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21 Come and Get It - Selena Gomez

You can taste the autotune in this song

This song is revoltingly sexist; she's objectifying herself and being a doormat and a masochist. Every time I hear this I feel like vomiting.

If I were a poltergeist, I'd throw something at the Radio if it ever plays this song again.

I hate just about all of her songs

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22 When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars

I love this song it's not fair

I hate modern music... But this is a decent song.
At least the song is sang with emotion, unlike the electro-dance-pop-techno- Whatever you call it that plays on the big radio stations.

I do not like this song, but did this song have to be added to the list? Do people know what worst means? Just because you do not like a song, does not mean you have to add it to the list, as long as it does not sound terrible. When I Was Your Man does not sound terrible, but I do not like it. - madoog

FYI, this song was released in 2012 - thunderstar1124

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23 Let Her Go - Passenger Let Her Go - Passenger

The vocals sound like a little gremlin is singing for the first time in it's life...

Every time I hear this song I want to hurt someone... Mostly myself so I'll never have to hear this awful song. This guy learned to write lyrics from the "Dust in the Wind" and "Every Rose has its Thorn" school of rock. And oh, the lyrics... How deep they are, how insightful! And that odd, pretentious voice you use to sing the song which makes you sound like a old, wizened elf... Brilliant!

The vocals are just boring, and there's really nothing in it. And I mean NOTHING.

To respond to a comment below, it's not just his voice. (Which is awful) But the production, which is so minimalist that I can barely hear it, and the lyrics which are focused on pissing on you for letting a girl go.

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24 Beat It - Sean Kingston Beat It - Sean Kingston

This sounds like its trying to rip off the Michael Jackson song, but the original version is actually GOOD. - Gunner224

Lol, Sean Kingston is so corny with his auto tune ass!

I think I'm gonna make this my new Jason DeRĂ¼lo/Black Eyed Peas. I ain't gotta lie, no.

The only thing I'll give it was the behind the scenes video was absolutely priceless. - WonkeyDude98

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25 Scream & Shout (Remix) - Will.I. Am Scream & Shout (Remix) - Will.I. Am

Britney Spears needs to stop, her reign has been long over and no one cares about her anymore. Her attempt to dazzle us with her stupid british accent in this song was something you could laugh about forever.

The most dumbest songs in history

This is literally the most retarded song I've ever listened to. It makes no sense whatsoever, and it is SO overrated! It was on the radio 24/7 and I never actually got to hear the songs I actually liked, this is the same case with Royals. - NerdyPweeps

The original Version is better

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26 Suit & Tie - Justin Timberlake Suit & Tie - Justin Timberlake

It was one of the best songs of year come on

I don't consider myself a feminist in any way, but I actually found these lyrics kind of offensive. He keeps referring to "it", how he can't wait to touch it, how it's all his. Romantic. And the line, "So thick! Now I know why they call it a fatty! " Sure does make me swoon. I like the song if I just don't pay attention to the lyrics.

I really like this song I think it is upbeat and it is one of the best songs of the year.

WHAT? Why is this thing on here? Jay-Z is in this song, and has a great rap verse, and Justin Timberlake is one of the best guy singers of all time!

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27 Let It Go - Idina Menzel Let It Go - Idina Menzel

When I first went to see this movie with my family in November, I didn't even for once, sit there in my seat at the theater and think, "hmm, this song is inspiring, this song is catchy, this song is deep." I told myself, "Dear God in heaven, this sounds like it was written in a week by a middle schooler and never tweaked or revised over, like it was taken as it was! " if you could place this song into my hands, I would 'let it go' in a heartbeat, no thank you!

AWFUL song. Idina Menzel is a terrible singer, and Frozen must die IMMEDIATELY. Every time I see some Frozen related item in a store, I just feel so, SO sorry for my generation.

When I was in elementary school I liked anything Frozen. Things change. This song is SO OVERPLAYED AND SO OVERRATED.

I don't hate Idina, she's amazing as Elphaba ( in the Broadway version of Wicked), but dear Gods, this song makes me want to slit my wrists.

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28 Pour It Up - Rihanna Pour It Up - Rihanna


I love Rihanna, but this song is boring

Pour it up pour it up. Watch us all throw up. Hate this song so much.

This should be higher. One of her worst songs ever.

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29 I Am a God - Kanye West I Am a God - Kanye West

You are a complete failure, not a god. - Swellow

Lol, Kanye West is sooo big headed when I found out thids song exists, I laughed out loud, because it's sooo cringy - Iamcool

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30 Treasure - Bruno Mars Treasure - Bruno Mars

Seriously who the heck says thiss? It is one of his best songs and there's nothing offensive or language about it that makes it awful. How often do you find such a nice happy song these days?

I hate Bruno Mars. He can't sing, he clearly has no idea what a relationship is, and is the most pretentious thing ever. The proof: this song...

In my opinion, he is one of the greatest singers of this generation.

Why would this song be hated? Like, what's wrong with it? Is it the lyrics? Bruno's voice? What is it? Bruno's voice is good and there's nothing wrong with the lyrics so what's the problem here? - Mcgillacuddy

Treasure is good. There are too many good songs on this list. - madoog

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31 Alone - Falling In Reverse Alone - Falling In Reverse

He's egotistical as hell and annoying too. He thinks he's god, so basically he's Kanye West. Wait, no. That's an insult to Kanye. This dude rambles on and on about how he's so much better than you in the verses and then the chorus is a colossal mess about how he doesn't want to be alone. What? He's basically the white Future. That's right. I said it. Worst song of 2013 hands down, possibly worst of the decade.

To think this guy used to be in Escape the Fate, now he's stooped as low as to go the Auto-toned rap route. Utter shambles.

I probably would've voted one of the more overplayed songs that annoyed me, but... Oh god, that vocalist. That guy just completely sank this song to the absolute bottom of my list.

If there's one thing I can give this song, it's probably one of those songs that reach that level of being "that bad". - WonkeyDude98

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32 Bugatti - Ace Hood Bugatti - Ace Hood

#1 why is this dude screaming "I WOKE UP IN A NEW BUGATTI! " At the top of his lungs? #2 thanks for writing a song about fainting at the luxury car dealership, now find a home! #3 he sounds like shrek drowning #4 just another generic rap song

The rap part is basically just your average luxury brag rap. However, the chorus is one of the most grating choruses I've ever heard in my life. I have no idea who sings it, but they need to get fired ASAP. The way he just screams "I WOKE UP IN A NEW BUGATTI" is just painful on every level. - Zach808

Future is the one on the chorus. AKA the guy who made Honest and sang Turn On The Lights. - WonkeyDude98

Basically they took a pencil sharpener, distorted it a bit, added pitch correction, and called it a beat. - WonkeyDude98

33 Wake Me Up - Avicii Wake Me Up - Avicii

WHAT?! How could anyone hate this song?

THIS SONG IS LEGENDARY! Avicii is one hell of a DJ.

Who in the world put this song on the list... - spodermanfan1000

This song is unique and great --- the vocals, superb. - madoog

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34 Birthday - Selena Gomez Birthday - Selena Gomez
35 I Love It - Icona Pop I Love It - Icona Pop

Could have been written by a 5 year old, #1 in my book

"I crashed my car into the bridge. I don't care! "

Why thanks for reminding us about the endless pile of cash that you celebrities have to blow on cars and bridge damage.

Vapid, Boring, Insipid, Tedious, Unimaginative, Bland, Uninspiring, and Meaningless crap.

I Love It is really catchy and so cool. - madoog

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36 22 - Taylor Swift 22 - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's 22 at 22nd spot. Laugh out loud

I never liked Taylor Swift, her inability to write songs and sing isn't even worth arguing over because of how obvious it is. The only thing she knows to write about, for the past 4 albums, is boys. She also only knows how to curl her hair and wear red lipstick, like every single time you see her. So it's no surprise this song was an attempt to make her look like a care-free 'hipster'. She knows nothing of hipsterism, she's a mainstream artist.

Too much autotune.
She sounds like Katy Perry.
She became a singer by telling people that she is such a "country cutie" and this song is like the worst pop song ever. It doesn't make any sense, it just reminds us how old she is by telling that she is "feeling 22".

Taylor, just stop, you're not 22 anymore.

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37 Feel This Moment - Pitbull Feel This Moment - Pitbull

I'll admit, it's a dance song you can actually dance to, but the dance sequence is plagiarized from Aha's Take On Me. Also, Pitbull. Christina is also not really coherent in this song. I give this a 1/5.

What a shame that my friends are absolute retards. They were having a dance and they had suggestions like Hello and Hit the Quan. But they decided they were too good for a dance song you can dance to (this one). Why? Because they couldn't find a clean version with lyrics. Because you need lyrics to dance to it. - WonkeyDude98

My pick for worst song of 2013, generic dance crap, Christina Aguilera, who actually sounded good in Maroon 5's Moves like Jagger, is unbearable in this. Resulting in her just repeating the same lyrics over and over as loud as possible. Pitbull being his ever cliche self, and the cherry on top. The ruining of Aha's 80s classic Take on Me. that alone puts this as the worst.

Christina ruins herself by collaborating with Pitbull, who goes ahead to send the song flying to rock bottom. The dance sequence is taken from Take On Me (which had one of the best instrumentals I have ever heard), and the lyrics stink. - Swellow

This isn't too bad, I mean, sure, it steals Take On Me, but I thought that was a good song according to practically everyone. Though, Pitbull drags this down. 3/5.

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38 Give It 2 U - Robin Thicke Give It 2 U - Robin Thicke

This song is plain disgusting. I only like Kendrick Lamar's part.

This song plain sucks and is literally drowned in nothing but auto-tune. Robin Thicke in my opinion, tries WAY to hard!

For a rapper who puts out such amazing albums, Kendrick sure has some god-awful guest spots.

This electronic track is awesome. - madoog

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39 Gorilla - Bruno Mars Gorilla - Bruno Mars

Nothing like a love song that makes you envision apes having sex.

This song should be in the top ten. If Bruno Mars is going to "make love like gorillas," then someone is bound to get seriously hurt. Not only that, but the song just sounds more depressing than whatever he wanted it to be. Now I'm afraid to go to the gorilla exhibit at the zoo.

I really like Bruno, but I just can't get with this one. I'm no expert in gorilla fornication, but somehow, I just don't think that "making love" is the most fitting term. The thought of "You and me baby, making love like gorillas" just seems kind of scary.

His other Unorthodox Jukebox hits were fine, but this is plain vile, wrong and disgusting. I never liked gorillas, but do I need to imagine them when they really love each other?
No. - Swellow

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40 Say Something - A Great Big World Say Something - A Great Big World

I am apparently one of the few who hates this song, but here is my reasoning. It builds up to nothing. It tries so hard to be emotional but never does anything to provoke a response. It is just a simple piano number with whiny lyrics over it. "Say something, I'm giving up on you" mixed with semi-cryptic lyrics over a sad piano number is not emotional. It is boring and poorly written. In fact, without Christina's name attached to this track I doubt it would have made it onto the charts at all.

Like a great big world of embarrassment, this song is so stupid and sounds like a dying Bibarel while Christina sounds like a dying Diggersby. How come no one put this song in this list and people put great songs like Gas Pedal, Freaks, Berzerk, Rap God, etc. in this list instead? Because they never heard such great songs (not Say Something you idiots). I vomited while hearing this song 3 times and this song makes me wanna bang my head on the walls a billion times per microsecond causing me to die. One request, please vote this song as one of the worst songs ever. This song sucks like Royals, Team (Lorde), Roar, Dark Horse (Katy Perry), Counting Stars (Onerepublic), and Demons (Imagine Dragons). A Great Big World, Is There Anybody Out There? Yes there are, those you controlled (all 7 billion people excluding me). SO shut up and suck it up, RETIRE you IDIOTS!

This song made me cry when I first listened to it! From alec, 11 year old dj

Ughh so dumb. I hate this whenever its on the radio I wanna rip my ears off. too slow.

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