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301 The Fighter - Keith Urban

While Carrie Underwood has a powerful voice, she can't really do much with the crap she's been given here. Keith Urban is really talented, but this song doesn't justify it. Also, this song sounds like a watered down version of Moves Like Jagger. 3/10. - NiktheWiz

302 Love Me in a Field - Luke Bryan
303 Cash Machine - D.R.A.M. V 3 Comments
304 Not Nice - Partynextdoor
305 Torches - Daughtry
306 There You Are - Pogo
307 Cake by the Ocean - Kidz Bop

Let's agree with this: Kidz Bop should end.

Kidz Bop is notorious for changing lyrics when they don't need to be changed.
And it turns out that when they needed to change them the most... They didn't. - JamesBourne

308 Red, White & You - Steven Tyler

I was hoping the frontman of Aerosmith would have something better than this. I'll give it credit though: at least Steven Tyler still has range. - MKBeast

309 Get Ugly - Jason Derulo
310 Shhh... Be Quiet - DJ Sherry and Petey Pablo
311 For Free - DJ Khaled
312 Best Friend - Young Thug
313 MY DICK - 3OH!3
314 Deepthroat - Cupcakke
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