Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift


WHY? God damn it Taylor, you are IMMENSELY better than this. Basically, if you combined "Me Too", "Bad Blood", and "Blank Space" together, you get this monstrosity of a song. The song just sounds so bad, from the lazy chorus that just repeats the title over and over (with no singing, mind you), to the really dark instrumentation that actually sounds creepy. Then we have the lyrics, which are honestly worse than "Bad Blood". They are so mean spirited (satirical or not) and attack EVERYBODY, from the Kardashians to her older fans. Lastly, we have this lyric:

"Sorry, Old Taylor can't pick up the phone right now. Why? Oh, because she's DEAD."

Worst Taylor song by far. Yeah this is worse than "Bad Blood". I can see why people dislike Taylor now. Literally the only pop artists worth listening to this year are Kesha, The Weeknd, and Lorde. Screw 2017. - DCfnaf

This song is just purely unimaginative and uninspired. There's nothing enjoyable about it, and it feels oh so incomplete. No bass, no lead instrumentals, awfully petty lyrics, and of course, a big middle finger to fans of her older music. Absolute rubbish. 0/5 - naFrovivuS

This is all I listened to today, trying to form an opinion. I got it. The production is perfect, the vocals do a good job helping the well established tone. Some of the lyrics are a bit awkward (especially the chorus), but those moments are where the production really shines through. This is Taylor at her pettiest, most obnoxious and despicable, but I'll admit the "Taylor is dead" part was actually pretty cool, even if she's probably extra proud of herself for that "deep twist". It's not great, but I do sorta dig it. By the way, this is her most enjoyable lead off single since Love Story. 4/5 subject to possibly change. - ProPanda

Bad beat, bad lyrics, bad singing (especially on the chorus). I normally don't hate every aspect of a song. There is usually something I can get behind (the beat on Tunnel Vision and It's Everyday Bro (I'm in a minority here, I know), the performances on I Fall Apart and Crying in the Club, and the lyrics of Broccoli (sans Lil Yachty) and Water Under The Bridge (I know people adore everything about this song, but it just doesn't work for me)), but there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this song. I have no interest in hearing the album after listening to this garbage.

"I'm sorry, the Old Taylor can't come to the phone right now...why? Oh...cause she's dead! "

Well, you're a pop sellout, you only care about money and not your fans, you are an irritating, whiny little snake, you're the female equivalent of a manchild, and you're attacking everybody with this song...wait, what's different again? -5/5 - DCfnaf

Exactly, listen to truly passionate music artists like Green Day, Angels And Airwaves, and Blink-182, not this garbage made only for money. Taylor Swift is a greedy snake who only cares about money, I always knew she was evil, I knew it the whole time. And she is immature and attacks anyone who attacks her. - AnimeDrawer

This song is so bad it's almost good. That cheesy way she says 'Taylor is dead" made me laugh the first time I heard it. This is a complete sellout in every way, and I don't buy this "edgy" act she's putting on for one minute, but damn if this isn't a hoot to listen to. - Spark_Of_Life

Worst song of the decade so far. This is what happened when you try to do catchy songs instead of good songs. I'm not a Taylor fan at all, but I can understand why Blank Space was so big back then. It was a fun, good and not so catchy fun. This time, She tries to be catchy only to be #1...You can do better Swift or go back to country.

It's funny how Taylor Swift tries to act like a bad girl, when really she still looks like the girl from middle school obsessed with horses. - Catacorn

The whole song from verse to pre-chorus was okay but when it comes to chorus, it went bland and repetitive. This is second time she make a diss track except this time it much worse than Bad Blood. Still though, I will support this song even the song was practically bad at Taylor's level. 2/10 - BeaM456

Bland, boring, and repetitive. The chorus sounds like My Humps, and even Taylor sounds like Fergie if she was to whisper. The lyrics aren't that good and are too simple. The beat is just souless and does not bring an amazing sound to it that makes you pee your pants. I don't think this will be a good album for Taylor. - AnimeDrawer

Her worst song to date. I was never a fan of Taylor, but I could appreciate the effort she put into her music even if it wasn't for me. Look What You Made Me Do is just a wholly unpleasant piece of music to listen to from start to finish. - Rambo

Worst Song She Has Ever Written, Sun In And Performed In To Date, This One is Likely Going To The Very Apex/Pinnacle Of My Worst List This Year, Not A Single Redeeming Quality About This Musical Nuclear Meltdown.

This crap should be number one. This song's lyrics are stupid, dumb rapping part is annoying...Taylor, please stop! Every time this song plays I can feel the tumors growing in my ears!

Somehow this site thinks that "That's What I Like" is worse than this. Unbelievable. Vote this up please. - DCfnaf

Okay, I have question how is this song bad I love this song could someone give me a good reason why this song is bad it is a great song and Taylor swift is very nice she gives money to people who need it and taylor swift has a really good voice - camisFrog

Hahaaahahaaha! This is absolutely one of the worst songs I have ever heard in my life! Why oh why?! I'd rather listen to some real music with good artists such as Pearl Jam or Switchfoot. Seriously, Taylor Swift can't sing or dance.

Since "We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together", the lead singles went terrible, and this is no exception. Taylor Swift just blew up on choosing bad lead singles. At least the rest of reputation isn't like this... Crap we have. - MissRWBY202

I never care for her at all and always knew she was fake and greedy. Come on you could just tell from the beginning. And this is just more awful whatever you want to call it. Now I still don't care for her at all. Nothings changed.

At first I thought this song was good. Now I think it is garbage. The only good thing about it is the background music which only appears a few times throughout the song. - allamassal

Lame, generic and poppy, this is quite possibly all of the bad pop hits we've had this year rolled into one. Everything from the repetitive lyrics to the "rapping" makes it a total disaster, as this would be expected from fergie or Minaj, but Taylor? Not as bad as prophets of rage, but come on. 1/5

Taylor comes again with her victim mentality. Also the song isn't even that good, she only says "look what you made me do" over and over again so yeah crappy song.

Horrible. Repetitive. Lyrics don't make sense to me, the tone is awful. Overall, I simply hate her music. -100/5

In an English Class, all my classmates listened to this song and all I wanted to do was to get out and shoot myself with a gun!

Am I the only one who sees this as improvement for Taylor? Or it might just be me hating most of her old country songs. 2/5 - StarlightSpanks

Wow, from 37th to 18th? What's with all the polarizing reaction? I don't think it's bad in my opinion - Neonco31

Because it's horrific. Taylor attacks everyone she hates in these lyrics and it's not a good sound for her at all. - DCfnaf