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101 Not Mine - Miquela
102 What Lovers Do - Maroon 5

Say say say hey hey now baby! I love this song. Its good. It isn't artless and takes up 5 minutes (harry styles) Excellent. 8/10 - lovefrombadlands

Eh. It's a little too soulless for me, but I can see why other people like it. - Spark_Of_Life

There are so many songs worse than this...3/5 - DCfnaf

Hey, look! A good maroon 5 song! How long did that take, 8 or 7 years? But seriously, the only reason I would said it's good is because of SZA and the production. 8/10

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103 Whippin - Kiiara

Nonsense lyrics, incredibly annoying vocals that make me feel sick, lazy and overstuffed production, incompetent clipping, and the fact that Kiiara refuses to improve beyond these songs make this an easy -3/5.

This song is catchy, however she uses the word whippin way to many times - kok2

Kiiara had taken Apu. - AlphaQ

It's an improvement over Gold (no more crappy nightcore sound effects), but it's still not really memorable. - Swellow

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104 Anjay - Kemal Palevi

One of the worst song ever 0/10

105 Craving You - Thomas Rhett

As someone who kinda likes Maren Morris, I think having her on here feels wasteful since she barely gets to sing. - NiktheWiz

Wonkey: In my months of not acknowledging and not caring about Thomas Rhett (mainly because Sam Hunt is worse in every way somehow), I completely forgot that he is without exaggeration one of the worst artists ever.

I don't wanna sound like a total elitist (looking at you Spectrum Pulse), but why doesn't Thomas Rhett just go full-on pop already? He'd be good at it, seeing is this is trying to be the blandest approximation of 80s new wave and banjo pop.

Oh yeah, and Maren Morris is here. If you remember my big issue with that song off of Rhett's last abortion Tangled Up called Playing With Fire and you know the big issue I had with that song...yeah this song does it again. Ugh. 0/5 - PandaDude98

106 How It is (Wap Bap...) - Bibi H.

I've heard way worse, but this is still pretty terrible. I'll give it this though: at least it's somewhat genuine in its upbeat nature. - NiktheWiz

Pretty bad, but it is not the worst song ever, I have heard worse songs from BOTDF. However, the lyrics are cheesy and the guitar is so simple. The vocals are not so bad, but get annoying at the chorus. - AnimeDrawer

This sounds like a bad karaoke cover of a kid's song. - Spark_Of_Life

What a joke! It has 2 million dislikes and is on number 69? Put this on No 10.

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107 KDV - Missio

What does Missio have against Darth Vader? Did he traumatized them when they were children or what?

Can missio even stop complaining about a Star Wars character? - Fullwalking2

But Darth Vader died in the 6th Star Wars movie

Jesus Christ these guys are like ministry mixed with blood on the dance floor, and not in a good way. The only good song on this album was bottom of the deep blue sea, and that was still pretty lame.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

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108 Missing You - Johnny Orlando

This isn't even fair anymore. - WonkeyDude98

He looks around 7 or 8 on the cover - Scr3aM

Ok guys calm down. This kid is and will stay irrelevant, so just stop giving him attention and he'll go tf away. - ProPanda

First Jacob Saggytaurus...Now Him? - AlphaQ

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109 The Fighter - Keith Urban

Sorry, Keith, but we did not need another Moves Like Jagger (except even worse). - NiktheWiz

Wasn't this a hit from last summer or so? - Zach808

No. I just entered the charts because of a "viral" video. It's getting officially released this year. - ProPanda

Sorry Keith Butt Your A Virgin. - AlphaQ

No, no, no,...no...no...no...-1/5 - AlphaQ

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110 Love Galore - SZA

Actually amazing 4/5 - Disx

Thank god this song never became a hit - kok2

Travis Scott is now a Drake wannabe

This is a nice song. 7/10. - lovefrombadlands

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111 Kamasutra - Juicy J

Juicy J is irrelevant. - Eraser

This song is baad and you only have to hear the chorus to know it - crowdiegal

Cardi B is the definition of trash - DaWyteNight

Probably the cringiest rap song I've heard this year. Why do "rappers" keep making songs about rape? This guy better never get another hit. "Bandz a Make Her Dance" was already bad enough, but this it utter trash. - LoveMusicLoveLife

112 DN Freestyle - Lil Yatchy
113 Pills & Automobiles - Chris Brown
114 Havana - Camila Cabello

I used to like this before it became a hit. Now that it's absolutely everywhere, it's getting on my nerves. I actually think "Ain't No Crying In the Club" is a better song despite being more like Sia than her own style.

I love this song people probably put this here because it's always on the radio - Iamcool

What? This song is amazing! - lovefrombadlands

Can y'all just respect ppls opinions... not everyone likes this song. if you can't deal w/ opinions then what are you doing on a site about OPINIONS

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115 Bad Liar - Selena Gomez

Hands To Myself was terrible the first time Selena, who said you should remake it? I guess this one has slightly better production. It might grow on me. - ProPanda

Decent production and lyrics, but the vocals are one again really week, especially in the verses, where she's cramming in as many syllables as possible. - NiktheWiz

This is so cluttered and boring I forgot I was listening to it halfway through. - Spark_Of_Life

Good, now get "Feitsh" onto this list!

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116 Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato

If there's one type of mainstream career that's progressed more interestingly then that of a One Direction member, it's that of a child star. Specifically, the 4 that have managed to stay relevant to this day. All of them used to make catchy, innocent teen boppers, and have now progressed into something called adulthood. Ariana Grande varied up her style and begin to influence her sound with R&B, soul, electronic, and pop, maintaining the sweetness and talent that gave her her fans. Selena Gomez escaped deep into the pop realm, experimenting with different genres, including synthpop, teen-pop, and bringing in influences from collaborations in the EDM world ranging from wonky to dance-pop to tropical house, and invoking 70s indie rock samples into her more new atmospheric pop sound. Miley Cyrus, took a more country direction, invoking more adult alternative influences and doing so boringly, if I may add. But Demi Lovato is different. She has continued, to admittedly vary up her style, ...more - ProPanda

Obnoxious lyrics, generic as hell beat, pretty much useless, and oh my god the screaming... - ProPanda

This song sounds like a rehash of "Really Don't Care", which was already annoying enough on its own. Demi really needs to stop shrieking on almost every song. Also she's trying desperately to sound more adult, but she sounds really sounds like a crybaby on this song, and the swearing is unnecessary. Gosh, why do so many singers have to swear these days? Just to sound adult and edgy I guess... well that's not what makes a mature adult. - LoveMusicLoveLife

Demi Lovato's latest album was filled with some of the most insipid production and trite lyrics, and this is no exception. Say what you want about Really Don't Care, but at least that song had a personality and some pop rock instrumentation to let Demi's voice shine. 3.5/10. - NiktheWiz

You know 0/10...but I'm not sorry. UGH why am I saying lyrics of a song I don't even like? I don't like when songs I don't like get stuck in my head. - lovefrombadlands

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117 Call It What You Want - Taylor Swift

You guys really needs to stop, Taylor released a lot of garbage music this year but this one is not bad at all. - DaisyandRosalina

Get your hearing checked and let me know what you think about this song after that. - railfan99

Another generic, unoriginal song on a generic, unoriginal album. - railfan99

Better than her last 3 garbage songs. 3/5

Eh. It’s alright. Don’t really think mediocre songs deserve this Lists. 3/5 - DCfnaf

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118 Love So Soft - Kelly Clarkson

I'm not even sure where to begin! I seem to be the ONLY one who thinks this song is awful. The beat is wack and the chorus is terrible, and the sadder part is that this song actually got played 1 zillion times on the radio and even 100.7 (a station that never played her songs until this one) is playing it! And yet SOMEHOW they're going to keep playing this garbage for weeks! Better songs that are much less deserving of a 'worst songs' list are on this list (and this was not when I first wrote this). This is the most overrated song since the Silento noise a couple years ago. This is coming from someone who actually LIKES Kelly Clarkson songs in general. 1/10 - allamassal

I don't know why this site thinks "Havana" is worse than this dull repetitive trash. I still can't get over the fact that she was at both New Years rocking' Eve and the Golden Globes just because of this song. - allamassal

For some reason this song is actually considered worthy of performances on every other award show. And SOMEHOW Havana is worse than this. Wow. Wow. - allamassal

This is the worst song in Kelly Clarkson's discography by a mile (1/10) and also fares terribly against overplay (which is why I haven't heard this song on the radio for over a month). The only reason she is still relevant is because we live in the age of fanboys and fangirls. - allamassal

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119 Adam's Apple - KSI

Don't tell me he started making more music - 445956

Oh god this is terrible. Nerrible lyrics. That sample I heard rhymed "noodles" with "poodles" and the beat sounds like somebody slept on a record player. 0/10 - 445956

120 No Plan - David Bowie

Bowie's a master, even in death. Screw all these losers who say he sucks. - Spark_Of_Life

Are people still trolling this site with Bowie hate? - naFrovivuS

Still at it after a year, eh? - SwagFlicks

No we hate it because he can't sing

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