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221 My Type - The Chainsmokers
222 Honest - The Chainsmokers
223 Wake Up Alone - The Chainsmokers
224 Young - The Chainsmokers
225 Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Only Chainsmokers song I like. This is actually pretty decent! - UltimateCraig

I agree! This, along with "Paris", is the only good song on their album, which is probably the worst album of the year. - LoveMusicLoveLife

Bad but not worse than the butchering of a masterpiece by Ariana Grande and John Legend (Beauty and The Beast).

I guess they didn't want to call this song "Roses No.2." - NiktheWiz

Roses + Closer + Coldplay + Different Pitch = This.

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226 Same Drugs - Chance the Rapper

One of the Best Songs of 2017, and one of the Best Rap Songs of the decade. - 445956

227 Congratulations - Post Malone

Easily Post Malone's best song thus far. Not like that's a compliment when you consider that literally every other song off Stoney is one of the worst songs of the decade. 2/5, I'm feeling generous today. - WonkeyDude98

I hate White Iverson, but this isn't too bad. - 445956

Why is this here, one of my favorite songs - kok2

Only song from Stoney I didn't hate. 4/5 - ProPanda

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228 Believer - Imagine Dragons

This is my favorite songs of all time.

Why is this here? Believer is amazing.

This is one of the BEST songs of 2017 - CharCharBinks

Top ten on the best list and down here on the worst. That opinion gives me... PAI ok I'll stop. - ProPanda

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229 No Plan - David Bowie

Bowie's a master, even in death. Screw all these losers who say he sucks. - Spark_Of_Life

Are people still trolling this site with Bowie hate? - naFrovivuS

Still at it after a year, eh? - SwagFlicks

No we hate it because he can't sing

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230 When I Met You - David Bowie
231 On Hold - The xx

Pretty sure this was filler, since Spark_Of_Life's remix said he only included the XX's songs as filler for the list to be submitted. - Swellow

The xx are a pretty amazing band. Sad to see this at #1. 5/5 - ProPanda

This is great! - 445956

232 Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran

5/10. It's probably the best song I've heard of the album, but that doesn't mean it's not entirely good. The instrumentals are so tastelessly pseudo-Irish you'd wonder if he actually visited the town in the title when making the song, and the lyrics are corny, yet acceptable. And he doesn't sound like a drunkard like he did in Shape of You. - Swellow

Swellow be salty because he's Irish and Ed Sheeran's a giant dork. 5/5 - PandaDude98

This is actually pretty good. - DCfnaf

This isn't bad, why is it on the list?!? - micahisthebest

233 Ravens - Mount Eerie

I saw this on the best songs of 2017 list, and I didn't think it belonged there at all. Especially since I never even heard of the song or artist until I saw it on the list and thought "What the heck is this? "
For me, it's unpleasant to listen to. And not because it's supposed to be a tragic song. I mean literally unpleasant to listen to. And the vocals? Don't even get me started. - tonyb500

Okay...while I didn't consider this the best song of 2017...it's not one of the worst either. - DCfnaf

234 Malibu - Miley Cyrus

I don't think this song deserves the list at all, it's okay if you think the song is weak for your reasons, but you got to appreciate the lyrics for being so sweet and appreciative, especially the "Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning and you're there to save me and I wanna thank you for all of my heart" lyric. This is definitely better than her entire last album, that's for sure. Plus...she looks so happy on the cover art and in the music video. Just watch and listen. You'll most likely enjoy it. Glad it's at the bottom. - DCfnaf

No, this shouldn't be on here. - DCfnaf

I know, I was stating mine. You're completely misunderstanding this. The "I respect your opinion" thing should be a given, so why should I have to state it? - DCfnaf

I found this decent, but so many people bandwagon it because Miley isn't "crazy" anymore. - Swellow

Not a masterpiece, not garbage, just a little song. She's gone back to innocent, so I guess that's great. The song is still meh. 3/5 - naFrovivuS

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235 I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd

You have got to be kidding me... - DCfnaf

The weeknd= garbage - VideoGamefan5

236 Feed the Machine - Nickelback Feed the Machine - Nickelback

Honestly this Nickelback song is pretty good in my opinion. Good drums, a pretty decent guitar solo, and Chad Kroeger's voice is getting better. The lyrics also are a little better. - LoveMusicLoveLife

Definitely doesn't belong here. You say it's bad because it's Nickelback? No. Their music is decent. Here they tried a new approach to their sound, and instead of a pop rock feel they gave it a hard rock feel, and I say it's likely one of their best songs. 8.8/10 - naFrovivuS

So I was told that Nickelback released a decent single so I checked it out and it was completely forgettable at best. - cjWriter1997

This is actually decent for their standards. It's not the greatest thing of all time, but it's passable for such a terrible band. - DCfnaf

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