Me Too - Meghan Trainor


Justin Bieber beat you to it, Meghan. And he did it way better than you. A song about people being jealous of you? Justin, as much as I hate to say it, did a great song about how he's not affected by an old relationship. Your personal ballad is a squeaky, anime-esque ear priannaha that claws it's way through your brain like the caterpillar did to Laurence Harvey in that old Night Gallery episode. The moaning hook sounds like someone chocking on a wet rag, and your weird delivery of the chorus is way too whispery and arrogant sounding. You have a great voice and you waste it on crap like this. Just mature and make love ballads or something, not this steaming pile that sounds like the rejected theme song of an anime. - Spark_Of_Life

Even if I do like Love Yourself and hate this song, Love Yourself is NOT about how he's over a relationship, it's about a narcissistic ex (reminds me of Meghan Trainor in that vein) who ISN'T over it. Me Too is just Meghan going full-on Richie Rich. - WonkeyDude98

The best thing about this song is that it is perfectly suited for use in torture applications such as on terrorists in gitmo. Having the worst of everything in music all rolled into one and no redeemable qualities whatsoever this "song" is the apex of what can be achieved when all morals, talent, common sense, and human decency are removed from the equation. Truly a masterpiece of audio garbage, ranking among the worst of all time.

Meghan Trainor made this song saying that she's better than you (bull) and EVEN IF SHE WAS YOU she would STILL think "Meghan Trainor is better" (DOUBLE bull) I'm not a Jacob Sartorius fan but I'm disappointed his first song got above this. One last thing, she says "I'd wanna be me TOO." So she thinks even if she WASN'T YOU you'd STILL THINK SHE'S BETTER THAN YOU! Too much bull for only number 2 on the list

This song actually makes my ears bleed. At least with No, the beat is catchier and the song is more decent. I don't hate this much for the lyrics, even though they are poorly written. Meghan has a really annoying voice in this song, and the beat is awful and annoying. I just find this song really obnoxious that I cannot listen to a minute of it. - AnimeDrawer

Like pretty much every Meghan Trainor song, this one takes itself way too seriously. Its beat will give you a headache, the lyrics are just filled with pride excess and the chorus means NOTHING! ("If I was you, I'd wanna be me too") I know she's trying to give others confidence, but then again, it's unintentionally condescending to people who people who lack self-confidence. - LoveMusicLoveLife

The only explanation for this being released is career suicide. Do Meghan's own fans even like this? At least she attempted to make songs that were pleasing to the ear before this. Hell, I even know some people who liked No's early 2000s production. But this is just grating in every way. It doesn't please the people who liked her early singles, or who thought No was an improvement. And it certainly does nothing to bring in people who didn't like her other songs. It fails to please anyone. - Zach808

I think the chorus has a fun, energetic beat that can be enjoyed without reading into the lyrics too much. It is extremely narcissistic, and rather than coming off as as a taunt to haters, which would have been ok, it sounds like she is trying to pressure her more insecure fans into idolize her. I immediately had some concern over the message but I still think the chorus with it's playful synth and easy to mimic lyrical hook rescue the song from being utterly bad.

There are problems with this self-esteem song --- the annoying rubbery sounds, the bubbles, and in the background, it sounds like a robot vomiting. Why is Meghan sounding like Andy Grammer (Good To Be Alive) (uh huh)? When I first heard it on the radio, I was like "what the heck"? - madoog

Meghan Trainor has become the most arrogant artist of modern music. Even more than Kanye West. The chorus is "If I was you, I'd wanna be me too" Why the hell did this song become so successful? The chorus literally insults you. The viewer. The beat isn't even anything special. You can easily find it in any other pop song. This needs to be in the top spot. at least Sweatshirt doesn't insult the listener

The only thing good about this song was that she was one of the few artists on the charts that had a personality this year. Unfortunately, that personality is stuck-up and spoiled. Can we please go back to the days where she made boring doo-wop and was mostly forgettable?

This isn't Meghan's worst song. Some of her songs *Cough Dear Future Husband, Like I'm Gonna Lose You *Cough, but this song is another one of her bad songs. "If I was you, I'd wanna be me too". The lyrics are bad enough, but the song is horrible. - EpicJake

WHAT? I actually love this song. Are you guys seriously taking this whole self-centered song seriously? I actually found this song hilarious! I played it for my family and they can't stop listening to it. - DCfnaf

Narcissistic and annoying song. I don't want to listen to her brag about her life. I hope this song is a joke. Maybe to make Kanye look bad. But if it isn't someone needs to help her.

Shallow, narcissistic, and embarrassing. Most of her songs are rip-offs, this one probably is too. Just got to find the song she plagiarized from.

Also known as "I Have An Extremely Huge Ego" by That Woman That Told You You're Perfect Just The Way You Are - djpenquin999

This is by far the worst song I have heard this year. I thought nothing could get worse than No, but damn this song is a trainwreck vocally, production-wise, and lyrically. How is this even listenable to Meghan's fans? This should be unacceptable to anyone(even ones who are not in their right minds). I'd even say that this song is worse than Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius, because at least that song doesn't take itself seriously.

Catchier than No. I thought it was Meghan boasting, but it's apparently about self-confidence?

The melody, beat and tempo are all over the place and her voice is annoying. Sounds like butchered gospel music, mixed with terrible rapping.

It goes way past "self love" and ends up in the "narcissistic" category. I mean, Meghan has such good songs and then puts out songs like THIS - toptenqueen

People hating this for that "If I was you I'd wanna be me too" lyric are so sensitive it kills me. That line is hilarious and you know you laughed at least twice. - DCfnaf

Old joke but I'll still say it because I don't have any self-respect - She started at the bottom and it has been downhill ever since - PhenomentalOne

Too Bubble Gum for me. Please, it's just awful! Bubble Gums not good for you anyway!

Its sounds like they are playing a rubber band on a tissue box while burping

If I was you, I'd wanna not listen to this. The bass line on its own is 100 times better than the song it was wasted on.

Dude. I love this song. There are songs worse than this.