WonkeyDude98 Analysis: Fancy

This review is going to be highly controversial and probably my most disliked review to date. And that's for a reason.

I don't hate Iggy Azalea as much as others. Is she bad? She's terrible, but that's not really her fault for the most part. Back in 2014 I was so annoyed of her. She was everywhere and her followup hit Black Widow is not getting the flack it deserves, because it's genuinely awful and still suffers from overplay. Arguably more than Uptown Funk and Happy.

But that's not the song in question. We're dealing with her debut single Fancy. It was better than Black Widow, I'll say that. But still, Fancy is a musical mess. You have a basic synth line and DJ Mustard-esque "hey"s as the beat. It did not do for a good summer anthem (still better than Cool for the Summer could ever hope to accomplish). It's supposed to be energetic but it's limp and barely existent.

Which makes Charli XCX (who despite being an artist I like is easily the worst part of the song) even worse. Charli has this extremely booming and present voice that doesn't feel right with a beat like this. Charli XCX's lyrics aren't even that good either. Why would you tell me you're fancy when you say we already know? Also, tasting gold is not fancy. Also, you --literally a single before-- said that you crashed your car into a bridge but you don't care (I Love It is still a good song tho). That isn't fancy. Then on the bridge she talks about trashing hotels, getting drunk, and calling yadayadayada. Un-fancy stuff.

Iggy....well there's not much to say about her verses. She just talks about her glamour. That's it. Her strong point is that her flow is actually not that bad. Choppy, but still good. Her weak points are obviously her rhyming abilities (which makes her choppy flow worse) and her voice. Her white-girl-pretending-to-be-black-guy shtick doesn't work. Also, that accent is...really annoying.

I don't really have that much to say about the song. I give it a decent 2 out of 5. I know me not giving it a 0 is basically asking for hate comments, but I don't care. It's actually mainly the overplay that made me dislike this. Doesn't do much to actually offend me, unlike Jidenna's blatant ripoff Classic Man (seriously, it stole the concept, the message, AND the synth line!). This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


Imagine thinking Fancy was Iggy Azelea's debut single. - Puga

It was...? - WonkeyDude98

Work was her debut single. - Puga

No Pug it was Rihanna's. - AlphaQ

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This is my 2nd favorite song of 2014 lol - visitor

First things first I'm dah realesss - ProPanda

First things first I'm dah fakes - AlphaQ