Song Review: Bon Appetit - Katy Perry

If there is one artist that truly represents what it means to get progressively worse after each and every era, it's Katy Perry (well, with the exception of 2012).

As someone who strongly enjoys Hot n Cold and Wide Awake, I feel very dissatisfied with the direction Katy is taking now. That's not to say that I've been a fan of hers. She's put out some real stinkers in the past like I Kissed a Girl, Ur So Gay, E.T., California Gurls, and especially Peacock (one of my 20 least favorite songs ever).

Even with someone as tasteless and unoriginal as Katy Perry, I still had some degree of expectations. I have a really good feeling that her upcoming album will her worst to date. How did she fare this year?

With Katy's new single, Bon Appetit (seriously, what a pathetic title), she goes against what she "stood for" in Chained to the Rhythm, a song that is supposed to tells us, the listeners, that we are being consumed by mindless entertainment and pop music, which is hypocritical, considering that Katy Perry is the epitome of all that. That song is basically the Work Bitch of 2017, except Britney Spears at least had the courtesy to work hard before the badly timed release of that single.

Here, we have Katy Perry recreating Birthday from her Prism album. Same food innuendos, except this time, she got a rapper in her for the second time in a row. None of those innuendos are subtle in the slighest, especially with the line, "appetite for seduction." REEEAAAAL subtle.

The worst part is, she didn't even wait past two months in order to switch messages. As much as I questioned Jessie J's transition from Price Tag to Bang Bang, she at least pulled off that transition in three years, far longer than Katy's transition. Heck, even The Band Perry waited longer in order to sell out to the pop genre, and that is really saying something.

There are some lines that really make me sick to my stomach:

"I'm on the menu," "Got me spread like a buffet," and "World's best cherry pie"

First off, didn't Katy already learn not to use the cherry innuendo after the cherry chapstick lyric of I Kissed a Girl did not age well? Seond, the other two lines sound like somewhat that would be found in songs like Come & Get It and Girl in Your Truck Song, two songs that deal with the singer playing a masochist. Once again, this is the woman who released Chained to the Rhythm two months ago whom we are talking about. When a song like this consisting of eight writers contains a lot of ridiculous and sloppily lyrics like those, that only makes the lyrical content way worse.

Even when ignoring the lyrics, this is still a desperate attempt at regaining relevance. Katy is using half-hearted dancehall production which has overstayed its welcome on the charts recently and she has yet another rap guest, this one being Migos. One of Katy Perry's strengths had always been creating a catchy hook as shown in Teenage Dream, Hot n Cold, and heck, even I Kissed a Girl. The hook to this song, however, is the least catchy thing Katy has put out since This Is How We Do. Not only that, but Katy herself also sounds really bored. She doesn't even sound like she is even trying to sound one bit convincing. Not even Birthday sounded this half-assed.

Overall: 0/10. I can't believe this song shrunk on me this much so quickly. If there were a time where Todd in the Shadows' definition of bad being the absence of good would apply well, it's here. This is easily her worst song since Peacock and her laziest since This Is How We Do.

P.S, the cover art for this song makes me want to vomit.


I got so upset with this song that I certified it as my new least favorite song of all time lol - visitor

Articles actually have to clarify this song might not be about food.

If that doesn't tell you how unsexy (and abysmal) this song is, I don't know what will. - WonkeyDude98

There's an article like that for literally any metaphor in a sex song. - ProPanda


ok then - WonkeyDude98



*proceeds to shoot himself* - ProPanda

But fr though. Can we talk about how much her new stuff is flopping? Lmao, did Taylor really do THAT much damage? - visitor

It's more the break went on too long. It happened to Paramore, it happened to Fall Out Boy, it happened to Lorde, now it will happen to Katy Perry. - ProPanda

"World's Best Cherry Pie" literally made me lose my lunch. This is Katy's desperate attempt for attention and relevance. She knows she has no distinguishing features so she pulled off a 2013 Miley Cyrus thing. Out with the old and in with the new (Miley is no longer disgusting and Katy has taken her place). - DCfnaf

The sad thing is I had no problem with Katy's music, I just found it to be sub-par at best. Now she's trying to pull off a Miley Cyrus (she even looks like her now! ), which is just sad considering MC cleaned up a bit. - Swellow

The video just came and it's actually even worse than the song. - NiktheWiz

It's so gross - DCfnaf

I can't believe that the Katy Kats are trying to say this is about women standing up to men. It's not even close to that, did they not read the lyrics? - DCfnaf

It reminds me of every sonf from my new least favorite album called Dishonest by Immature. - AlphaQ

Katy used to make decent pop rock songs in the first pop album she released, she should of sticked to pop rock, it suits her voice. Just listen to One Of The Boys, Self Inflicted, and Fingerprints, and you will know what I am talking about, just ignore your So Gay and I Kissed A Girl. I honestly like the instrumental of I Kissed A Girl and Katy's voice, but not the lyrics, so I rate it 6/10. But then she got more mainstream and more poppy and she kept getting worse and too bubblegum. Bon Appetit is definitely her worst song ever. - AnimeDrawer

I'm a fan of katy perry but I agree with you this song is her worst song ever - RoseCandyMusic

In retrospect, I actually consider Bon Appetit to be Katy's 3rd worst song (This Is How We Do is second). Also, the score for this now 0.5/10. - NiktheWiz