecca Black should've sounded. This should result in Friday winning out, I honestly think Ludacris helps give Baby some weight. Baby: .5; Friday: .5

Beat: Yet another hard task. Honestly, I prefer Baby's. It's catchier and more memorable despite that earsplitting synth melody on the hook. Friday's is plodding, slow, and uncatchy. Baby: 1.5; Friday: .5

Lyrics: This is probably the most difficult, but I do have a solid answer. Baby was absolutely tedious, saying, "baby" 54 times. Other than that....absolutely nothing can be said. It's just harmless bubblegum. Friday, on the other hand, was egregious throughout. The rhymes were literally nonexistent even though it looked like it was supposed to, the lyrics are exaggerated but without self-awareness that Elle King had in Ex's and Oh's, and the chorus...the chorus...why.... Baby: 2.5; Friday: .5

So yeah, very obviously I prefer Baby. I give it a half-star/5 and Friday a 0/5. I'm not really as angry at them as I am bewildered how they even happened. They are definitely overhated and damaging my interest in TTT. To make matters worse, no one accepts that both singers have improved since then. This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


Nah, Baby is more hated than Friday - Martinglez

"right next to Justin Bieber's Baby" - WonkeyDude98

Oh, whoops - Martinglez

I don't know why everyone hates Baby when Sweatshirt is more torture.

Butt at least these songs don't use autotune - AlphaQ