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101 Symphony - Clean Bandit

Just because a song is overplayed doesn't mean it show go on the worst songs list. - DCfnaf

I don't hate Clean Bandit but the hypocritical girl who hates 50% of the world.

This song is okay but overplayed to death. - BeaM456

Listen to the song and you would never guess the name of the song. No meaning, and irritating šŸ˜ 

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102 Bank Account - 21 Savage

I might as well drop out of high school and mumble some garbage to make money

This is alright. Best track by far on Issa Album. 4/5 - ProPanda

2nd best on Issa. 4/5 - AlphaQ

This song sums up pretty much everything that sucks about hip hop today. Boring and generic trap beat, song title repeated to death, lyrics ALWAYS about wealth and/or "bitches and hoes" and a voice that sounds so sleepy. When is this toxic trend in hip hop gonna go away? - LoveMusicLoveLife

103 Brave for You - The xx
104 Life Goes On - Fergie

Too boring, why is a lot of mainstream sounding too tropical nowadays? Not my type, also, whats with the slow house beats? Boring, that is the reason I don't like mainstream anymore, but not all mainstream is like that and I know it. - AnimeDrawer

Whats wrong with this song? there many worse songs than this, I actually like it, and by the way, this it was released in 2016 so why are it in "worst songs 2017"?

Am I the only one who thinks this song isn't that bad? It's better than M.I.L.F $

This is a better song than MILFS, but then again, almost any song is better than MILFS. - Spark_Of_Life

105 Pac Man - Weird Al Yankovic Pac Man - Weird Al Yankovic

This did not come from 2017. It's been unreleased for many years and besides it's a good song. Take it off

Weird Al's back, cool! - Scr3aM

Whoever added this doesn't like music.

This is cool and funky! 5/5 - AlphaQ

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106 Passionfruit - Drake

This song shrunk on me pretty hard. I mean it's listenable and has a good groove, but it's really boring and can't even start correctly. I would have no issue with this actually becoming a real hit or flopping either way. 2.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

My only issue is that this is quite possibly one of the longest songs ever recorded. It NEVER STOPS.

All this does is make me want to eat an actual passionfruit. - Zach808

This has a god groove and is pretty smooth and stuff, but it's pretty boring as well and I'm not gonna be too harsh on this but it's either pass or fail at this point just like XXXTentacion's Look At Me. 3/5 - AlphaQ

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107 I Dare You - The xx
108 I'm a Lady - Meghan Trainor I'm a Lady - Meghan Trainor

I wanted to give this a chance, but it somehow managed to fail in every category of generic production, from grating trap horns, to unnecessary rapping, to blind empowerment, and- I'd be here all day if I were to list the other examples.

Only on here because it's Meghan Trainor. The song isn't even sexist, it's telling you to have pride in yourself. Just because she doesn't mention men doesn't mean the song is sexist. It has nothing to do with men and it probably has to do with Smurfette.
Edit: Saw the movie, I was right. Definitely has to do with Smurfette. Before you judge a song, think about the movie's plot Synopsis. - DCfnaf

Now Meghan's recorded another soundtrack single for a terrible kids movie? It's from The Smurfs: The Lost Village, coming April 7. Anyway, Meghan needs to be stopped before she lays more eggs.

She made this song because people were assuming her gender - Disx

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109 I'm Still Standing - Taron Egerton

This is a 2016 song. Either way...just a mediocre song. Enjoy it though. "Don't You Worry Bout a Thing" was better than any of the songs here. - DCfnaf

I love this movie, but the song is kinda catchy. JUST MY OPINION - Cartoonfan202

A terrible song from a terrible movie. Nothing short of expected.

I don't mind this song. I also enjoyed the movie - Scr3aM

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110 Both - Gucci Mane

Lovely cover - Scr3aM

It's passable enough. 3/5 - ProPanda

Same old Gucci Maine and Drakeā€¦nothing more than what they used to be.

111 Heartbreak - Fat Joe

Fat Joe U Can't Say Niga U Not Blak - AlphaQ

112 I Got You - Bebe Rexha

Uh...This Shrunk On Me Because It Gets Award But Still Decent. 4/5 - AlphaQ

This is tying so hard to be a hit that it probably won't be. - Spark_Of_Life

This is one of the best songs on the radio right now. - ProPanda


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113 Stay in the Dark - The Band Perry

For the 3rd time in a row, The Band Perry is trying so desperately hard to attract a pop audience by following Taylor Swift's footsteps and failing miserably, this time with a generic sex song with the most annoying backing vocals ever. That's a shame because they're so much better than this. I could easily see Maroon 5 making a song like this. 2/10. - NiktheWiz

114 So Good - Zara Larsson
115 It Won't Kill Ya - The Chainsmokers

This is Don't Let Me Down, with a bad drop. 4/5 - ProPanda

LoveMusicLoveLife - You are correct. The structure of the song does sound like " Don't Let Me Down". When I first heard this song, I instantly realized that it sounded like " Don't Let Me Down". When mashed up together, both songs sound exactly the same. Way to rip off your own songs, guess they've been chainsmoking too much of that stuff.

Probably one of the worst drops in the history of EDM. Plus the song structure is recycled from "Don't Let Me Down". May the Chainsmokers be the "Nickelback of EDM" as someone once dubbed them? - LoveMusicLoveLife

Wonkey: Hey, you know how Todd in the Shadows basically called Don't Let Me Down complete noise and didn't understand how anyone could consider it anything other than a 0/10?

That's this song for me. Somehow, they bottomed out Inside Out. -1/5 - PandaDude98

116 Kissing Strangers - Dnce

The epitome of cringe - ProPanda


No just no. this song and music video is a mistake. Not to mention Nicki Minaj is in the song too. seriously? Kissing strangers? hat sounds peculiar and dangerous. What is wrong with you Hoe Jonas? - Iamcool

117 Sharp Edges - Linkin Park

This song just once again proves that the pop road was not the right road for Linkin Park to take. This sounds like it was written and performed from the perspective of a child who was told by his mom not to run with scissors, and it sounds really embarrassing when coming from Linkin Park. 3/10. - NiktheWiz

Are Linkin Park trying to reinvent themselves as Maroon 5? I swear I thought I was hearing their song style here instead of the darker LP (which, mind you, I'm still not a fan of). They should just end until they make bigger asses of themselves, really. - Swellow

This song and album is just a huge mistake - wrests

This song is so lame. - DCfnaf

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118 Love Like Voodoo - Blood on the Dance Floor

At least Resurrection Spell could be somewhat enjoyed because it was catchy. (Hell, that was unfortunately their best song). This...is excruciating to sit through. - DCfnaf

The female vocalist is not so bad, but Dahvie Vanity ruined it with his awful voice, and the beat is terrible, same with the lyrics. This and Resurrection Spell are the worst songs of this year, this band should have never made a comeback. - AnimeDrawer

Oh my goodness...Blood on the Dance Floor is back...i'm screwed... - AlphaQ

Seriously guys you can not consider this a bad song... because this is not music it's the sound of the devil. - DaisyandRosalina

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119 Tsunami - Katy Perry

There's a reason I don't like Katy Perry...and this song is one of those reasons... - DCfnaf

For a strange reason I don't know of, I am glad Taylor put out all her music

Katy's new album is awful and especially this song

120 Life is Unfair - Mattybraps

Is it just me or I noticed the contradicting title and album picture? - Swellow

Ayy emo Matty B! - ProPanda

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