Autistic Jewish South park music kid rants: Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

Oh boy! I really feel embarrassed about reviewing such a cringe worthy song, about butts, but I think I am ready I guess....
Anyways hi guys! This is Kody here and welcome to another music rant of mine. This time we are going to rant one of the worst songs of all times and one of the worst songs of 2014 ever, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. Oh god, not Nicki minaj! "Signs". Guess I am going to have to review such a filthy song like anaconda, even if its that bad. Anyways I absolutely hate Nicki Minaj! Her voice is annoying, she sings disgusting songs and she is a dirty, filthy and slutty skank. She isn't as bad as others say she is, but still she is one of the worst rappers of all time and is absolutely a disgusting, filthy, talentless skanky women, now lets get started on reviewing this song!

First of all, I wanted to get started on is the beat. The beat is actually pretty catchy, however it is taken from another song called "Baby got back" and is not really that creative at all. Sounds like a weird, strange dance beat as well. Nothing special about the beat whatsoever. Although it is catchy, they actually sampled the beat from another song and its pretty weird as well, so for beat, I give it 3/10.

Second of all, I also want to mention about the lyrics. The lyrics are absolutely horrendous and possibly the worst thing about the song! The lyrics are so disgusting, weird, stupid, makes no sense whatsoever and its mainly about Nicki Minaj comparing her butt to an anaconda. I mean comparing a butt to an anaconda? "Face palms". Seriously Nicki Minaj, that is just absolutely disgusting, absurd and just plain wrong. The lyrics are just nothing, but stupid references to mindlessly taking drugs, drinking irresponsibly, mainly prostitution and sex appeal and also, comparing her own butt to an anaconda and twerking. For example: Here are 2 cringe worthy lines from this song:
"Oh my gosh! Look at her butt! Oh my gosh look at her butt."
"My anaconda don't, my anaconda don't, my anaconda don't want, unless you got buns, hon."
See what I mean? That's a line from her song and it makes me want to drink bleach. Also there is absolutely no meaning of this song's lyrics whatsoever and they are not even funny. Just disgusting, stupid, absurd and nonsense. So therefor the lyrics get a 0/10.

Also another thing I would like to mention about this song is Nicki Minaj's voice and singing. Personally, I think it sucks. Nicki Minaj is such a disgusting, talentless and filthy women, who obviously has no talent whatsoever. Her voice is really annoying and gets on my nerves a lot and that guy doing the chorus from "Baby got back", just doesn't help at all to improve on how awful this abomination of a song is. So I give the singing 0/10

However, what I would like to also add to this post rant about this song, is about the music video and the musical effects done by Nicki Minaj. Despite the fact that it has become a popular thing, it is also disgusting, atrocious, stupid and pointless as well and still, a lot of people like me hate this song with a burning passion. Basically, Nicki Minaj in this video has been mostly twerking throughout this video. Yes, I said it. Twerking. I absolutely hate twerking! I don't care if it is popular or not, I still hate twerking. I think it is disgusting, pointless and inappropriate! What if kids saw this video? Sure it may have attracted a number of a certain audience, but still Nicki Minaj just crosses the line and ends up inappropriately twerking her butt to the whole wide world and its just ugh!!!!! "Vomits".
Also Nicki Minaj has made a numerous amount of pointless, gross and stupid noises throughout the song as well, just making it worse. So therefor, I give the music video and its pointless noises, 0/10 once again.

My overall opinion on Anaconda by Nicki Minaj: 0/10 Unlistenable.
This song is absolutely atrocious and just plain torture in my opinion and easily Nicki Minaj's worst song ever tied with stupid h**. Pretty much everything about this song sucks. The lyrics are disgusting and have no meaning whatsoever, the beat maybe creative but they sampled it from another song and it sounds like a weird dance party song, Nicki Minaj's voice is just well, annoying and talentless and the music video with her twerking her butt to the whole entire world, just doesn't help at all. This song is just overall plain nonsense, very disgusting and is complete utter garbage. So therefor, lets just give this song a 0/10 and move on already, please? I don't wont to hear another song about butts ever again, enough said.


Nicki Minaj is just straight up horrible honestly. - htoutlaws2012

I agree, htoutlaws2012. I absolutely agree that she is just plain horrible and one of the worst music artists of all time - visitor

Nicki minaj? iii Qué Asco! - visitor

"I mean comparing a butt to an anaconda? 'Face palms' "
Lol - TheFourthWorld

She is the worst singer EVER. - visitor

This was an excellent post, and I do agree, this song is horrible! - saturatedsunrise

This song is awful, but I think Stupid Hoe is worse - visitor