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41 ABCDEFG - Alison Gold V 1 Comment
42 I'm Different - 2 Chainz
43 Wake Me Up - Avicii

WHAT?! How could anyone hate this song?

THIS SONG IS LEGENDARY! Avicii is one hell of a DJ.

Who in the world put this song on the list... - spodermanfan1000

This song is unique and great --- the vocals, superb. - madoog

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44 Dark Horse - Katy Perry

Obviously one the worst songs of 2013. Someone help explain why it is even above disaster (<1/10). Katy Perry has the permanent effect of Brain Control, making everyone be her minions and forcing them to buy all her stupid songs especially this piece of junk. Juicy J screwed up his whole verse and the beat, or man, it is stupid. People really need some help getting their minds back and maybe they will realize how much of a pest Katy Perry is.

Has nothing to do with a dark horse at all. My guess is she wanted to take some old clever sounding phrase or whatever, and make it into a bad song in hopes people would think she has wisdom. Beat, stupid. Lyrics, like a 6th grade girl wrote them. The addition of 'Juicy J', doesn't make you look gangster. You're an awful, mind controlling, candy coated woman who knows nothing about real music and is sexualizing young girls because you're the only other pop star there is.

Why is this song overplayed? There's one lyric that has to do with jeffrey dahmer. That guy was a cannibal for crying out loud!

This Is From 2014 - VideoGamefan5

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45 Story of My Life - One Direction

There's many other bad songs that should be highter. This song is great and it should not be on the list

I love this song and I think that one direction is cool

It's not bad but its overplayed to the point of overpopulation.

The only GOOD song by One Direction

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46 Bugatti - Ace Hood

#1 why is this dude screaming "I WOKE UP IN A NEW BUGATTI! " At the top of his lungs? #2 thanks for writing a song about fainting at the luxury car dealership, now find a home! #3 he sounds like shrek drowning #4 just another generic rap song

The rap part is basically just your average luxury brag rap. However, the chorus is one of the most grating choruses I've ever heard in my life. I have no idea who sings it, but they need to get fired ASAP. The way he just screams "I WOKE UP IN A NEW BUGATTI" is just painful on every level. - Zach808

Future is the one on the chorus. AKA the guy who made Honest and sang Turn On The Lights. - WonkeyDude98

Basically they took a pencil sharpener, distorted it a bit, added pitch correction, and called it a beat. - WonkeyDude98

47 One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) - One Direction

Whoever let these mediocre children ruin a Blondie classic should be shot. Why? Why? What did the world do to deserve this monstrosity? When it comes to cover tunes, unless you can improve on it somehow or totally make it your own, don't bother. FAIL!

They did this video to support a children's foundation, how can you call that mediocre?! And I believe this is a GREAT way to get your kids to get into old songs, it worked on me. And they definitely made a great job. This song doesn't deserve to be here.

They did this cover for a kid's foundation while there's other stars that won't care about those kids. it should not be on the list because they did a really good job

First of all- I can't BELIEVE "Let it Go" is on this list!
And second- "One Way or Another" is so stupid! Please, burn my ears off!

48 Acapella - Karmin

In this song, there's a part where she says " watch me do it in falsetto" then makes the ear-piercing noises of a chicken getting screwed in the wrong hole

Terrible. At least they redeemed themselves with their No Flex Zone cover. - Swellow

"Watch me do it in falsetto"

No actual falsetto, just squawking. - WonkeyDude98

49 Mass Text - Tay Allyn

This must be #1. You know its bad when katy perry roar is apparently worse than this according to most people.

From now on my Favorite song is friday that's how bad this song is. - Aguythatpeopleignores

I know this song was a joke but still its terrible

50 Lolly - Maejor Ali
51 Right Here - Justin Bieber

I've never even heard this song, but I clearly don't need to in order to say it sucks, it's just common sense now. If it has the name 'Justin Bieber' attached to it in anyway, it flat out sucks regardless.

This is one of the cheapest sounding songs I've ever heard. It just feels so...fake. And by that, I mean the instrumentation and production. - WonkeyDude98

I hate Bieber period but this song made me wanna kill myself

I would love to write a 6 page essay on how he ruined the world of music, but I don't think this website would allow it.

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52 All that Matters - Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is so damn annoying with his little girl 5 year old voice. Ever time one of his songs come on, I rush to go and get some ear phones. I mean, who would not.

Sigh... Where to start...

Jb is stupid and dumb

GRR! This song belongs in the top 10s. Justin Bieber, GO TO HELL!

I especially hate the parody versions.

53 All Gold Everything - Trinidad James

This song counts because once 2013 started, that's when it gained success.

How is this not higher? This is an insult to hip-hop.

This song has so many stereotypes it's almost racist. - WonkeyDude98

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54 Work Bitch - Britney Spears

This is the worst song ever. The beat is unoriginal, and the lyrics are completely stupid. - yaygiants16

Just the title makes you want to protest against her.

Why make a dance song if your out of shape and can't dance...

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55 Crazy Kids - Ke$ha

The song was actually pretty good, but then will I am came in and messed it all up

Ke$ha was never really that good, but I don't recall her being THIS bad.

This song was made purely for the money. And what the hell was up with will.I. am in the music video? Does it take place in the future all of a sudden because he's a robot... screw it. I don't care.

Wooow, this is kriffing boring. I mean, you said your Warrior album was gonna be your most unique, and ooh boy it was because this is Kesha without all the loud, obnoxious fun. Instead we're left with the dry drab left behind. Also, really? Crazy Kids? What are you doing that's so crazy?

Also, will.i.am's existence. - WonkeyDude98

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56 Turn Down for What? - DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Why would you even need to rate this song? The first millisecond of it should make you say "God no" but of course, there are teenagers that want to look hood or gangster, so they all gobble it up when they're all playing the same game. But being on the outside of it all, it's funny to watch a bunch of stupid teens fight to be the coolest when not a single one of them will ever know real music.

Doesn't make any sense. All that they say is Turn Down For What? Don't even know what they're saying except for that. Not music. - funnyuser

Are we being asked to turn down the street? Turn the lights down? Or more importantly, turn this song down and off... That would make a lot more sense...

This is just a turn up song. It doesn't need to be meaningful to be good. If it has a strong beat, then it's fine with me, because I turn up to it. - Mcgillacuddy

At least this song has energy. While the drop is disappointing (mostly because of the amazing buildup), the energy is brought by Lil Jon. And MAN does his bring it.

2.5/5 - SwagFlicks

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57 Let It Go - Idina Menzel

When I first went to see this movie with my family in November, I didn't even for once, sit there in my seat at the theater and think, "hmm, this song is inspiring, this song is catchy, this song is deep." I told myself, "Dear God in heaven, this sounds like it was written in a week by a middle schooler and never tweaked or revised over, like it was taken as it was! " if you could place this song into my hands, I would 'let it go' in a heartbeat, no thank you!

One of the annoying songs ever. - gothictomboy66

At first you think its great, then after the 300th time you heard this song and other people singing. Yes, its annoying

AWFUL song. Idina Menzel is a terrible singer, and Frozen must die IMMEDIATELY. Every time I see some Frozen related item in a store, I just feel so, SO sorry for my generation.

There are reasons why Jambareeqi hates this song. You can't just hate a song for being overly popular, true. But its execution teaches children to run away from their mistakes instead of fix them. Not the worst song I've ever seen, but still...

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58 Adore You - Miley Cyrus
59 Stay - Rihanna

MUSIC. VIDEOS. HAVE. NOTHING. TO DO. WITH. THE SONG'S. QUALITY! This is a great song, just because it didn't have a great video doesn't mean that it's any WORSE! - WonkeyDude98

Slow and Sad :(

She did her music video in the bath. Rihanna, come on. In the bath? Out of all of the other ideas in mind she chose this one...

I hate the song to

I do not like Stay. - madoog

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60 Nothing Like Us - Justin Bieber

A white guy with an acoustic guitar song. Yippee.

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