Announcement (not having anything to do with my status as an active user)

I'm giving up on pop music, until further notice.

Where do I even begin.

Nothing about this year's pop music has gone right. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. In just 11 short months, we let Adele's best song since Rolling In The Deep barely crack the top 20, let Kevin Gates have two hits with both of his absolute worst songs, let Shawn Mendes stay in the top 50 with his messy atrocity from last year until about May of this year, gave credence to Future, let Drake have an entire album explode onto the charts and it be his absolute worst one yet, let one-minute half-memes have credibility as a potential hit because of Justin Bieber, let Bieber have two #1 hits (one of which was not even good to begin with and one of which has aged atrociously), let Drake have two #1 hits (neither of which are good) for a grand total of 19 weeks entirely due to streaming because one didn't even have a video for its entire chart run, had exactly one hit off of Beyoncé's best album, let Lady Gaga's best album slump off the charts entirely, gave Post Malone aka the whitest pseudo-gangsta to ever live a hit, made Eric Church barely miss having hit, have had week after week of absolutely atrocious trap garbage with the worst XXL freshmen list I've ever seen (of the 3 rappers on there of remote quality, exactly one had a hit), let Meghan Trainor have two hits (both of which are some of her worst ever songs), and gave street cred to the same guys who made #SELFIE by giving them a #1 for twelve weeks (and also blocked Daft Punk from #1 for the second time), and that's just the beginning of it. That's absolutely nothing.

Now, you might say "oh you always talk about how there's good and bad in pop music so what makes this year different?" Well, two things: 1. In 2015 and earlier, I wasn't exactly engaged in the charts, so I never exactly cared if they were good or not. In 2016, I'm actually there to experience it, which means that I'm able to see the source of my lividity happening right in front of me. I'm watching these terrible songs come in spades while great songs fall. 2. There's a fundamental difference here not just for myself, but what's charting. I thought that Closer was the worst #1 we would ever have (risky statement I know but I stand by it), but then when the time came to replace it, what does?

A Rae Sremmurd song.

A highly below average Rae Sremmurd song.

Their second worst song ever.

One of the only 9 songs I'd ever give a 0/10 (one of the other 8 being Closer).

The one option worse.

And yeah, that's the icing on top of what might just be the worst year for pop music in history. So yeah, don't expect me to be following the charts or doing any of the such anytime soon. I might 2019, maybe.


I just found out that Nicki Minaj remade Black Beatles into Black Barbies.

Now I REALLY want to give up. - WonkeyDude98

That's just depressing! - Scr3aM

Dude, you're overreacting. Think of early2016...

And I thought you liked PPAP - ProPanda

Yeah that was then. Everything there either was a flash in the pan or got stale.

It shrunk on me pretty hard. I mean it's still remixable (my brother did and it was awesome) and all, but it's not funny. And if a meme isn't funny, it's bad. - WonkeyDude98

I honestly thought it was funny by being the dumbest thing ever known to mankind - ProPanda

I blame this year's pop charts on the fact that 2016 was just an awful year in general. I mean, this is year of musician deaths, the worst election I've ever seen, the rise of whiny politically correct babies, and a whole bunch of other crap that caused the world to pretty much give up. I don't feel like 2015 really had this problem. Sure, there was a lot of crap (including 2 of the worst tracks I've ever heard on top of my worst list), but a bunch of great songs also broke through. - Zach808

QFT - WonkeyDude98

Come on, it's not that bad. - Satire

yes it is - WonkeyDude98

Wonkey,do not complain about rankings,people don't have the same opinions as you :P - Nateawesomeness

I'm talking about the charts - WonkeyDude98

Well,i have no saying then since I don't know whether it's a difference or not,but I think its over opinions as well(i'm not a music critic,don't blame me) - Nateawesomeness

Crappy songs get on top of the charts all the time anyway. - Elina

Accurate. Every decade, year or generation has good music, you just have to search for it - styLIShT

Music has turned into white noise. Eminem is screwed. - Hotheart123

He's got a remix of Infinite out and it's incredible. - WonkeyDude98

Don't worry, Gaga came up in the charts here in China, Japan and Canada. Music might have turned to sh*t, but it is better to have anither revolution to make a revolution. - ArigatoKawaii

2016 = Murder, Wankey. - visitor