Worst Songs of 2017

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1 It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul Cover Art

It's not everyday, bro! Pink Floyd and the other legends are leagues better than this trash! Hey Jake Paulers! You can moan and groan all you want, but Jake Paul got fired from Disney because reports proved that he was not being a thoughtful LA neighbor as a result of his outlandish pranks! Jake Paul received backlash from many people due to his many legal issues that transpired! He's a toxic influence because not only do his songs advocate for egoistic behavior, but Jake Paul has little to zero respect for anyone but himself! This song was made only so that he can benefit off his career as a rapper. However, it mainly got negative reviews from people due to all the excessive curse words and disrespectful pride it contained. If you Jake Paulers think this song is good, think again and listen to the more lively songs by Pink Floyd, Queen, Lynyrd Skynyrd or any other epic band!

Let me make something quite clear: This song is TERRIBLE, and anyone who unironically likes this crap should be ashamed of themselves. With that said, it isn't a very unique kind of terrible. It sucks, but I can't say that it is really that much different than most other terrible rap songs put out in the past two years. If you told me when I first heard this song that it was Migos or Rae Sremmurd, it would take me a solid minute to realize that you were lying to me. My point is, it isn't that special. As for the line, "England is my City",... he went full retard. Never go full retard. That's all I have to say about the song. As for the moving white rectangle that keeps distracting me from what I'm typing, I hate it more than the song itself.

I can't wait for Jake Paul to lose the respect of his many YouTube subscribers! Not only is he a toxic influence on society due to his legal issues, but his songs received mostly negative reviews from others due to the lack of good messages. Jake Paul caused his LA neighbors to be infuriated by wreaking havoc through his savage actions and rowdy parties. Guess what Jake Paul? It's not Everyday Bro! IT'S EVERYDAY NO! Songs from epic bands like Pink Floyd and Queen are so much better than all the trash you released! No one wants to binge listen to your trashy songs that only focus on your pride and ego.

Awful. The vocals sound awful, the beat is generic, and the lyrics... don't even get me started on the lyrics. Some memorable lyrics include "it's every day bro with that Disney channel flow", "Just dropped some new merch, and it's selling like a god church", "England is my city", "Yeah I smell good", and many others. The only thing that this song has going for it is that the lyrics are so ridiculous, it is a very good song to listen to ironically and make fun of. However, if you genuinely like this song unironically, then you need some help.

2 Drinkin' Too Much - Sam Hunt Drinkin' Too Much - Sam Hunt Cover Art

This deadbeat stalked his wife, spied on her naked while she cried in her bathtub and is justifying it by saying that he was drunk and wants to pay her students loans, also he literally contradicts everything in this song. Quite charming, eh?

I have not heard of half of the songs in those list and judging by the listening samples they don't sound all too bad either, just... not memorable. There are a few trap songs on here, which is weird for me because in German speaking countries rap is kind of hailed as the savior of hip hop's true soul right now, because trap rappers care much about the flow and melody and less about multisyllabic rhymes.
Overall, most of these songs sound generic more than bad. And who are Sam Hunt, or Zay Hilfigerrr, Kodak Black and Jacob Sartorius? And why do they get that much hate?

Sam Hunt's method of apologizing to his wife:

1. Making his song boring and emotionless.
2. Confusing the crap out of both himself and his ex-wife by lacking the ability to figure out who was hurt in the relationship.
3. Letting her know, while she's pissed off at him, that he stalked her.

Sam Hunt is quite possibly the worst country singer I've ever listened to.

Boring as hell, closer to Drake than country music, and some pretty bad lyrics. If the girl in the song than Sam mentioned, wanted privacy, then why the hell does Sam say this personal stuff in the song about her? The more music Sam puts out, the more I hate him...

3 Body Like a Back Road - Sam Hunt Body Like a Back Road - Sam Hunt Cover Art

I honestly don't care enough about this song to be angry about it. It truly is one of the worst songs of the decade, but it's so bland and cliche there's no point in giving it attention. That will only cause it to become more popular.

Two words. Very annoying. I am surprised this deadbeat even got 50 dollars for making this dumb song. My step mom loves it but I don't. This song has been old for a while and I know someone agrees with me.

If a man compared my body to a back road, they would ensure the swift end to the relationship. The song is poorly written and quite honestly I am glad probably won't be a hit in Australia

Really bland song. There are worse songs on the radio right now but it is noteworthy how stupid it is to compare a woman's body to a road less traveled as a COMPLIMENT.

4 Gucci Gang - Lil' Pump Gucci Gang - Lil' Pump Cover Art

Last year, there were this boy band alliance thingy called Gucci Gang. They were always playing this song during break times. ALWAYS. And let me tell you what my first reaction was when I first heard it.
"What the actual hex? "
There was this one time when I was so curious about why they love that song so much. Since I myself come to love songs mainly by its lyrics, I checked out this song. I was grossed out. Really grossed out. The lyrics are CRINGY, as if the artist just effortlessly slammed a bunch of nonsense in his song and started rapping it talentlessly.
This song is unforgettable, in a bad way. It had affected my insights on Gucci, the brand itself, and it will always be one of the reasons why I don't like pure rap.

This song is about drugs. What's worse, Lil' Pump is only 17. He's technically still a kid. And that also means that he's MattyB on 3 years in the future on drugs. Gucci gang is the 43rd most disliked songs on youtube, and it should be higher. and by the way, the logo thingy of this song is cringey, and lil pump has gummy worms for hair. this song sucks, how did it reach 3 on billboard hot 100?. It must be left in 2017 with bon appetit and and all the other bad songs that I don't feel like listing out. Oh, and by the way, this song is complete trash. --300/10. Peace.

This song arrived on the Australian ARIA chart at number 48 this week and I am dying to know who the hell loves this generic piece of nonsense. Seems all rappers rap about these days is brand names. jewellery, their cars and somebody else's girlfriend. It's so predictable and absolutely crap that it removed a good song like "Lose My Mind" by Dean Lewis from the top 50.

My god. The worst song anyone has ever made. I hate most modern rap since it isn't really rap, but this song is the worst out of ALL of them. And the worst part is people actually love this song. Saying the same words over and over again is not rapping. I can't stand this song at all. This is basically jake paul level of bad.

5 Bon Appetit - Katy Perry Bon Appetit - Katy Perry Cover Art

Ughhh! This song is so gross. It sounds like a female counterpart of "Blurred Lines", where the narrator accepts men's sexism and just gets "spread like a buffet" to attract men's attention, assuming she's "all they want". This is the kind of song that will only exacerbate men's sexism. While "Blurred Lines" could be saved by its catchy melody and infectious rhythm, "Bon App├ętit" doesn't have any redeeming qualities that will make you forget about the terrible message behind the lyrics. Sorry Katy but you should know better than making disgusting songs like those.

Katy Perry's worst song and album. What happened to her 2008 days when she used to make some pop rock songs in One Of The Boys? I cannot believe the same singer who made a good song like Fingerprints made this sexual trash, I wish Katy can go back into making music like that instead. She turned worse and went all bubblegum. Boring song, terrible beat, Migos did a terrible job in rapping, bad lyrics and horrendous video, one of the worst to go with it.

Yet again, katy tries to be "sexy" but again it comes off corny and lame. I thought we had enough of these kind of songs, using food as sexual innuendos, R. Kelly did it, rihanna did it, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and even katy herself with birthday. These songs are more disturbing than sexy and need to stop. Food does not sound sexy at all. Katy perry needs to stop making music already, she has always sucked.

This is definitely ground zero. It has to be the worst song that Katy Perry has ever made. If you couldn't stop jamming to this song, it could be one of the reasons why western civilization is dead in the water. Why not read a book to children or play outside instead of listening to this "Bon Appetit" that belongs in the stinking dumpster?

6 Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift Cover Art

One of the worst Taylor Swift songs ever. It just all about diss tracks against Kanye West, Katy Perry and the old Taylor Swift fans. Fortunately, She improved again.

Where do I even begin? I miss songs like Bad Blood, You Belong With Me, and Love Story. Everything was fine with Taylor Swift up until reputation when she started to rap for some reason. In the end, this song sounds like she's trying to rap, but can't so she screams the chorus in an "edgy" manner. The chorus is carp, she sounds like a wannabe edgy gangster. The only good part of the song is the pre chorus where she actually SINGS and does not sound like a wannabe edgy gangster. And this song is SOMEHOW going to stay at #1 for WEEKS, while keeping good songs like Havana and There's Nothing Holding Me Back away from the top spot. Another Taylor Swift rap song, "Ready For It? " is #1 on iTunes and looks like it's gonna be another top spot hogger!

2017 was a year full of bad songs that I did not enjoy in the slightest. I was also not excited to see that this woman dropped a new song this year. It honestly exceeded my expectations for how bad it is. This song sounds so much like "Me Too" by Meghan Trainor and yet this song is so bad in everything that it gives "Me Too" a good rep and that is not only my most hated song of 2016, but one of my most hated songs of all time. Also, the lyrics are some of the worst I have ever heard in my life. Taylor disses and gives a middle finger to anyone who "broke" her and says that her reputation is destroyed and it is all our faults. Taylor, just stop. Sure, Kim Kardashian might have leaked that phone call, and Kanye and Katy Perry might have done a lot to you, but it was yourself and everything you have said and done over the years that has given you a bad rep. There is a reason why "Reputation" despite it being #1 on Billboard, it has not done as well as "1989". On top of her feuds with ...more

WHY? God damn it Taylor, you are IMMENSELY better than this. Basically, if you combined "Me Too", "Bad Blood", and "Blank Space" together, you get this monstrosity of a song. The song just sounds so bad, from the lazy chorus that just repeats the title over and over (with no singing, mind you), to the really dark instrumentation that actually sounds creepy. Then we have the lyrics, which are honestly worse than "Bad Blood". They are so mean spirited (satirical or not) and attack EVERYBODY, from the Kardashians to her older fans. Lastly, we have this lyric:

"Sorry, Old Taylor can't pick up the phone right now. Why? Oh, because she's DEAD."

Worst Taylor song by far. Yeah this is worse than "Bad Blood". I can see why people dislike Taylor now. Literally the only pop artists worth listening to this year are Kesha, The Weeknd, and Lorde. Screw 2017.

7 Mo Bounce - Iggy Azalea Mo Bounce - Iggy Azalea Cover Art

Digital Distortion is no longer a thing due to Iggy leaving Def Jam Recordings. Thank God for that! However, this is going to be part of a new album called Surviving the Summer, which will suck.

What the hell is it on the list for? It pretty good for an Iggy song and one of the best hip hop songs this year. It has a lot of BASS in it.

Iggy Azalea, do we have to talk about what happened last time with Fancy in 2014, when big ass anthems were at their height in music? Because it was really bad

Trash, no one cares about Icky Azalea anymore since 2015. Garbage song about twerking, boring song, horrible repetitive lyrics.

8 Gummo - 6ix9ine Gummo - 6ix9ine Cover Art

Put this song at #1, this song is abysmal. At least Gucci Gang was annoyingly catchy, this song has literally nothing good about it. 6ix9ine sounds like he's doing drugs while having extreme constipation and while getting his dick shot off by a rifle.

This peaked at number 12! He is convicted for use of a child in a sexual performance. How have we descended this far? We must not allow this mindset to reach the courts, police, and government.

Hey, this is still at the top of the "Worst Songs of 2018" list, can we get this to the top of this list too?

Imagine if we could, after all it is from September 2017.

If BILLY didn't exist, this would be the worst song of the artist. 6IX9INE kept repeating the N word all the time is one of the most uncomfortable things ever. It was the first time he wore his rainbow grills. The time with him smiling with it is just disgusting. Eww...

9 Salad Dressing - Borgore & Bella Thorne Salad Dressing - Borgore & Bella Thorne Cover Art

Never mind Body Like a Back Road, Look What You Made Me Do and Thunder, this is the WORST song of 2017, this is barely what you could even call a song it's that bad. The voice going "Sauce on the salad or the sauce on the side" is absolutely creepy and whoever did the computer based noises for the instrumentation should be sacked immediately. This is not music, it's an excuse for a lot of stupid noise.

Bon Appetit is less painful than this, and that isn't exactly a masterpiece either. At least the chorus there isn't literally the same thing over and over again, less autotune, and actual singing (even if it's bad). Same cannot be said about this.

Moral review
This song is so bad I'd rather hear someone vomiting than tis. Oh wait this song CAUSES VOMITING. Well I hate being a curious and interested human now thanks to this. I had nightmares. I wouldn't reccomend this song to anyone you care about. Let your enemy hear. Someone being a fake friend? Just torture them with this! And the music video. Oh god that music video. Overall -100000000000000/10. And bella thorne is now the most hated disney star. I hated her before now I hate her MORE.

This is dangerously close to being the worst song of all time.

It's lazy, it's poorly produced, it's Borgore, it is gross, and that drop is easily the worst I've ever heard, toppling Sahara's in sheer awfulness. -10/5

10 Bingo - Jacob Sartorius Bingo - Jacob Sartorius Cover Art

I didn't want to say anything awful. He was a victim of bullying and saying anything harsh would be awful, but you should never use sympathy to make yourself "likeable". Sympathy is a like a bandage, but the scars that we got from his music are like bullet wounds! This song sucks, and so has his other songs in the past, present, and future. If you're ever going to be more likable, Jacob, then stop doing this. You are only going to get more hate doing this career. Pretty soon, you will end up like Justin Bieber. And NO ONE, I mean NO ONE, wants to be like Justin Bieber. So, please. Give us mercy from our ears. Stop. NOW.

I don't mean to say anything to mean because the kid already has to much hate already, but this song is definitely not a song that I would blast in my car when it comes on the radio. Plus, the chorus sound exactly like the nursery rhyme "Are You Sleeping Brother John". Seriously Jacob, you should al least try to make music that sounds good. Honestly I don't like anything about this song. When he says "lips like Kylie" I was like, "Boy what you know about Kylie Jenner, she is so out of your league. Seriously, he is a Justin Beiber wannabe. That's the truth.

Jacob, just stop. You'll get more hate and harassment if you continue. If you continue, you'll end up like Justin Bieber. You DEFINITELY don't want that to happen. Also, you should wait until you're in your 20s to actually start your music career.

Stop doing this career, if you want to be likable, then stop doing this, you'll get more hate and harassment doing this. Another bad thing that will happen to you you will eventually end up like Justin Bieber, and you definitely don't want that to happen to you

The Contenders
11 Happy Ending - Hopsin Happy Ending - Hopsin Cover Art

@NiktheWiz and WonkeyDude98

There's an even worse lyric than the sucky sucky lyric. Read this: "I'm buildin' a sweat, I'm killin' it yes/I pulled out and spilled on her breast"

Good God. And yeah, this is worse than Fack. At least Fack could be considered a JOKE and didn't have terribly imitated Asian Accents. This is also racist because apparently "All Asian woman speak bad English". KILL THIS. -5/5

I can't help but feel like if this was released by Migos or Rae Sremmurd or Lil Uzi Vert or whoever, the people who are defending this song by saying "He's having fun" would just start hating it like everyone else.

Oh my god... normally I'd make some obnoxious comment mocking the Hopsin fanbase, but I'm not even gonna put the effort into doing that, no, this song is just terrible on every level, I'll just be blatant. -1/5

No way, Hopsin is awesome. He's just having fun, you can't take this song too seriously. Still better than 99% of all the mainstream rap today.

12 Side N**** - Kodak Black Side N**** - Kodak Black Cover Art

Ugh. Sometimes if the beat is good enough I can look past the trash lyrics, but this song has nothing going for it. The beat is slow and boring, and Kodak's voice is so horrible. It also doesn't help that Kodak is the least interesting rapper ever next to 21 Savage. How anybody can like this is beyond me. At least Tunnel Vision had somewhat of a beat. You can't even dance to this or play it in the club, what is the point of this? I'll never understand when rappers who are supposed to be "hard" make these boring so-called "love" songs. If you wanna hear a good rap love song listen to Lil Boosie - Facetime or Lil Trill - #1 Girl but not this mess!

Even the worst artists have their own rock bottom.

This is Bottom 5 of all time material for sure. Not only is this from Kodak Black, which means you can expect his awful nasally mess, this has some of the worst lyrics I've ever read in my life. Kodak Black is a legit convict in real life, so whoever thought he should sing about forcing a girl to date him and tell him where her boyfriend is so he can shoot him really should be fired.

Screw this. -10/5

To be honest, I'm just questioning his own rapper name. Kodak Black sounds like a new camera more than a rapper.

Easily the worst Kodak Crack song. I normally don't care about lyrics but this sing has nothing, hos voice is garbage and the beat sucks! -5/5

13 Tunnel Vision - Kodak Black Tunnel Vision - Kodak Black Cover Art

He sounds like a Jamaican muppet and the lyrics are boring as hell, like the one's you'd find in any song that's only popular form streaming. This is the "Panda" of 2017 and from the way things are going, it's probably heading straight for #1. Other than the admittedly good flutes that hide behind the generic trap beats, this gets a 1/10.

Okay, maybe the beat isn't completely terrible, but it's pretty boring. Even if you look past the lyrics, which are some of the worst things I've heard in that musically awful year, I still can't have a single bit of interest in this song. Good lord, those vocals are so annoying, he sounds like a gremlin trying to take a crap and autotuning it. It's as bad as it looks. -5/5

Oh gosh, I never even heard this song until DCfnaf showed me this song. It is one of the worst songs ever. Out of tune beat, disgusting, effortless lyrics, and terrible and boring vocals, this song belongs in the genre low quality trash, which is a genre I made up for all the worst songs ever.

Really? Sam hunt is generic, but not downright abysmal. This was the first of the horrendous mumble rap abominations to rule the charts this year, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Screw you, and screw god damn hip hop music.

14 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran Shape of You - Ed Sheeran Cover Art

It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't play this 2894 times a day on the radio. Also if you knew Eds older stuff before be became mainstream pop.

The lyrics are horrible. This songs is probably a leftover from some artist. This sounds like something The Weeknd would sing about. Sorry, songs like this suits him, but not Ed.

Wow, this song is a complete abomination. Now I'm not a big Sheeran fan, but at least some of his music is at least listenable (I really like Bloodstream though). However for this song, I cannot say the same thing. This is by far the worst ES song I've ever heard in my life. And most of friends like it. But it makes me cringe so much. I hate it to death. The only decent thing about it is Ed's voice. Everything else is just atrocious. I hate the beat, I hate the melody and I especially hate the lyrics. They're annoying, they're overplayed, and they're just lazy. I thought Ed had more class than this. I would expect this more from someone like Charlie Puth, not Ed Sheeran. He can do so much better than this - and this is coming from someone who doesn't like Ed Sheeran's music as much everyone else. This should be ranked higher than number 11.

This song was played so many times on the radio and the next time it comes on I'll either change the channel or shoot my eardrums with a handgun. Oh wait, I don't have to do that, as this song literally makes my ears bleed. It has a mediocre dancehall melody that every pop artist and their mom is trying to replicate, the song is about loving a girl solely for her bodily appearance, and every white girl and her single mom is playing this on the way to school and soccer/volleyball practice, with a stop at the local Starbucks. 2/5-Annoying.

15 Juju on that Beat - Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall Juju on that Beat - Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall Cover Art

This really should be at #1.

Look, there was absolutely no effort put into this whatsoever. The atrocious beat? It's not even theirs! They just stole it from Knuck If You Buck, an already awful song. And honestly, our performers are actually worse. I'm not even gonna remember their names because we'll never hear from them again, but they have literally not even a hint of talent. And, even for a freestyle, these lyrics might be the worst I heard in a song last year.

0/10 might even be too high. The fact that this was a Top 5 hit on Billboard baffles me.

This song sounds like a kid trying to be hip would make. This is like that stupid whip nae nae song where middle schoolers are going to enjoy it and nobody else will. What happen to the days of music when the music actually meant something. If I do not hear this song ever again I will be a happier person

How does anyone like this? The cover says "this is a challenge"! The title of the album is unfinished. It should say " This is a challenge to make fairly decent music". Or " We are MENTALLY challenged".

As much as it sucks, it was released in 2016, so I'd put it on my worst of 2016 list rather than 2017. Leave it there where it belongs.

16 Mi Gente - J Balvin Mi Gente - J Balvin Cover Art

Terrible song, if not, one of the worst ever to become a hit. The beat is basically a man screaming to some fast drum beat. Not another reggaeton hit song, please don't make this mainstream. This is one of the worst songs ever, it is meaningless, autotuned, and has a terrible beat. I knew J Balvin way before he was put in this list, and he is talentless, can't sing live, and overly autotunes his songs and writes bad lyrics.

This song's beat gets annoying pretty quick (it's a goat moaning in pain, as someone else here pointed out), and there's a real "so bad it's good" vibe here. This song is just like any other terrible mainstream pop song. Also, this already got 7,470,000 likes on YouTube and 1.37 BILLION views. Faith in humanity lowered.

The synth line is extremely catchy, the song has a nice rhythmic structure, the lyrics talk about J Balvin and Willy William trying to unite the world through music. It's a slow grower, but once you feel that atmosphere, there's no going back. 4/5

This song wasn't that bad, but I think there could've been less repetition in the melody and backdrop. This is America's second latino craze, and I like the idea of more foreign influences on the radio. 3/5-Not Bad.

17 Swish Swish - Katy Perry Swish Swish - Katy Perry Cover Art

Can't Katy stop making trash already? Everyone loves Miley Cyrus' "Malibu" because Miley focused on the song, the lyrics (which she obviously wrote), and the pleasing and relaxing tone. Miley also seems so happy and sweet in the video and she now realizes she made a poor decision by being gross on stage. So why is Katy pulling this artificial act? At least Miley's songs were good in and out of her gross phase. 0/5

This being a petty response to "Bad Blood", something that happened 2 years ago, makes it more loathsome. Plus, she said that if Taylor stopped fighting, she'd stop. I don't think there is any other pop star in the industry right now that is more fake than Katy Perry (Nicki Minaj is in this song too so wow). Why'd you make this song if you want the stinking fighting to stop?

This song is pretty catchy but the lyrics was just bad especially that "big guy" voice in the beginning. Katy Perry was used to be good when "California Girls" and "Fireworks" gets popular but now it's suck especially of how songs are getting worst by now. But this one is pretty much I just heard from fashion shows, malls, etc.

The first 23 seconds of the song was great. The rest is history. It's bland and mindless, and I'm 100% certain Taylor is not offended by this song, she's probably laughing at how poorly it has been written compared to her latest song

18 Kid in a Candy Store - Jojo Siwa Kid in a Candy Store - Jojo Siwa Cover Art

I hate her! She is such a brat. She thinks she's all nice but she's actually really rude. This song is the worst peice of crap I have ever heard. I'd like to throw that ugly twerp into a black hole.

I've heard this a lot on Nick Music, and I know that even noise isn't the best description for this. A racket is the best description for this.

So annoying! Jojo Siwa is so childish. She needs to start acting mature and stop being so childish. You're sixteen, not five!

@PandasNGaga, I know, right?! Jojo Siwa is the definition of a headache and an earache. I honestly hate this freaking annoying sorry excuse of an artist! She's always screaming when she talks, her album cover is so immature, not to mention her music videos and the way she dresses is immature too! She's literally 17, but she acts like a 4 year old, did you guys see her car? It literally has rainbows, hearts, the stupid Nickelodeon logo on it, a bow and a unicorn! And she got upset when Justin Bieber insulted it. I'm being so honest right now, who wouldn't insult that piece of trash? She's so annoying! And @all you wannabe 6 year old Jojo Siwa fans, say what you want because THAT WILL NOT CHANGE THE HATRED I HAVE TOWARDS THIS WASTEUTE!

19 Jocelyn Flores - Xxxtentacion Jocelyn Flores - Xxxtentacion Cover Art

While I absolutely LOATHE "Look At Me! ", I kinda like this to be honest. Deep suicide song with pretty good lyrics to me, and while the vocals are lazy, the beat's pretty good and Shiloh's part makes it even better. 3.5/5


Yeah, I know I've said it a million times before, but do believe me when I say that this is TRULY the worst song ever written.

You guys probalbly don't know he wrote this song about his friend who commited suicide.
You're just judging a book by it's cover that is disrespectful.

This song should be no. 1 or Str8 Shot or Look at Me... This is just terrible song from worst rapper ever.

20 Strip that Down - Liam Payne Strip that Down - Liam Payne Cover Art

Oh dear Lord? What is this abomination? I see Liam Payne has decided to take the route of average aging adult male pop star releases a desperately controversial song all about sex in order to stay relevant to shock value. It didn't work with Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, it didn't work with Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty, and it most CERTAINLY isn't working for Liam here. The lyrics are pathetically desperate and cringeworthy, not to mention they contain a hilarious slew of drug references. Liam's delivery is obnoxious and way to dependent on autotune, he sounds like a mule and Siri had a baby. Not to mention it had to feature Quavo from the already terrible insult to rap group known as Migos, who's delivery is also obnoxious. And what is up with that freaky talking voice in the post chorus? Oh and people are defending him saying that he's free now that he's not in 1D? Go listen to Niall's singles or Zayn's album or Harry's album, not this which is extremely cringeworthy and desperate. ...more

Thank GOD Liam Payne cleaned up his act with his newest single with Zedd entitled "Get Low." At least in that song he was ACTUALLY sexy. Listen to that, it's MUCH better than Strip That Down.
My rant on THIS trash:
I found it to be okay on the first listen. Then the more I listened to this, the more respect I lost for it. The lyrics are nasty and just a bunch of pathetically desperate references about sex, drugs, and strip clubs, like he's trying to go all rap here. It was just a no! Overall -10000000/5. This is a disaster on all grounds

Every time he says "strip that down for me" it utterly makes me feel uncomfortable! Now, songs are just coming out talking about a woman's physical attributes in a sexual manner. Songs are recently coming out and are viewing women as sex objects! It's pretty disturbing! Now excuse me, I'm going to listen to a Mozart sonata and forget this song existed

I love Liam, but...gah! This song is not good! It's autotuned and a failed attempt at being sexy! And to think that there are 7-year old boys singing "girl I love it when your body grinds on me..." Someone needs to knock some sense into him!

21 Jordans - Jacob Sartorius Jordans - Jacob Sartorius

Well what do you know. My least favorite non rap song is this. Not surprising that many people like/hate a song that compares girls to shoes.

Wait, why would people like this song?
*looks at number of likes of this song on YouTube*
Oh wow, people just did the impossible.

How could you compare a girl to shoes? She's WAY MORE than that! Ladies, never date guys that compare you to mere objects that boys obsess over!

So us girls are mere accessories to make you look more flashy? Nice job, Sartorius. WELL DONE!

Vans are better than jordans.
Also, who compares their girlfriend to their shoes?

22 Hit Em with the Draco - Soulja Boy Hit Em with the Draco - Soulja Boy

Is this a song about Draco Malfoy? I loved him in Harry Potter, great villain, however, a song about him? I hope they don't play this in a Harry Potter movie. Soulja Boy tries so hard to stay relevant, but everyone has forgot about him, nobody cared about him since 10 years ago, he is a one hit wonder.

This is a diss by Soulja Boy to both 50 Cent and Chris Brown. It features a very lackluster beat, terrible rhymes, and pathetic disses.

I pray to god Soulja wins, or he's going to be the laughingstock of hip-hop soon.

To clarify one thing, he's not talking about the Harry Potter character, he's talking about a Draco pistol. This song should also be at number one on this list as there is absolutely nothing good about it

This song became popular just for 2-3 days and after that, everyone forgot about it!
Damn, this song makes Draco Malfoy look like the smartest person in the world!

23 Ohio Fried Chicken - Jake Paul Ohio Fried Chicken - Jake Paul Cover Art

And I thought it couldn't get worse than Its Everyday Bro. Boy was I wrong. Dead wrong. At leasr Its Everyday Bro had some rap in it that made it more enjoyable. Plus he was using his ACTUAL VOICE in that song. In this he sounds like Bill Clinton choking on a banana and singing.

What the hell is this? This song almost sounds like a BOTDF song. The rapping sucks, thsi song gave me ear cancer. Please kill this with fire!

Jake says at the start that this song was made in 1 day.

Why is that a bragging point.

Without listen to this song, I already knew this song was bad as it's everybody bro.

24 Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy Cover Art

"Turn It Off! " -Lovefrombadlands, December 20th 2017 the day she first heard this bad song.

Let's take a moment to enjoy when lovefrombadlands could listen to music, so she could rate the songs.

Due to her ears breaking from hearing this song, Lovefrombadlands can no longer rate new songs, only ones she knew before that horrible day in history.

Dang. I love Fall Out Boy, but this is easily their worst song. The guys that made "Centuries", "Young Volcanoes", "Irresistible", "Immortals", and "Dance Dance" made...this? Come on! How can this amazing band be behind that earbleeding drop? I hope this won't be their new direction. 0/5

I love this song! Guys come on. It's just evolution. If they kept that pop punk sound through all of their LPs, it would get boring and all their songs would sound the same!
I think this is a great song, and a great new sound for Fall Out Boy.

Sell Out Boy proves that they can continue to make even worse music every time they make a new song. Can't believe these are the same guys who made the masterpiece, What a Catch, Donnie.

25 That's What I Like - Bruno Mars That's What I Like - Bruno Mars Cover Art

You know what kind of annoys me? How singers take such catchy sounding music and add to it with the worst possible lyrics ever. Songs like California Girls, Bang Bang. And then there's this song along with 24K Magic. I love how funky and dance-like 24k Magic sounds but NO. It's a song about how he's a dangerous man who has got a bunch of money in his pocket ready to blow. Entirely too much swearing (like I'm even surprised these days) and the part where he says, "We too fresh, gotta blame it on Jesus, #Blessed." And then there's THIS song. I'm just glad that Just The Way You Are, The Lazy Song and Grenade still plays. Listen to Ariana Grande's version of Grenade. It's so good. :)

The fact that this won Song of the Year completes the invalidation of the Grammys. Rest in peace, music.

This song is very addicted but I'm going to find other songs to change my life.

EDIT: Ok, the prechorus sounds pretty good. And you can't help but smile after a couple of listens. Decent tune Mars, you win.

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