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1 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj Anaconda - Nicki Minaj Cover Art

The power of a bad Nicki Minaj song is amazing. She's literally the only person I've seen who can make a song that gets more hate than one of Justin Bieber's biggest hits. And all that hate is deserved, since Nicki Minaj is the most annoying person to ever make music.

As for this song, I don't think it tops Stupid Hoe (I doubt anything will in the next several years), because at least the beat's better than the whooping of death (probably since it's ripped from a much better song). However, the lyrics are still terrible, and that 2nd half of the song is an entirely new level of annoying.

More garbage from this ho who calls herself a "rapper". This song is everything that's wrong with music right now: it steals all it's catchiness from a sample of an older song, it's about sex, and the performer sounds like a psychopath. The middle section where she talks sounds like she's lost her mind (listen to that laugh! ). No one cares how many guys you've banged, Nicki. You're 98% plastic from all that surgery and you'll have to be recycled when you die instead of being buried. Just go to Mars and take this crappy " music" and your "rapping" with you.

This song is garbage and is sung by a moron who got plastic put in her ass, okay?! Plus all it talks about is butts and sex-this song should not be on the radio at all! I'm not joking! Everyone is singing this song and it's so inappropriate! Plus nicki ninja is a complete skank and spend all her money on fake teeth, Botox injections, boob implants, and a bunch of other stuff I'm not going to mention! Peace!

This sing is trash but isn't the worst of the year. On The Floor is.

Why does this crap get made? No seriously. Why does this crap get made?
Rap should be about being real and not trying to get into gangs. Not THIS.
This chick sucks. Don't ever buy her albums. For real. I hope this chick never comes back, I hope she never tries to make a comeback, just stay irrelevant. Before you got famous, and after you've lost your popularity because nobody's buying this chick's albums. Everyone says this chick sucks. She has to be one of the worst rappers EVER. Really.

2 All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

Many problems with this song:
1. It was sung by Meghan Trainor
2. She thinks fat people are better than skinny people, yet she's telling them that they're beautiful
3. She calls skinny people skinny b words
4. Entirely way too much twerking in this music video
But the background music is pretty okay and catchy so maybe a 1/10

Meghan tells everyone that they're perfect, while wearing tonnes of make up #strike1

Meghan disses skinny people, then steals a line from Eminem - Kill You, then continues dissing skinny people. Pick someone your own size! #strike2

Meghan pretends to be a big girl symbol, when she is nowhere as big as Adele (whose attitude is just like Meghan's) #strike3

Meghan tells girls to be whatever size they want, but her Prince Charming is an 'ideal' muscle guy. #strike4

The message of the song is about being obsessed with what people think of your appearance, when what you think of yourself is what really counts #strike5

The song is overrated because all the landwhales of Tumblr are buying it #strike6

Overall, it sounds annoying #strike7,8,9,10

What you just said proves that Meghan is nothing but a hypocrite.

God, do hate this song. I'm sure Meaghan Trainor is a nice woman so I have nothing against her personally and to be fair she's got a good voice, but that's it. The message of the song is to accept being fat. Okay, fine, but can you at least make sense while trying to bring across this message? 'I'm All about that Bass, no Treble', what does that even mean?! Not to mention the beat is awful, the video looks like a Disney princess pooped on it and Meaghan Trainor obviously has no real talent. If we are gonna have a song about fat acceptance, can it at least be sung by a fat person with talent, like Mary Lambert? Gah, I really hate this song!

All About That Bass was freshly annoying. It sounds like an old song. The repetitive vocals "'cause you know I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble" sound random. I guess they could not think of any other lyrics than those. I think some people misinterpreted this song. Meghan is not dissing skinny people; she is speaking for big girls. The song has a message about accepting your size. That is all. Anyway, I do not like this song because of how it sounds.

3 Booty - JLo and Iggy Azalea Booty - JLo and Iggy Azalea Cover Art

Fun fact: it took 11 different people to write this song. And together they came up with "big big booty". ? Ah my god, if I ever hear this annoying repetitive song, I am definitely going to break my radio and jump out of a window.

It just goes to show what talentless people do to maintain relevance. The music video is beyond desperate as well.

Ouch! Lopez used to make good music, but this is worst then Anaconda, and that is saying something.

What Jlo?! I had no problem with your music but I didn't mind hearing it sometimes but really? The only lines in this song are " Big big booty what you got a big booty? " Yeah it repeats over and over until it becomes just a noise. Besides, why did you bring in Iggy Azalea? But please Jlo, come back to making good music so people who love pop won't be brainwashed by horrible artists.

It is not that people are brainwashed. They genuinely like the song. - madoog

4 Fancy - Iggy Azalea Fancy - Iggy Azalea Cover Art

It's basically Icona Pop's "I love it" from 2013, but now with wannabe rich divas! (Wait, both of them had wannabe rich divas). It's just so annoying and it makes my brain explode when I hear it. I'd rather listen to One Direction than this piece of garbage. - ethanmeinster

This is a song that 2 terrible "singers" say that they are cool and fancy. When I listen to music like this I wanna leave this planet

It saddens me to say that I actually think Anaconda is better. Honestly, the song itself isn't good and the singer- oh sorry I mean "rapper" does as bad as you'd imagine. Even worse, this may sound offensive, but she got so many of those snooty girls to believe they could rap and fall flat on their face trying to

Fancy is terrible! The beat is annoying, and Azalea's voice is annoying. XCX's voice is fine, but those lyrics "I'm in the fast lane --- from LA to Tokyo." You cannot drive from LA to Tokyo. Geographically, that is impossible. The male "ay ay ay" that was boosted makes Fancy worse. This song is most definitely a 0/5. Fancy is hard to listen to. This song deserves to be in the top ten of this list. - madoog

5 Rude - Magic!

How can a song be so badly composed, mismatched, and lame, and somehow reach number 1? A white Canadian electric reggae band singing a song about a man trying to get permission from his girl's father to propose her. When he gets refused, he calls her father... well, rude. Despite the man dissing the father and claiming he'll marry his daughter anyway, he's still trying to get his permission! How can much a stupid premise for a song be conceived?! It make Lady Gaga's Telephone look like Bohemian Rhapsody. Scratch that, Lady Gaga can come up with something way better than Rude.

Lady Gaga is pretty amazing at singing. Although Telephone is no Bohemian Rhapsody, it's a pretty good song.

It's an alright song but Magic! is the one being rude.

He asks a girl to marry him but when she says no he keeps coming back and asking her, dude I know how you feel when I ask I ask at least 5 times, you on the other hand ask 500 times. Dude you have to move on. #strike1

He asks the chick in a rude way. That's no way to treat a lady. #strike2

While I was listening to the best song of 2014 (Trap Queen - Fetty Wap) you interrupted me. #strike3. But my sister and my younger brother changed it so #strike2.5.

Bruh this pulled the rating down from a 3/5 to a 2/5.

Rude is pretty good. The little story is alright. He feels like the father of the girl that he wants to marry is being rude for refusal of letting him marry her. The "why you gotta be so rude" vocals clicked in my head. This is among the few good songs of 2014, aside from the bad songs. This song is a bit catchy.

This song sucks because the guy who sings it won't stop begging the father for his daughter. He kinda seems like a creep. He continues two more times. It seems like the singer isn't obeying the guys rule and keeps on annoying the crap out of the dad.

6 Problem - Ariana Grande

I got on less problem without you, (hum, okay, I don't care) I got one less problem without you (You said it twice) I got one less problem without you (can you stop now? ) I got one less problem (SHUT UP! )

I thought "The Way"by Ariana was bad enought, but this is worse

Honestly, I'm so tired of hearing this song now, it has been officially removed from my favorite Ariana Grande songs which are Right There and Put Your Hearts Up.

One of the worst songs ever

I like the singing and the beat but absolutely hate the chorus of Big Sean and the message in the song - sryanbruen

Wait, why is this song on a worst song list? Admittedly, I wouldn't put on a best list or anything, but the song isn't that bad. It even has a verse by Iggy Azalea that's actually pretty good, which is impressive because Iggy Azalea sounds like a dolphin ate Gwen Stefani. Seriously, this may not be God's gift to music, but it should not be on this list.

7 No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd

Sick of the charts being clogged like this steaming pile of trash sung by two talentless hacks who have no business being music. You make a song about not flexing, and you flex nonstop in the video? That's like the Price Tag video being full of money and sports cars! Their voices make them sound like 13 years olds who are in the middle of puberty. I miss the good rappers like Biggie and 2Pac. They're turning over in their graves as I type this! Get these losers and their entire discography run over by a steamroller ASAP.

Mike Will Made It well-produced this track --- those progressive bells. This is Rae Sremmurd's first song, and I like it. The duo/twins sound like teenagers, but that is not a bad thing. Their voice is bearable. They are the best new artists of 2014, in my opinion. No Flex Zone is good. I give it a 4/5. 2014, the fifth year of the 2010s decade, was a pretty bad year for music, but this song is among the few good songs of 2014, aside from the bad ones.

This Song NEEDS TO DIE! I hate the music, I hate the Voice, I hate the singing, I hate EVERYTHING! It should be number 1 on the Top 10 Worst Song Ever Release. Screw This Song, Screw It, I hate this song.

More from rappers that will be possibly homeless within the next two years. Also hypocritical, as they tell people not to show off or 'flex' when they do so themselves.

8 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

You guys seriously do not know how much this song pisses me off. It plays literally every year, every darn year, and it's always about the same things now that she quit making country music, "Oh my gosh, I dumped my boyfriend and my ex-man got his new girlfriend" UGH, honestly, the hatred I have towards Taylor Swift now on a scale of 1-10 is seriously...100! I hate Taylor Swift so much now! It was up till 2012 she was okay with music and then after she started making cheesy pop and rap about breakups and getting new boyfriends, it's seriously irritating me now. Every time I go to school, I hear girls singing this so many times, like, ugh! It's giving me a massive headache!

The lyrics have been written by a 5 year old. "Bakers gonna bake". Thank you so much Taylor for making it clear what a baker does. I thought they flew planes.

It IS "bakers". Apparently as a rhyming comparison. Now get your head out of you know what and listen to actual music

This song sucks so much. I just wish she would go away. This song really is so awful. It's really the most dreadful thing I've ever heard. I hate it so much.

My friend Emmanuel would kill you if I told him this. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

9 Only - Nicki Minaj Only - Nicki Minaj Cover Art

Everything about the song is trash, so let's begin.
The beat... It's clearly unsettling, and makes the beat of I Fink U Freeky sound as if it was for a Queen song.
Nicki Minaj is plain boring in the song, with Lil Wanye being unsettling, Drake sounding like a high pervert, and Chris Brown... boring, like he usually is.
Don't get me started on the video; The director actually even stated it was fine for him to put in Nazi imagery, which could potentially offend viewers. It's not Nicki showing her derriere that's the problem, it's the sickly amount of Nazi imagery in the video alongside the fact the director didn't care after people told him about it.

The lyrics are very sexual in this song and in the lyric video, it's filled with Nazi imagery. Nazi IMAGERY WITH NICKI SHOWING OFF HER SILICONE ASS! Whoever thought that was ok was either high or mentally ill because that was a horrible time and putting pictures of her cheap fake ass isn't helping either

The video is a prediction of the future if music like this continues to pollute the charts. The imagery represents everything wrong with the music industry.

This is one of the worst songs of all time, but "These hoes couldn't test me even if their name was 'Pop Quiz'" is one of the best insults I've heard in a while.

10 #selfie - Chainsmokers #selfie - Chainsmokers Cover Art

This song isn't real music. It's basically an annoying voice complaining about selfies and this guy named Jason over a beat, which I'm pretty sure was stolen from "Gentleman" by PSY (you know, the Gangnam Style guy). This shows that the quality of music is going downhill. In 20 years, the teenagers of today will turn on the radio, only to hear white noise. They will say to their spouses, "Hey, remember Nicki Minaj/Justin Bieber/Shawn Mendes? That was some good music."

This should not even be considered a song, its just a stuck up girl who whines and complains about this guy dancing with a girl and takes a selfie of herself to be a show off with some background music. The girl is not even singing she is talking, even hot problems is better, at least the girls tried to sing, the girl from this so called song just talked about stuff nobody cares.

Why is this song on this list? ITS NOT A REAL SONG. It's supposed to be making fun of vapid, self-centered girls who go to clubs 5 nights a week, drink a lot, get ticked off over other girls in the club, and take a lot of photos of themselves. It's not an actual song, not even close to a song! It's a joke, get over it

The girl isn't the lead singer of the chainsmokers, she's a hired voice actress and nothing else, plus this song was never played on the radio, NOT EVEN AT A CLUB WHERE THIS STUFFS PLAYED. It's another viral song made to make fun of dumb vapid chicks

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11 Loyal - Chris Brown Loyal - Chris Brown Cover Art

Now, the Rihanna incident has faded with time, but it's still very bad that someone who does what Chris brown does can release a song called "these hoes ain't loyal", but it's not about how hoes aren't loyal to them, it's how hoes aren't loyal to you. Jeez, someone tell me why we need this guy around?! Is he talented? NO. Is he special? NO. And does he have any charisma? NO! GO AWAY CHRIS BROWN AND NEVER COME BACK AGAIN

Why do you have to bring up the incident? Why do people continue to bring that up like it's supposed to matter? Um. He is talented. He can sing well and colorfully and is charismatic. Chris Brown is who the music industry needs. Music is Chris Brown's passion and career. You are saying he is untalented because you do not like him. - madoog

I know the Rihanna incident happened over 5 years ago, but to me, Chris Brown is just as hateable now as he was then. Almost every song he releases now just demonstrates what a huge tool he is. For example, this song is him bragging that he can pay YOUR girlfriend to cheat on you because women are shallow. Just go away, Chris.

He should have stopped making music after what he did to Rihanna - ElSherlock

This should be a lot higher in my opinion. I swear, every single year, Chris brown has to be a mass hypocrite and gets more infuriating every single time.
Also there are no buildup, no energy and no personality to the beat whatsoever. Also what's really bad about this song is that for example, in this song, Chris brown is basically bragging that he can pay your own girlfriend to cheat on you, because women are apparently shallow. Just screw off Chris brown, tyga and ill Wayne. Nobody likes you!

12 Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Cover Art

This song is so sexual and intolerable. Little kids listen to this song. And by little kids, I mean four to eleven year olds! Can you imagine them going around singing this song without even knowing what it means? I would be terrified as a parent! Too much pop music today is way too sexualized, it makes me ashamed that most of my peers listen to this "music" blindly. A little over decade ago, music like this would have never been excepted. Where did we go wrong in humanity?

I do like the song, even if Ariana and Nicki are here (they both suck). What I don't like is that it's played on the radio. This song is sexual, and little kids can heart it and sing it. Just imagine a 10 years old singing about sex

This song is so sexual and intolerable. Also Ariana grade, nicki minaj and Jessie J sound really annoying in my opinion and their voices bleed my ears as well. Just imagine a 10 year old singing about sex, that would be horrendous

Hate Ariana Grande. Her voice is really irritating and Jessie J's voice is so high pitched that any deaf person can hear it and Nicki Minaj is the worst rapper ever. God I hate hip hop.

You shouldn't HATE someone for how they sound, and Jessie J is not high pitched, it's called soprano. And Nicki is a better rapper than you'll ever be. (Trust me, I don't like a lot of her music either, but some is okay. I like Eminem better. )

13 Hangover - Psy Hangover - Psy  Cover Art

Psy just really needs to stop. He gained popularity with "Gangnam Style," but obviously he's not done yet. Even though we are. Sorry, Psy. You've enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame. Now please stop making music in the US.

Stupid, repetitive, disgusting (cue the animated vomit), shallow, this song is about nothing! "Oh yeah, we get drunk everyday and become hungover, time and time again". How's that funny? How's it creative, or new, or original? Why does it exist? Why?

SINCE WHEN WAS IT NECESSARY TO COME UP WITH AN ORIGINAL TOPIC? If you're going to criticize a song for not having an original topic, than every song sucks - somerandomkid

Gangnam style and gentleman were not bad but this is just horrible also what snoop dogg

Okay... I am going to be the first to admit this... The music video is disgusting, and I know that. But if any of you saw the video for Last Friday Night ( TGIF), skip to 4:21 in the video and you will see something more disgusting. If you are not in the mood to look at Katy Perry's boobs today, I can tell you what happens ( spoiler alert). Okay, so for those of you who've never seen the video, there's basically like this nerdy teenager at a party. I don't want to spoil it but at that point she barfs after drinking which is literally more disgusting than seeing animated barf. And the person who did the Hangover video should get fired.

14 Lookin' Ass - Young Money Lookin' Ass - Young Money Cover Art

People, you have to vote for this or at least put it high in a remix of this list, simply to state that it's a pile of blood and pus filled crap. How can it even be called a song when, if you don't already have a bleeding hole in your head, you want to make one as soon as you hit play? One of the very worst songs of this year, without a shadow of a doubt. - PositronWildhawk

One of the most popular songs among convicted murderers.

The song's title makes it sound like it just loads of cursing. No thanks. - SubliminalMessages

Never heard of this song, thanking God I haven't - RickyReeves

15 Wiggle - Jason Derulo Wiggle - Jason Derulo Cover Art

This was so overplayed in 2014, I actually like Jason Derulos earlier music but this is just really really terrible music, the song sounds like a parody then you actually find out it's an actual real song. What the hell was Snoop Dogg thinking when he agreed to be on this song, that’s if you can even call it a song.

Only 27? Really? This is easily the worst song of the year. Even worse than Anaconda. And you know what? I don't mind Anaconda. It's not that bad. I'll take it over most of the bad music that came out this year. Because at least Nicki actually knows what she's talking about and she can actually rap. Jason doesn't know what he's talking about and he can't even sing - somerandomkid

The song itself is awful, but the video is even worse. The two worst aspects of it is when one woman shakes her arse RIGHT in front of the camera and when Jason Derulo LITERALLY has a harem on his bed with him. I also HATE that album cover. Those abs are OBVIOUSLY photoshopped and I hate the hands on top of him. - PhoenixAura81

I actually don't hate this song. It's so dumb it works - spiritofhiphop

16 Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer Cover Art

I think they had amnesia while they were making this song

Amnesia should not be in this list and other 5sos songs, they're songs are the best and definitely not the worst!

Ughhh so horrible and such a stupid and inconsiderate topic. Some people actually suffer from amnesia and people like you are sitting there wishing for it because of your stupid high school drama?!

Just like the horror game

17 Boom Clap - Charli XCX Boom Clap - Charli XCX Cover Art

Everything about this song is terrible. Enough said. Plus, it is VERY overplayed. And that's said by someone who listened to the beginning of a song eight times in a row on a car ride because I kept missing the ending. - pandagirl

Well. It was in the fault in our stars. Pretty overrated book series. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

The Fault In Our Stars isn't even a series. It's one book that you have obviously never read. It's an amazing book by an amazing author.

Don't you guys have any sympathy or humanity for people with cancer? This song is about love, which all you experience so why don't you all shut you hole and have some sympathy for these kids

I hear this everyday... I'm sick of this song now

18 Maps - Maroon 5

Least favourite song ever. Generic, not interesting, boring, not cool. I apologise to anybody expecting my least favourite song to be something worse.

This is a great song why is it on the list?

By the way nowhere in the song does he say boing

I would not nearly hate this song that much, if it wasnt for the fact Maroon 5 was good once upon a time.

This is an amazing song it should not be on the list

19 Spark the Fire - Gwen Stefani Spark the Fire - Gwen Stefani Cover Art

Gwen Stefani should stopped making songs after 2000s since we had enough songs from her - ElSherlock

I can't tell if this is a song, a rap, or just chanting African prayers into a microphone while the higher African preists play a traditional drum beat to accompany the ancient prayers

Amnesia, Rude, shake it off...are actually pretty good :P

20 Pills N Potions - Nicki Minaj

I don't think this should be this high in the list. Nicki Minaj sucks, yes, but this song is actually quite good, unlike Anaconda of course. - SelfDestruct

This is actually a nice song, a shocker, considering it's by Nicki Minaj. by the way, I think (not 100% sure) that she writes her own lyrics.

This song is one of the most painfully average songs of the year. Which is still a giant improvement over Nicki's other songs, but still not really good. The lyrics are still a mess. Is this song supposed to be a brag rap or a song about drug addiction?

What does the rabbit in the video represent? - glambert

21 Achy Breaky 2 - Buck 22 Achy Breaky 2 - Buck 22 Cover Art

That's right he made a second one and it's horrible

Really billy ray the first one was bad enough

Get this to number one

The guy sounds like a ZOMBIE. seriously. the guy sounds like he made it when he was dying and it was his will.

22 Not a Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake Not a Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake Cover Art

This song is wet hair in my bathtub. Soggy, disgusting and moist. So childish. The words are just horrible, and so literal, its terrible.

Why do people hate songs I like? - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Uh... because you're not the only person in this world entitled to an opinion?

I don't actually hate this song, I just find it boring and draggy, and Justin's whiny voice irritates me. - ChrisInMI

This song was great. And your hating on these songs because you can't make your own song that is just as famous. That's right nothing to say now right?!

9 years ago, he told is he was bringing sexy back, now he's saying he's not such a bad thing?

23 Wild Wild Love - Pitbull Wild Wild Love - Pitbull Cover Art

I feel like every sentence ends the same way. The singing is good-until pitbull starts rapping. The lyrics are good-until pitbull starts rapping. And the beat is good-UNTIL PITBULL STARTS RAPPING.

Pitbull is an annoying person he calls himself rapper. He insists that he makes songs better by being a featured artist in almost every song when in fact they sound horrendous.

This song is horrible it should be on top, at least timber and fireball had good beats and catchy hooks, but this just sucks

Pile of utter trash. It is only March 4th as I type this, but it should be number one already.
Update: I couldn't have predicted Anaconda.

24 Everything Is Awesome - Tegan and Sara Everything Is Awesome - Tegan and Sara Cover Art

I just heard this song for the first time today (our teacher forced us to listen to it in class). I'm surprised I didn't have a seizure, it sounded beyond awful. The constant repetition and out-of-tune lyrics - brutal! How the hell do these songs get produced?

This Song Is Annoying It Makes Everyone Sing Including My Mom! I Hate Both The Lego Movie And The Song!

Absolute worst thing to happen to a good movie. At least it didn't taint Mark Mothersbaugh's legacy (which also included Devo).

Oh my gosh anyone who hates this song obviously never had a happy, normal childhood!

25 New Thang - Redfoo New Thang - Redfoo Cover Art

Redfoo apparently tries to stay relevant after LMFAO's disbanding, but he just can't do it, AT ALL. - Swellow



It's good - ElSherlock

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