Worst Songs of 2011

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81 Grove St. Party - Waka Flocka
82 Lotus Flower Bomb - Wale Ft Miguel
83 Whatcha Doin'? - Alyson Stoner

Oh No! Not this one! This is one of the worst songs I've ever listened to! Don't ever listen to it! PLEASE!

84 Born This Way - Lady Gaga
85 Headlines - Drake

All he talks about is how much money he gets and that is not the worst part. The annoyingly repetitive chorus is the worst. Say They Know over 10000000 times and yep, this song is rubbish.

86 Pumping Blood - Lou Reed & Metallica
87 Paso (The Nini Anthem) - Sak Noel
88 The Unofficial Smithers Love Song - Your Favorite Martian
89 With Ur Love - Cher Lloyd
90 Booty Wurk - T-Pain
91 Forget You - Ceelo Green
92 Shut Up and Love Me - The Dead Exs
93 Birthday Cake - Rihanna

The song sucks. Her voice is so repetitive and when I first listened to it I thought she sounded terrible. I hate how she keeps saying cake in the song over and over again so annoying. Chris Brown I won't even focus on though because I don't know who's parts sound worse, his or hers. - PerfectlyPink1210

This is what happened to Rihanna. - madoog

2012 Song - VideoGamefan5

94 The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga

It does not sound that good. - madoog

95 What the Hell - Avril Lavigne

I actually love this song. It is very catchy and I just love it. I think it is even better than Girlfriend but they are both so good it is hard to decide - PerfectlyPink1210

96 Barefoot Blue Jean Night - Jake Owens
97 Without You - David Guetta
98 Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

I actually don't mind this one. - Entranced98

99 Who Says - Selena Gomez & the Scene

Selena Gomez is my idol! The song has an amazing message and it doesn't deserve to be on this list at all! - PerfectlyPink1210

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