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61 Climax - Usher

All he was doing in this song was crying and whining

Uhh this song is just usher screeching in a high voice ad bad beat and really annoying

What a NOTHING song. Lazy vocals, lazy production, lazy writing. Cookie-cutter generic mess.

62 Kill the Dj - Green Day

A song that is catchy, but repeating the chorus and verse over and over and over. Plus, all you can hear are choppy guitar chords and hardly any bass.

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63 Survival - Muse
64 Finally Found You - Enrique Iglesias
65 Your Body - Christina Aguilera

Worst and idiotic song of 2012

Worst song by a good and amazing singer...

The best song and album

66 Live While We're Young - One Direction

Despite their glamorous appearances, One Direction has boring songs & boring themes of their songs.

67 Stay Schemin' - Rick Ross
68 I Told You So - Carrie Underwood
69 Problem (The Monster Remix) - Becky G V 1 Comment
70 Hit the Lights - Jay Sean V 1 Comment
71 Turn Up the Radio - Madonna
72 The Forgotten - Green Day

The fact that a Green Day song from the trilogy era made for the Twilight soundtrack isn't even their worst song is really sad. - ProPanda

73 Is David Bowie Dying? - The Flaming Lips

What I love this song

How ironic. - Hotheart123

I wish I was kidding.

Between this, Zaireeka, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, and his cover albums...man, Wayne Coyne must REALLY hate his fans and just, well, people altogether. - WonkeyDude98

74 Red Solo Cup - Toby Keith
75 F*** Time - Green Day
76 Twilight - Cover Drive
77 Home Run - Misha B
78 You Da One - Rihanna

So repetitive, annoying vocals (not to mention God awful as well), the beat is mostly a disgrace, and the repetition! Dear GOD, the repetition. This song actually made me want to decapitate my head off two seconds later; that' how awful it was.

79 Like a Princess - Double Take
80 Naked - DEV & Enrique Iglesias

Dev's voice was horrible. She can't even dancing she's even whiny... Enrique Iglesias has terrible voice and even worse than Usher...

Duh I feel naked

Worst song of 2012

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