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101 Trumpular - Pogo
102 Down in the DM - Yo Gotti

So Yo Gotti likes looking at woman turds? , that's disturbing and creepy. - Mumbizz01

103 Hotline Bling - Drake

*Cough It's A Song From October 2015 Cough* - VideoGamefan5

104 F**k Donald Trump - Nipsey Hussle

Anti-Donald Trump alone doesn't make a song any better. And that's coming from someone who despises Donald Trump! - SelfDestruct

So this is a diss track against Donald Trump? - Swellow

Yay I hate Donald trump

I wouldn't say I am a Trump supporter. But I find this song quite offensive. - ThePwoperMuser101

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105 Rise - Katy Perry

Sorry guys, but this song is nowhere even near a three. It's a rehashed Dark Horse, but even if they are much better than the cluttered Dark Horse metaphors, it's basically Katy's same "be strong" anthem made over and over again like a broken tape. At least Taylor Swift differentiates between her songs. - Swellow

This song is totally like her other hit singles like Roar and Dark Horse which all the songs Max Martin produced. The composition is more darker and very deep compare to Dark Horse which more brighter and very close to Legendary Lover. While they lyrics is something like she never done before. While her voice is same like Dark Horse except when she sing the pre-chorus. By the way, I'll give it 4.1/5 for its mature sounds and she don't work with teribble producer, Dr. Luke. - BeaM456

This is actually one of her best songs, Rise is more mature and progressive. I would've gave it a 5/5, but its being overplayed like crazy, so sadly, it's a stiff 4/5. - Catacorn

How much a song is played on the radio should not contribute to a rating. - madoog

Worst song 8 out of 100

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106 Cyberbully Channels are Cancer! - Mishovy Silenosti

Rumor has it, that every time you hear a song by Mishovy, you feel the pain of everyone who had to experience the Holocaust

The only thing that's cancer is the person who's singing it. - Swellow

Stop saying cancer. Ugh this song fails hard. 1/5 - AlphaQ

This song is cancer cancer cancer cancer!

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107 This Town - Niall Horan

Now this prick has a solo career! Crap, now all the 5SoS fangirls will be drooling over his quiffs and monotonous voice. - Swellow

Boring song with boring lyrics, boring beat and no personality. The worst part about this song is that it will be all over top 40 radio soon.

Boring, annoying, and irritating. Soon this will be all over the radio. So sick of slow, boring songs.


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108 Needed Me - Rihanna

Where do I even begin? I miss songs like Ocean Man by Ween, Cold Case Love by Rihanna, and So Bad by Eminem. Everything was fine with music until 2015 and 2016, when it became a bunch of THIS. This song sounds like she wants to sing-rap, but can't so she throws a bunch of swears together. The beat is crap, we have some kind of autotuned airplane, and some man saying something, with parts of what he's trying to say cut out, and then we have THE HUM AT THE END. The only good part of the beat is the chorus instrumental. And this trash pile of a song is ON THE CHARTS. Along with other disasters with horrible beats (except Don't Let Me Down and Into You, I like those songs). 0/10 - Hotheart123

This song is good. Did someone put this on the list because of her humming? - madoog

I think it's the cursing though cursing in a song isn't so bad. It's probably the fact that Rihanna is more inappropriate these days. - AlphaQ

With Rihanna putting out such a hideous song as this, at this point, I've lost all hope in her. - Spark_Of_Life

This song is just... Wow. I don't get it how this song got so popular. Humiliating. This, my friends, is the SAME PERSON who did Love the Way you Lie and The Monster, 2 great songs. And the only reason those two songs were good was because of Eminem. In fact, Rihanna is so bad, Ι am positively sure Eminem will NEVER EVER do another collab with here, it would soil his career. Basically, Rihanna sucks. However, this song ain't as bad as Too Good, Black Beatles and This is what you came for, I'll grant her that.

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109 Boomerang - Jojo Siwa

She's a talentless little maggot who only got famous because her mom got her a record deal. Jojo, you're a child, go to school instead of making America's eardrums bleed


110 Obama - Anohni

Do I have to explain? No, I don't. Anohni's constant murmuring in a deep but hilariously bad voice trying too hard to bring back her male voice just makes the beat, which consists of fuzzy noises and nothing that spruces it up, horrific. Not only that, the way she brings out the lyrics makes me wonder what happened in her studio. - Swellow

I don't necessarily hate Obama, but there's actually a song about him? Especially one that's considered terrible? I don't know if the song is praising or criticizing Obama, but either way, it's just too cringe-worthy for me to even think about researching what it's about. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hated Anohni's ironically titled album Hopelessness, and this just took the unbearableness to an unthought of level. Their vocals are this grating throaty warble that sounds awful, and the fuzz-saturated beat isn't helping. I shouldn't even have to explain the lyrics. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

Anohni is actually good, but this really is not a song - 445956

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111 Kill Em with Kindness - Selena Gomez

I actually like this a bit. The icy clipped synth fits into the groove pretty well, Selena's deadpan vocals fit with the song's lyrical content and tone, and the whistling is so catchy it's almost infuriating. Not quite as good as the controlled, lowkey Hands to Myself (and cue the downvotes), but still solid. 4.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

Gave this a few more listens and found myself enjoying it after a while. My first comment was made after only one listen. Selena does have a good voice,and the synths are very complimentary to the song but I just can't get behind the whistling. I find it more annoying than catchy. The lyrics are a tad repetitive as well. 6/10. - Spark_Of_Life

Annoying. I hate Selena and I wish she would retire. Her voice is so flawed. This song makes Justin Bieber look like Michael Jackson. - Gamecubesarecool193

Now she's singing about KINDNESS? - mayamanga

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112 Cold Water - Major Lazer

At first, I actually really liked this. Then the overplay got unbelievably intense and I couldn't stand it. Now it's rebounded back, the slightest bit. 2/5 - WonkeyDude98

Why does the music industry continue to pump out garbage? - madoog

Horrible, but better than Closer.

I hate this song!

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113 Song for All Haters - Misha V 1 Comment
114 Last Text - Jacob Sartorius

NO! I thought he faded away from 2016! Why is he still pumping out music?! He has a face of a baby and he's still making hits?! DESPITE THE LIKE/DISLIKE RATIO BEING OVERWHELMINGLY NEGATIVE?! Can we all agree that this guy is numb to criticism?

Another Jacob Sartorius song? Oh no... - AlphaQ

This should be higher - Neonco31

This song is about sexting.

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115 Unsteady - X Ambassadors

Listening to Unsteady makes me feel a little unsteady. 3/10. - NiktheWiz

116 Rockabye - Clean Bandit V 1 Comment
117 Poisonous Shadows - Megadeth

What is this thrash epic doing here? It may be about a breakup, yet it has great orchestral backing, an awesome solo, an epic feel, and just those haunting, dying seconds leave you with chills.

118 Let Me Love You - Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande needs to shut the hell up. Nickelodeon drugged her up badly! There are at least 3 songs called "Let Me Love You", such as Mario's "Let Me Love You" or Justin Bieber's "Let Me Love You". Stop defending Ariana Grande for hating America, liking Justin Bieber and leaving her racist germs on doughnuts and making excuses out of it.

What could be so bad about this song? Ariana Grande's singing is amazing, the production is decent... Oh wait! Lil Wayne is in it to ruin what could have been a good song! 1/5. It went that bad because of Lil Wayne ALONE! - SelfDestruct

Lil Wayne RUINED this good song. This is why you never ask Lil Wayne to rap in your singles, think again Ariana. - Catacorn

2 songs in a row called Let me Love You.

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119 All in My Head (Flex) - Fifth Harmony

This song is bearable. However, I neither like it nor dislike it. I am neutral. - madoog

Wow how lazy they just repeat the first verse instead of singing a different second verse. Rihanna did this in kiss it better. Pop artists are so lazy. - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

Not as bad as work from home, but still horrible

Why isn't this in top 3

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120 All My Friends - Jacob Sartorius

A cancerous rip-off of Cold Water and Let Me Love You. This poor kid just needs to retire already. - Spark_Of_Life

Am I the only one who thinks this song sound like Lean On?

I'm starting to think that he's just trying too hard to be hip with the kids. Your grades matter more, dude.

Does anyone else think that this song sounds like Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears? Does anyone else notice how strange it is that this annoying 13 year boy inadvertently rip off the melody to one of the most iconic synthpop songs of all time?

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