My Opinion About "Bon Appetit"

Ok I'm pretty sure everyone has listened to this song recently due to its unpopularity on the web, but I just can't tell with few words how I feel about this song.

Since 2008 Katy has given to us catchy songs and despite most of them were pretty generic (and some others were bad as well), it was a pleasure to listen to them into the car, the best examples are "Hot N Cold", "Fireworks", "Roar". Everything was doing good even with her thirs album PRISM that was a bit worse than its predecessors but it still was not that bad and with her two singles "Rise" and "Chained To The Rhythm" again, not bad Katy.

But unfortunayely every singer needs to record a super trashy song, I thought it was "Peacock" but unfortunately we got worse... "Bon Appetit".

What I can say, I'm shocked, I have never trurly hated a Katy song but looks like this moment has arrived, this song is a DISASTER in every prospective.
I could've expected a song like this Ariana Grande ir Nicky Minaj but not from you, Katy Perry. Now I'm not saying that this song is bad JUST because it's about sex because it would be a little stupid, but this is not the only reason why I hate this song so much:

Ok well like I've started this is about sex, more precisely using food as a metaphor as sex which us pretty disturbing, I mean "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna had the same meaning but for some reasons I still enjoy it, probably thanks to her voice and the lack of a cheap rapper (I'm not talking about the remix ft. Chris Brown, I'm talking about the original, the 1:20 version, not a fan of the remix), speaking about rappers wee got the Migos! Those freaking racists and over autotuned pieces of garbage oh GOOD!! Because I mean the song was not that bad, huh?
Let's go back to Katy now, her voice is... boring, unsuppirted and used autotune in a terrible way sounding so weird, worst vocal performance by her.

Oh yeah and it also got a video today, it perfectly reflects the song: GODAWFUL!
Katy is treaten like FOOD, she is in a plastic box until the chefs take her and launch her into the flour and they bang her, they tough her like a man touch a woman in a porn movie, and what's next? They cut off her hair and stuff her with condiment (tomatoes, salad etc.), they will cook her and at the end guess what? She will remove all the condiment and do freaking pole dancing... LOGIC! Oh and what about the last 5 seconds when ahe is going to eat a cake that his made with HUMANS?! DISGUSTING!

What the hell happened to you Katy? You were once one of my favourite songers but your new style is garbage, I mean Miley Twerking Cyrus is back to her nice old style and you are trying to be, dunno like the new Miley? Please no Katy, tell me this song was just an exceptoon and that your new album is going to be better.

If I need to give a vote I will be generous... no way! This songs gets what its deserves.
0/10 The restaurant needs to close right NOW.

Here is my long and accurate post, forget my gramnar mistakes, thanks for reading!


I am sorry to say this, but I really don't like Katy Perry. I think she's way too generic and unoriginal. "Witness" is just an awful album to be honest, all of the songs shouldn't even be hits. She's changed her look and style for this album because she's fake/desperate and the first three songs revealed were all pretty bad. Especially this one. "Chained to the Rhythm" is hypocritical because she criticizes pop music for being mindless, but she makes mindless pop music like "Bon Appetit". "Swish Swish" is a response to Taylor's "Bad Blood" also. Katy isn't gonna last much longer to be honest. She doesn't take risks, she is too safe, and lately her music has been disappointing. Sorry...heh. - DCfnaf