Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius


This song is trash and Jacob Sartorius is turning into the new Justin Bieber. Sartorius' miserable auto-tuned piece of crap song has already gathered over 700,000 disliked on YouTube in just less than a month. Sartorius uses the new sensation of wearing loved ones clothing when you "need them there." Sartorius miserable song is an internet pop sensation fail and should be taken off the web as soon as possible.

Overall the song has gotten an astonishing... 0/10. The song is a horrible mess and has gathered more hate than Donald Trump.

DEAR LORD? What is this abomination? I'm glad it's #1 on the list and it had better STAY in this place. The beat is really crappy and dumb, and his voice is a ripoff of Shawn Mendes (my favorite male singer). Like, be original. There's a difference between having someone as an influence and COMPLETELY COPYING THEM. The lyrics are really perverted and raunchy for his age (isn't he like 12? ). I mean baby by Justin Bieber was horrible, but when I found out people actually liked this...thing, I legit lost faith in humanity. The music video was dumb and it deserved the dislikes it got. The amount of respect I have for this is a negative number. I HATE IT WITH A PASSION. Lastly, there's the artist. Why are they giving talentless creeps like him recording contracts? He can't sing, he only got famous because of LIPSYNCING. REALLY? ANYONE CAN LIPSYNC. THAT REQUIRES LITERALLY NO TALENT. I hate Justin Bieber with a passion, but at least he got discovered because of actually singing which takes ...more

This is trash. Cringeworthy. Seriously... don't embarrass yourself by exposing your cracking and terrible voice and failing autotune adds into this piece of crap. Totally worthless. You'll need bleach after listening. Hopeless. And the video is horrifying too. Jacob has totally failed to prove his skills, only earning positive reviews from his eight-year-old fans. Anyone with normal ear function and a right mind would dislike the song. Stick to lip-sync, Jacob, you're talentless. Negative one out of ten.

This makes me feel sorry for hating on Justin Bieber in 2010. At least he was somewhat talented. This kid's utterly hopeless. - Zach808

This is DEFINITELY the worst song of all time. Sure, people would come back from 2010 and say, "No, Justin Bieber's 'Baby' " is. But then, people were too distracted by talentless trash like Justin to focus on BROADWAY, and soon enough, The actually GOOD musical trifecta of American Idiot, Book of Mormon, and Memphis closed, and only one has been revived since then. Now, people are WAY TOO FOCUSED on Hamilton, and not on how bad at singing this guy is. Let's get him up higher than Number One!

Just another talentless kid who the music industry is trying to pass off as the next Justin Bieber by drowning his voice in autotune, horrible lyrics, and a monotonous acoustic guitar riff. I feel sorry for him, really. This song is a disaster on all grounds. - Spark_Of_Life

Seriously this song is straight up trash. Why does he continue to make music when he knows it's not good. He should go back to watching Mickey Mouse and stop making this terrible music. The lyrics make no sense to me. He is just trying to make his words rhyme, not all words have to rhyme. "Chilling with a hair tie, no makeup with some sweatpants on", Is he talking about himself or the girl he is sing about. As I said 'Stop making music".

This song has got to be the worst song of 2016! It sucks so bad that do you even call it a song? What the crap is it? What is it? Jacob Sartorius has to use autotune, he sounds like a malfunctioning robot, the lyrics are so creepy and stupid, this has got to be the worst song I have ever heard. At least with all the other terrible songs on this list, you can call them SONGS! Heck call Juju on that Beat, 7 Years, or Closer the worst, but Sweatshirt? What the crap is it? What is it? what is it? It's lower than the worst! It's worse than the worst!

This song is a disgrace to music. The chorus is just "you can wear my sweatshirt" repeated over and over again, and the beat is like Chinese water torture. There are no redeeming qualities to this song, and it makes me laugh how this song is so low on this list. In fact it made me realize that Juju on that Beat was at least catchy and danceable.

Why did ADoseofBuckley not put a Jacob Sartorius song on his list of "Top 10 Worst Songs of 2016"?! He makes Meghan Trainor sound like Whitney Houston! JACOB SARTORIUS! HE CAN'T SING, HE HARASSES PEOPLE AND HE ONLY GOT FAMOUS FOR NOTHING (BUT LIP-SYNCING)!

This song sucks, so many people at my school sing it. I do not like his voice, it sounds horrible. He tries to hard to look cute and impress girls, but he can't. No one wants to wear his sweatshirt that has been dragged on the ground. - AnimeDrawer

Well, 2016 sucks so far. This song has a cute idea behind it, I'll give it that, but why oh why did Jacob Sartorius get chosen for this?! JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN LIP SYNC DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN SING! Also this production is hellish, but I don't think anyone noticed.

Why would anyone with functioning ears voluntarily listen to such a trashy song? The vocals are simply obscene, and the fact that they are coming from a supposedly "cute" little boy does not promote any sympathy for the song: It is pure and utter garbage. And that is undeniable.

My main problem with this song is that it was obviously made to cater to his (very) young female fans. There isn't any real emotion to it, the lyrics are horribly dull and his voice + the autotune just blend together to make this song (if you can even call it that) a perfect mess.

Rumor has it if you play this in any store they'll give you a whole jug of bleach free of charge

Absolute garbage and if you think Baby was bad listen to this talentless piece of garbage no one can stand -9000/5. Worst song I ever heard in my life. - AlphaQ

Well at least this song didn't get into the Billboard. I don't know bout 7 Years but that song was crap. This song is the main reason why I didn't really find 2016 a good year for music. But this song is so bad I even cringe when listening to the parody. - AlphaQ

I hate a lot of these songs, but this song is utter trash. It was the most popular song at my camp and it made me want to strangle someone. It's awful, the people who haven't heard it are so lucky.

Awful song. Even auto tune didn't help with his awful voice. The music video is bad. The sweatshirt is moving by itself like it's possessed. I didn't get it at all.

Its just plain stupid. The lyrics make no sense WHAT SO EVER! Even trying to put it in any sense in every possible way, not ever gonna send a clear message. EVER!

Seriously, it sounds like Jacobs mimicking while saying," When you go to sleep at night." Hell even a lot of girls from my school don't like this crappy song!

This song is literally the worst. I watched the whole video scarring myself and ran to go grab some bleach. I invited all my friends over and we had a fun time drinking bleach and dying 1 at a time. Don't listen to this song ever. You will want to do the same.

It's terrible but in the best way possible. It's the "so-bad-it's-good" kind of terrible. I enjoy listening to it ironically, because I find untalented 10-year-olds singing cringeworthy lyrics over godawful production funny. There are no actual good qualities to this song other than it being unintentionally hilarious to me.

I actually like Bart Baker's parody better then the original.

We went from artists like Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Rush, Gorillaz, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin, and now...this lanky, pasty white, boy..

Led Zeppelin are garbage, and Gorillaz are decent at best. Jacob is one artist. - WonkeyDude98