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301 Don't Say - The Chainsmokers
302 My Type - The Chainsmokers
303 Wake Up Alone - The Chainsmokers
304 Young - The Chainsmokers
305 Last Day Alive - The Chainsmokers
306 Changed It - Nicki Minaj
307 Skateboard - Jacob Sartorius
308 ...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift

Predictable pop trash from the reigning queen of basic pop music. A woman who was fresh and appealing 6 years ago has turned predictable and stale, keeping with the played out tradition of hitting back at her so-called "haters" and bad-mouthing ex-boyfriends (just as she's done with every other album). She now relies on her feuds and relationship drama to draw attention to her music, signaling that she's out of ideas for good music and is too wrapped up in her own pettiness to spend time making actual art.

So apparently this may well be the first track on the new album. The problem is it sounds like my portable radio when I have it on too close to the laptop. Taylor's three years away have clearly seen her forget how to make good pop music or at least pop music that didn't infuriate anyone! - crowdiegal

This is even worse than Look What You Made Me Do, which is already high on the list of one of the worst songs I've ever heard. Reputation is going to be one of the worst albums of the decade. - PandaDude98

It should be in top 50

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309 The Explanation - Xxxtentacion

It's technically not a song, but it's on an album and has lyrics on genius.com so screw it.
"By listening to this album, you are literally, and I cannot stress this enough, literally entering my mind."

Oh yes, because we totally want to enter the mind of a guy that strangled and battered his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Screw off, jackass. -5/5 - DCfnaf

310 Get the Check - Romvn/Faze Adapt

So much autotune... - PeeledBanana

311 Savage - Tank
312 F It Up - Tank
313 Sexy - Tank
314 High End - Chris Brown

Somebody needs to tell chris brown he's not a rapper! And he keeps making songs with the most cancerous artists - DaWyteNight

315 Asian Jake Paul - Idubbbz

While most YouTubers can't make genuinely good music at all, at least those problems were rectified by the comedic factor such as It's Everyday Bro by Jake Paul or We Do It Best by Tanner Fox, which Asian Jake Paul can't even bother to fix! While many people are saying Idubbbz won against Ricegum, I say otherwise. Granted there is evidence to back up some of his points, such diss tracks are meant to showcase rapping prowess on YouTube. Sadly, Idubbbz and the others are incapable of rapping whatsoever. For the first time, a YouTuber rap song gets a -2/5. Congratulations Idubbbz for setting such an achievement of the lowest of lows. - SelfDestruct

316 Female - Keith Urban

The message of the song is good, but the song itself, not so much. - NiktheWiz

317 Praying - Kesha

I have no words for this. 6/5 - DCfnaf

Obviously, someone is trolling. Best song of the year? Yes. Worst song of the year? Not even CLOSE! - tonyb500

I wasn't being a troll when I added this bad song to the list. I have a strong dislike for this. - lovefrombadlands

What the hell why is this on the list best song of 2017 and possibly the best song of the 2010s - Gangem

ADoseofBuckley put this on this list and said it wasn’t worse than her old music.

I’m done world. R.I.P. - DCfnaf

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318 Love U - Marshmello

Cancerous song. - Eraser

319 I Win - Lethal Bizzle
320 Gummo - 6ix9ine
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