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61 The Story of Us - Taylor Swift

Another one of Taylor Swift's songs about breakups

Seriously? Such an amazing song.

62 1 1 - Beyonce

What a depressing song. It is quite literally one of worst Beyonce songs ever. Even the video is boring. 1 1 equals 2? Of course it does. Stupid...

63 Bass Down Low - Dev
64 I Love My Bitches - Rick Ross

I've never heard of it, but the title is enough to make it laughably bad.

65 Good Feeling - Flo Rida

It's like listening to pitbull without the "MR WORLDWIDE"

Good Feeling is good. It defines 2011. - madoog

66 She Makes Me Wanna - JLS
67 I Need a Doctor - Dr. Dre

What why is this song in worst songs list this one of the coolest songs ever
dr dre's rap was absolutely fantastic even eminem's



(shouting indistinctly)

CHORUS - SKYLAR GREY (in whiny voice):
I need a doctor, I need a doctor, to bring me back to life


(shouting indistinctly)

CHORUS - SKYLAR GREY (in whiny voice):
I need a doctor, I need a doctor, to bring me back to life


(repeats f bomb like crazy)

And those are the lyrics to this pathetic excuse for a song!

68 Mistletoe - Justin Bieber
69 Countdown - Beyonce

beyonce showed her worst songs in 2011. What a shame. The music video for this song is real plagiarism - Magnolia

In my honest opinion Beyonce should have stopped singing decades ago.

This song is very nice. - madoog

70 Best Love Song - T Pain

Honestley in my opinion, T- Pain can't sing for anything. All he does is uses auto - tune to make his voice sound all professional.

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71 Somebody that I Used to Know - Gotye

I hate this song. This song gave me anxieties. Don't ask. This song also played for the radio a lot. The video was more creepy. The beat was terrible. He looked like he was going to scream. The first part of his body is disgusting. And He and She at the middle of the video was naked. Just plain awful, weird, and should be banned. Way too inappropriate.

72 B**** Suck D*** - Tyler, the Creator

You know what? No.

I may have blasted Stimulated and Fly for being awful, awful that never deserved to be released to the mainstream, but there were some positives to those songs, like the Robert Miles sample and Hopsin's flow, respectively.

This? This is pure trash. It seems to me that Tyler knows Jasper can't rap, so that's why he gave him two verses and let him do the intro. Taco doesn't even have a presence on the mic (considering he's not even a rapper to begin with), and this is by far Tyler's worst performance barring Cherry Bomb.

But that beat? God damn, that might be the worst beat I've ever heard in my entire life. The production on Goblin was already a heap of bad FL Studio work, why make this sloppy, noisy beat that violently assaults my eardrums? And don't even get me started on the hook. It's not Fly levels of bad, but the pitch-shifting, along with the awful simile... - SwagFlicks

73 Bearfoot Blue Jean Night - Jake Owens
74 Without You - David Guetta
75 Marry You - Bruno Mars
76 Person of Interest - Rebecca Black
77 Lotus Flower Bomb - Wale Ft Miguel
78 Headlines - Drake

All he talks about is how much money he gets and that is not the worst part. The annoyingly repetitive chorus is the worst. Say They Know over 10000000 times and yep, this song is rubbish.

79 Pumping Blood - Lou Reed & Metallica
80 Paso (The Nini Anthem) - Sak Noel
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