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121 All My Friends - Jacob Sartorius All My Friends - Jacob Sartorius

A cancerous rip-off of Cold Water and Let Me Love You. This poor kid just needs to retire already. - Spark_Of_Life

Am I the only one who thinks this song sound like Lean On?

I'm starting to think that he's just trying too hard to be hip with the kids. Your grades matter more, dude.

Does anyone else think that this song sounds like Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears? Does anyone else notice how strange it is that this annoying 13 year boy inadvertently rip off the melody to one of the most iconic synthpop songs of all time?

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122 Deja Vu - Post Malone Deja Vu - Post Malone

If you've ever seen me comment on an anti-pop list, you'd think I like Justin Bieber. Well I don't, and song like THIS are the reason why. I mean, I already hated this song before I listened to it. 2016 Justin Bieber and diet 2016 Justin Bieber (Post Malone) is automatically a fail. But even with this horrendous combination, this is an ATROCITY, easily worse than White Iverson, maybe even worse than Go Flex.

Forget the fact that whatever vibes you could collect from this are swamped in reverb-y bass and thin trap percussion, and that both of these guys sound like they just woke up from a bad head cold, but the these guys are really trying to sell themselves as tools aren't they?

Forget the fact that Post Malone explicitly tells a girl who's leaving him to leave her...well...stuff at the door, and by that he means her underwear, and the way he phrases it automatically makes me think of brown stains, he says that he screws so many women that the one he's doing ...more - WonkeyDude98

Why the hell does this guy have a career again?

Well, Wonkey summed this up better than I could so, I'm just gonna leave with a a -1/5 - ProPanda

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123 Unforgettable - Sia Unforgettable - Sia

I just don't like her on this song. Some songs can only be sung by the original artists. Nat Cole owns this song. Natalie did okay with Nat but that's where it should stay is with the Coles singing it. Sorry Sia, I really dig her music just not her version of this song. Not at all

This song isn't even that bad, but it's pretty telling that I completely forgot about this song after watching Finding Dory. - WonkeyDude98

"emotional powerhouse " Are you sure about that?

Why is this on the worst list. Sia is an emotional powerhouse and this is a great cover

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124 Last Text - Jacob Sartorius Last Text - Jacob Sartorius

Another Jacob Sartorius song? Oh no... - AlphaQ

Nice to see Jacob showing his true pootential to remake Sweatshirt into something worse. This might actually make my bottom 3 regardless of Sartorious overhate. He really deserves it at this point. -4/5 - ProPanda

Oh yeah, this is somehow worse than Sweatshirt. Forget the hideous vocal filters and the invasively nocturnal acoustic foundation, this is just creepy. Last text you send before bed? Why are you texting girls just before going to bed? That's...a little creepy, especially considering he doesn't imply that he starts conversations.

Also, this, like Sweatshirt, raises alarming implications of child relationships. Again, this dude's only a year older than I am! 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

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125 Rockabye - Clean Bandit Rockabye - Clean Bandit V 1 Comment
126 Banshee - Santigold
127 I Don't Like to Think - Riff Raff I Don't Like to Think - Riff Raff

The very worst song on Peach Panther. I mean, this is genuinely terrifying. It sounds like something out of the Shining. Small stuff first: Riff Raff says that he goes into women's bathroom stalls, and he has Problem handle one of the, if not, the worst chorus of the entire year. We know that you both don't like to think, WE CAN TELL.

But again, the production on this...I mean, you have a two-person choir from your nightmares in this, and one of the weediest trap snares of the whole year, but then you have this broken music box rattling through the whole thing and it's just...can I leave? Like, I feel threatened by this...-1/5 - WonkeyDude98

128 Fade - Kanye West Fade - Kanye West

This song... I'm not even sure what to call it. The beat is somewhat catchy, the lyrics have a distinct vibe to them, but the song itself was messed up beyond belief. It legitimately sounds like a 5 year old attempted to make a YTP, then getting bored after 10 minutes and completely reordering everything and mashing things up. The "I Feel It" sample is life support for the song, and it just screwed everything up. If it qualifies as a song, then it's quite bad (I guess), but for some reason, whether it be that everyone else loves it or that I burst out laughing every time I hear this, I can't get myself to hate it, or even take it seriously.

Plus, Teyana Taylor isn't that impressive to me.

I knew this song would be in the list sooner or later. Screw you whoever put it in. This song is hotness - Mcgillacuddy

What? This one rocks! THe sample, the weirdness, and the clever lyrics. 5/5 - ProPanda

This song rocks. I don't even know what to say. 5/5

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129 Caroline - Amine Caroline - Amine V 3 Comments
130 Party - Chris Brown Party - Chris Brown

You know what? I'm gonna say it. As someone who has somehow found 19 Chris Brown songs worse than Loyal (my 3rd worst hit song of 2014) and have only listened to one of his albums in full thus far, this rests in his bottom 15. Everything about this is awful. The synths barely peak out of the background, and when they do, they're dull, cheap, and disgusting-sounding behind this bargain-barrel beat. Chris Brown sounds particularly awful and Gucci Mane...exists, but USHER? Why? His presence here should deem this to mediocrity, but he's somehow worse than either of the cretins he's working with.

If I wasn't so fixated on making sure Me Too is as high as possible, this would be #4 on my worst list. -3/5. Somehow, we're still giving Chris Brown a career. - WonkeyDude98

I see chris brown is still terrible - kardinaleb

131 The Honey G Show - Honey G The Honey G Show - Honey G

More garbage from the SyCo Blandness Factory sent directly to us. - Swellow

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132 I Can't Give Everything Away - David Bowie I Can't Give Everything Away - David Bowie

The trolls bashing Bowie are beyond awful. - Swellow

I love Bowie, and I'm only 14. He was such a legend and I think it's horrid how much people are slagging off his music. R.I.P Starman.

Liking this type of music and saying your 14 won't make people go "Wow this 14 year old has great music taste" - Mumbizz01

133 Gang - Max P

Appearently, this song is popular in Minecraft PvP, jfc this song is terrible - Moorefamval

134 Just Like Fire - Pink Just Like Fire - Pink

It's not necessarily bad but it does sound like most of her other material and does not push her comfort zone.

I am the only person who gets the real meaning behind this song

Complete garbage. Pink sounds fine (except for the prechorus and NO ONE CAN BE JUST LIKE ME ANYWEH), but that's a given, it's Pink. The instrumentation is bland and forgettable to the point of being unlistenable (imagine if Sober, one of the best songs ever, had no emotion or passion in it), and the metaphor in the lyrics is generic and unfinished. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

This song is awesome bitches so stop hating

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135 Then There's You - Charlie Puth Then There's You - Charlie Puth

Then There's Charlie Puth who sings garbage like this. AVOID THIS MUTHAPHUKA'S MUSIC! - AlphaQ

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136 Send My Love (to Your New Lover) - Adele Send My Love (to Your New Lover) - Adele

...and of course, the worst song on 25 is the final single. I mean, it isn't terrible but I wouldn't call it great either, in fact this is probably Adele's weakest effort to date. The idea of an upbeat Adele song is interesting, but in context with the very grey and downbeat 25, it's pretty jarring. Also that hook is incredibly irritating. The verses are alright, and it's still Adele, so let's settle with a 3/5. - WonkeyDude98

It's fun to see Adele have a nice upbeat song, but even there, something here still feels so grey and hollow... - Swellow

This is honestly one of my favorite Adele songs. It's nice to see her do something more uplifting and upbeat for once. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

I love this song. Adele has made a nice, bubbly single. - Catacorn

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137 Sorry - Beyonce Sorry - Beyonce

The chorus is where she goes Superman 64! It sounds like she is just restarting herself every time when repeating "I Ain't Sorry" very similar to when Superman repeats "Then There's No Time To Waste" when he restarts. Granted I have heard other music artists go Superman 64 in the chorus but at least they all sounded more interesting than her! Also, nothing about this works well, matter of fact they all serve to backfire and make this sound more god awful than it should! So yeah, no excuses, Beyonce will always get herself a -1/5 or lower. - SelfDestruct

I honestly like this one. Don't judge. - Powerfulgirl10

The only Lemonade song that should be on here is Formation. The rest of the album is really good and this is coming from a Beyoncé hater. - Swellow

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138 This Girl - Kungs vs Cookin' on 3 Burners

This isn't music, just absolute nonsensical noise!

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139 One Night - Lil Yachty One Night - Lil Yachty

This song is so boring and Lil Yachty sounds so uninterested in what he's, rapping. If it wasn't for the sexist, unbearable lyrics, nothing about this crap would be memorable. Lil Yachty is just another cliche loser trying and failing miserably at rapping that we'll never hear from again. - Spark_Of_Life

No, this is only the worst thing ever. Nothing is over-the-top or ridiculous about this, it's insufferable declination of a woman playing as a dull, monotonous bore. -1/5 - WonkeyDude98

Sometimes, lazy flow can come out as comedic (say for example, Pop Style by Drake). But here, it doesn't and only comes out as cringe-worthy. This is a 0/5 because he definitely didn't try. - SelfDestruct

Yachty, Have you been smoking broccoli again?

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140 Girls Like - Tinie Tempah Girls Like - Tinie Tempah

The video makes me wish that brain bleach is a thing. - Elina

Yeah you don't know what girls want and it's not have wing women twerking so yah

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