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21 Wild Wild Love - Pitbull

Pile of utter trash. It is only March 4th as I type this, but it should be number one already.
Update: I couldn't have predicted Anaconda. - PositronWildhawk

And yet another crappy song from Pitbull

I feel like every sentence ends the same way. The singing is good-until pitbull starts rapping. The lyrics are good-until pitbull starts rapping. And the beat is good-UNTIL PITBULL STARTS RAPPING.

Vacation or Ugly Heart are much better than this.

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22 This is How We Do - Katy Perry

I'm not complaining, but I'm surprised this wasn't a hit. Making bad decisions? Check. Nasal singing? Check. XYLOPHONE? Check. This is the perfect negative. This probably would have been a hit if Dark Horse wasn't somehow better. - WonkeyDude98

This song is hard to listen to, quite bad, and annoying. - madoog

How the heck does one get nails did all "Japanesey? " Also, that shoutout and respect to those people buying bottle service with rent money is the worst offense Katy has committed in any song of hers. - NiktheWiz

"Yo, shout out to all you kids, buying bottle service, with your rent money.
Respect! "
Katy had one chance to really give a positive message through her music, and we get this. Aside from the fact that this song is poorly written and performanced, this lyric just really shows what a thoughtless, reckless song this is. - Aquaturtle

23 Not a Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake

This song is wet hair in my bathtub. Soggy, disgusting and moist. So childish. The words are just horrible, and so literal, its terrible.

Why do people hate songs I like? - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Uh... because you're not the only person in this world entitled to an opinion?

I don't actually hate this song, I just find it boring and draggy, and Justin's whiny voice irritates me. - ChrisInMI

This song was great. And your hating on these songs because you can't make your own song that is just as famous. That's right nothing to say now right?!

This song is very pleasant. I like it. - madoog

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24 Achy Breaky 2 - Buck 22

That's right he made a second one and it's horrible

Really billy ray the first one was bad enough

Get this to number one

What the heck is this? - madoog

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25 Cool Kids - Echosmith

This song is sickening. It's pandering to an emotion that they don't have, just to make a quick buck. That is straight up evil. Making kids self-esteem be lowered to make money off them. Eastwards. - themediamaster

Annoyingly repetitive, we get it you want to be popular, you don't need to repeat it about 30 times.

God awful song completely tailored for dumb kids who can't form their own opinions yet. This terrible new breed of music is capitalizing on liberal trends on society like Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor.

#1. Cool Kids- Echosmith
I despise this song. I'd like to state that I was never a ''cool kid''. There is no message to this song, except ''there are kids that aren't cool that want to be cool''. Yeah? So what? There's always going to be losers. It's part of life. You could embrace who you are or make some friends, instead of just whining that you don't ''fit in.'' And a lot of kids are fine with being uncool, and for those that are struggling with depression, they need something uplifting, not this whining drivel. I'm pretty sure the cool kids don't have perfect lives either. Echosmith doesn't understand kids, do they? The song essentially repeats the same miserable sentiments over and over and over until you too feel like crap. And not in any way resembling empathy for these kids. Switching over to the musical aspect, this song also just has such a slow, dreary tempo. The opening guitar line was so close to sounding good, which is just excructiating. Except the chorus, which ...more

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26 Wiggle - Jason Derulo

Only 27? Really? This is easily the worst song of the year. Even worse than Anaconda. And you know what? I don't mind Anaconda. It's not that bad. I'll take it over most of the bad music that came out this year. Because at least Nicki actually knows what she's talking about and she can actually rap. Jason doesn't know what he's talking about and he can't even sing - somerandomkid

Why is this so low? THIS SONG SUCKS!

27 Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato

Demi can do better. this is her worst song

Voiceless, tasteless, fake and ugly singer with stupid song. Everything matches here, doesn't it?

I am sure that she would do better than you any day. Demi has a beautiful voice and look, so just stop

Almost every song now sound like Taylor Swift. being happy about breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriends! I'm sick of this

I really don't care about this song - lovefrombadlands

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28 Shower - Becky G

Warning! Warning! Warning! Next Rebecca Black's coming & she's gonna ruin the world! By the way her name's Rebecca too! Laugh out loud! - Fan_of_Good_Music

I hate this song! No one needs to know when you sing in the god damn shower! - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

NO! Why is this thing on here? Like Eminem, Becky G had a convincing message in this song! For example, she says, "Don't care what others say, if I got you I'm straight, you bring my heart to life." Take this off this list!

OH MY GOD. We do NOT want another Rebecca Black!

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29 Turn Around - Borgore & Dan Farber

I just let AlphaQ explain: It's the worst song of the worst album of the worst year fir music.

30 La Vie En Rose - Jumaane Smith

Has Jackie Evancho become one of this site's punching bags like Justin Bieber or something? I found this song to be just average. Not really good, but not on the same level of awful as some of the other crap on this list such as Rude or Hello Kitty.

This has to be one of the worst songs ever made. There are stupid people with no value that like this song. This has to be number 1 in this list. It features Jackie Evancho, the worst singer ever and Jumaane Smith is pure garbage. Classical music is nothing but the worst genre of music ever!

Jackie evancho is nothing but a young girl that's gonna give herself nods

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31 Everything Is Awesome - Tegan and Sara

I hate this song. It's tuneless, and annoying

I just heard this song for the first time today (our teacher forced us to listen to it in class). I'm surprised I didn't have a seizure, it sounded beyond awful. The constant repetition and out-of-tune lyrics - brutal! How the hell do these songs get produced?

Are you kidding me! This song is awesome!

This is a real song?

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32 New Thang - Redfoo

Redfoo apparently tries to stay relevant after LMFAO's disbanding, but he just can't do it, AT ALL. - Swellow



33 Spark the Fire - Gwen Stefani

I heard this get called the worst song of the year once. I don't think that, but that's pretty reasonable. - WonkeyDude98

I can't tell if this is a song, a rap, or just chanting African prayers into a microphone while the higher African preists play a traditional drum beat to accompany the ancient prayers

Amnesia, Rude, shake it off...are actually pretty good :P

34 Timber - Pitbull

This, Talk Dirty, MMM Yeah, and Wild Wild Love all make me want to throw up.

Timber should be up top m8

Again, Take pitbull out. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Dude it's other peoples opinions. You can hate on other songs, but when others hate on your favourite songs, it needs to be removed immediately. Just make your own list and remove these songs.

Dude, you think that's the worst? I heard worse. Like "Wiggle".

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35 Drunk in Love - Beyonce

Boring, pointless, and not worth listening to.

Over the past 5 years Beyonce's music has gotten kind of bland and boring. Her new songs don't even have life changing messages anymore!

A creepy song with an awful beat, disgusting lyrics, and a bland performance. No wonder Jay-Z hasn't made anything since then.

I love her voice at the chorus line, but the rest of the song is meh. One point she was talking about filling up a bathtub and riding it with a surfboard :/ - Mcgillacuddy

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36 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

Dude. This is one of the most brilliant and genius songs ever. She satirizes and makes a parody of the media, one of the best songs of our generation.

Love this song why is it here?

This girl should stop making music. And having boyfriends every 2 seconds

Nice to meet you
where you been?
I can show you incredible things!
SPOILER ALERT:they're all this song. - lovefrombadlands

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37 Literally I Can't - Play N Skillz

Yeah. This is garbage. It is like a recycled form of another terrible song. The word literally was used incorrectly. Literally means really. The way the person say literally is annoying. - madoog

This songs is supposed to be a joke. Take it as a joke

Literally I can't listen to this awful song. I can't believe redfoo went from underground rapping in the 90s to LMFAO/this trash.

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38 Summer - Calvin Harris

This song is not that bad. it just need more lyrics

This song is not bad, possibly one of the best end songs of this year... it's not the best though, I admit it needs more lyrics...

Sorry, Adam/Calvin. your voice doesn't go well with techno. try joining Coldplay, that'll be good.

Summer is brilliant. I like that Summer has few lyrics. - madoog

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39 Coco - O.T. Genasis

This is honestly the worst song I've ever heard in my entire life. Yes, I said that this song is worse than Baby by Justin Bieber. This isn't rap, nor is it hip-hop, nor is it even MUSIC. It's a DISGRACE! - Mcgillacuddy

I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be a joke.

I'm honestly a little astounded by this song. Mainly because of how many things O.T. Genasis was able to rhyme with CoCo. - WonkeyDude98

I like this song. - madoog

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40 Waves - Mr. Probz

I love this song! It has an awesome beat and great potential

Screw you, Robin Schulz.

The guy sounds 90

His voice is so annoying.

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