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141 Help Me Help You - Logan Paul

Modern classic. Well, not really, hey, song's dope. 4.5/5 - ProPanda

142 Issues - Julia Michaels

No song that I know has a more fitting title. 0/5 - DCfnaf

This is just "Gold" by Kiarra without the cussing - Spark_Of_Life

143 What Lovers Do - Maroon 5

Eh. It's a little too soulless for me, but I can see why other people like it. - Spark_Of_Life

There are so many songs worse than this...3/5 - DCfnaf

Watch the bandwagon when I say this...

...this song rules and is Maroon 5's best song since 2007. - WonkeyDude98



no, but seriously, seeing SZA making the top 20 is really nice. And yeah, I still love these guys, sue me. 5/5 - ProPanda

144 Test Me - The XX Test Me - The XX

Who keeps adding songs by them? They are great. - 445956

145 On My Way - Tiesto
146 On + Off - Maggie Rogers

I really love this song, but I see why people hate it - HollyleafOfThunderClan

147 Pipe Dreams - Nelly Furtado

I honestly wonder why I was listening to this when I could have been listening to "Promiscuous" or "Maneater". - Spark_Of_Life

148 Now and Later - Sage the Gemini

Oh boy! Sage the Gemini has fallen so low that he started making pop songs in the disguise of rap, to the point where he is currently a bad rapper now! Yes, one who used to be my favorite rapper has become a rapper I dislike now! 0/5! get your game together man! - SelfDestruct

Yes, one who used to be one of my least favorite rappers has become a rapper I like now! 4.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

Honestly? I heckin love this! - ProPanda

Oh boy! I adore THOS! 5/5 - AlphaQ

149 Down - Marian Hill

Oh, I suppose the instrumentals are all right, but the emotionless vocals and the banal lyrics really kill this for me. - Spark_Of_Life

Garbage. Choppy, stilted, awkward, annoying, just irritating and ear-piercing in every way. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

They are a good band, but this song is bad. - 445956

150 At My Best - Machine Gun Kelly

Despite MGK's less than adequate flow, this is a surprisingly passable attempt at a "deep" rap song that's admittedly better than "Bad Things". 7/10. - Spark_Of_Life

Eh. Better than Bad Things, but it's not saying much. Hailee Steinfield's a great singer, I'll give this that. 2/5 - ProPanda

Love The Way You Lie (Eminem / Rihanna)
See You Again (Wiz Kalifah / Charlie Puth)
and now this…
We have triplets of 90BPM pop rap songs in B flat major in the family!

151 Dirt on My Boots - Jon Pardi

Oh my god! This song blows! Here's a pseudo-cowboy who wants to bring country back to where it was but fails by coming off more as a rocker. And seriously, what's that horrible guitar solo?! - LoveMusicLoveLife

152 Feel Me - Tyga

Kanye West is really starting to disappoint me. Being featured in a song by one of the worst US rappers ever who brought to you "Rack City", which started a toxic trend in rap, just no! As soon as the song starts, you hear "Car at the highest level! ". It only shows that this song is gonna use every modern rap cliché in the book. And that's basically how it goes! Tyga really needs to go to hell for urinating on hip hop for 5 years! - LoveMusicLoveLife

The only thing being felt by Tyga is a goat being raped by him. - AlphaQ

153 Liability - Lorde

Personally, I just can't find any of her songs to be remotely interesting other than decent to slightly good lyrics. I will have to give this a 0/5, since there is nothing I truly liked about it. - SelfDestruct

Mediocre songs shouldn't be on the list, honestly. This isn't amazing or anything, but it's not horrendous. - Swellow

Nah, this is a great song. - DCfnaf

154 Hard Times - Paramore

WHY IS THIS ON HERE have you even listened to this song?

What? This song is great! - DCfnaf

This is great! - 445956

I miss the old Paramore.

155 Delicious - Daniel Powter

As someone who actually likes Bad Day, I'm not too fond of this. - NiktheWiz

Given by this song, looks like Daniel's having a Bad Day. - Spark_Of_Life

Haha remember this guy? - ProPanda

What in the world is this?
Especially the weird beat

156 Despacito - Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee

Wow, isn't that funny? The version without Justin gets nowhere. See, if there was never a remix with Justin, nobody would give a crap. This is so overplayed and uncatchy. I could understand the song being around #30 for a week or two and then falling off the chart, but #1 for 26 weeks? Really?!? They have to be paying Billboard to keep this garbage at #1 for all this time. There's no way people could really like this song that much.

Most overplayed song on the radio apart from that Ed Sheeran song. I hate reggaeton, why make it even more popular? The Justin Bieber version is even worse, he cannot sing in Spanish and his voice is too soft for the song. I heard this song play at least 3 times on the radio or more. Plus, the lyrics are sexual, I can understand it. - AnimeDrawer

The original wasn't too bad, but having Justin Bieber featured on the remix was a terrible idea. Not only does he sound so bored, but he is also terrible at singing in Spanish. - NiktheWiz

This song is so overplayed and annoying!

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157 Good Life - G-Eazy And Kehlani

"Bad Things" wasn't that good, but at least it was semi-interesting. This is about as interesting as watching paint dry. - Spark_Of_Life

Introducing... Me Myself And I, the generic pop-rap soundtrack version. - ProPanda

158 Pedestal - Jackie Evancho

This is actually good... - DCfnaf

159 Mind Maze - Katy Perry

This really is Katy's worst album to date, huh? - DCfnaf

Worst song of the album right after Bon Appetit. - DaisyandRosalina

160 Instruction - Jax Jones

Somebody forgot to tell these three that the vine song went out of style in 2015. Seriously stupid song - crowdiegal

One of Demi's best hands down. - ProPanda

Annoying - kok2



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