WonkeyDude98 Analysis: #thatPOWER

GIven the song we are reviewing today, I think it's become apparent that my analysis series is not purely about songs I like; it's about songs that I would like to discuss, but can't evoke enough anger for. And this is because this is one of the few songs off of the abysmal #willpower that doesn't outright offend one.

So, will.i.am is a member of the biggest laughingstock of a band, the Black Eyed Peas. And there's....Justin Bieber, the Canadian teen who is the single biggest laughingstock in the industry.

So, right from the title we have serious issues. The title has a hashtag in the title which it never does anything with, so basically will.i.am is being a shameless attention seeker again, after the shameless advertising of the Scream and Shout video that completely lacked subtlety.

Then we start the song with Justin Bieber's hook. It's actually not bad. It's just completely clumsy and directionless. I guess you could say it's a start. Was it a mistake to call this bad? Unfortunately not. After Bieber's chrous, we hear a crashing drum which happens to be the weakest drop in history (ironic since it's called #thatPOWER). Then will.i.am starts this bland beat which cannot be at all distinct from his other beatwork (let alone enough to be called powerful, or at the very least commanding), literally a repetitive five-to-eight note buzzing synth against nothing but a clacking 808 drum and a weak four note bassline. Also repeating, "I got that power" ad nauseum doesn't mean you have that power.

The verses are not that much to talk about, since it's just autotune, haters, money, rhyming words with themselves, and words that don't rhyme. will.i.am doesn't even sound interested in his topics or try to be clever at any time. He could've just had the underweight beat without lyrics so it wouldn't embarass him and waste my time.

The worst part is that I've heard this song before. I've heard it in Boom Boom Pow. I've heard it in The Time (especially). I've heard it even in Scream and Shout. While at a song standpoint, #thatPOWER is better than the former two, it's unacceptable for will.i.am to be content to make the same awful song over and over and over and over and over and over and over....

This one is short, but that's all I can really say about this. It's a half star/5 and that's purely because of Bieber's chorus. will.i.am is a blatant money-grubber who is also a weak producer and a terrible rapper who relies purely on advertisements, gimmicks, earworms, and guest choruses to stay afloat.


Yeah, I hate this.
More than anything either artist has done. - ProPanda

Even afte I dropped my score to a 0/5, you still hate this more than My Humps, the Scream and Shout remix, and LOLLY?! - WonkeyDude98

OK, forgot about My Humps and Lolly. I prefer this to Scream and Shout (both versions) though - ProPanda

How did I only give this a half-star?

Okay the chorus is actually kind of okay. - WonkeyDude98